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Week Beginning 1st February

Week Beginning 1st February 2021


Below is the home learning for this week. You can spread the activities and tasks out over the week. The expectation is for children to do 3 hours of learning per day, but please note this should NOT be done in one go. These 3 hours INCLUDES reading, creative and physical activities. We recommend 25-30 minutes of activities in one go.


Please remember to upload your home learning onto Evidence Me using the app. This is how we can keep in contact with you and give you help, comments and feedback on your child’s learning. Please also check the app for weekly videos, topic introductions, stories and more from the class teachers.



This week our Literacy focus is the story ‘The Biscuit bear’ by Mini Grey. 

Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey

Please make sure you share this book at least 3 times. Repetition ensures that your child understands the story and is able to retell the story in their own words. It also helps with their vocabulary and sentence formation.

Task 1

Make a list of ingredients you need to make your own biscuit bears. You can look up a recipe or use the one below to help you. Make sure each ingredient is on a new line, and try to sound out the words rather than just copy them.

Task 2

Can you write instructions on how to make biscuit bears? Make sure to number the instructions, starting at number 1. Think about what you need to do first, second and so on. Make sure you include instructions on how to decorate the bears!! Then follow your recipe to make your own! There will also be a video uploaded onto Evidence Me showing how to make the biscuits, so you could watch the video and write your instructions at the same time! Make sure you upload pictures of your biscuit bears!

Task 3

The biscuit bear has a very busy night. He is running up a Biscuit Bear circus with his friends. Help the Biscuit bear to advertise the Biscuit Bear circus and create a poster announcing the circus and all the fun things there will be in it.

Task 4

Have you ever been to the circus? Research and find out what happens at the circus and what acts you might see. Example: the trapeze artist. Then draw pictures and label them (acrobats, clowns, etc).

Task 5: EVERYDAY practice writing your name and numbers



Phonics should be done EVERY DAY. Whether it is just a recap, a game or practicing writing words with the sounds they have learnt.


We are now on to Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds, which is a recap and practice phase. It is so important now to recap and practise all the skills we know.

This includes handwriting, letter formation (writing letters the correct way), practising reading and writing words including polysyllabic words (words with 2 or more syllables).

Remember to practice reading and writing all your tricky words – these are words that we just have to know, we cannot sound them out!

A good way to practice is to stick the words up around the house. Exposure to tricky words and sounds in Reception is key to helping your child remember them!


Below are a few websites and games you can use to practice your phonics.


(You should all have a log in for Animaphonics now so please check your emails for a sign up link.)


Please make some time to read with your child. It is good to spend time reading cooks for pleasure, where your child listens to you reading and may join in with certain phrases, as well as giving them a chance to read to you, an older sibling or another family member. Let them try to read it independently first, offering support where needed.


Oxford Reading Tree has a fantastic website where you can find a range of free books to read online that are suitable for your child to read to you.

Please make sure you are only selecting books for the correct age band for your child. If they are finding it easy, then feel free to move up an age band, but they should start off reading at their age level. If you have any questions about reading levels please do feel free to ask in the Evidence Me app.



This week we are looking at combining two numbers to find the whole.


Task 1

For this task you will need a hanger and 10 pegs. Put the pegs on the coat hanger and work out how to separate them into two groups to show different number bonds to 10. For example: 4 on one side and 6 on the other. You should write all the number bonds you find. As a challenge, why not find out all the number bonds to 8 and 9 as well!


Task 2

Watch this video about Farmer Pete and his ten sheep. Make your own Farmer Pete and 10 sheep to sing along to the song to explore number bonds to 10. You could even make a video to put onto Evidence Me!

Farmer Pete song with animation by Sunshine Class (pupils aged 5 years)

We made our own animation for the Farmer Pete number bonds for 10 song.

Task 3

For this task you will need two sets of 10 objects (for example 10 cars and 10 dolls). You should roll a dice to see how many of the first set you pick up and roll it again to see how many of the second set you pick up. Then compare the two groups to see if you picked more of the first set or the second. See if you can write a number sentence to see how many you have altogether.


Task 4

Make your own double sided counters. Draw and cut out 10 circles from card, colour one side one colour and colour the other side a different colour. Then drop them onto a table or plate. Have a look and see how many of each colour you got and write the number sentence.




This week in PSHE we are talking about your dreams and goals.


Task 1

Get your child to close his/her eyes and lie down. Describe to the child that they are going on a journey into the future. Describe being on a rocket taking off and zooming through time.


Talk with your child about different occupations and about the occupations in your family members. What did you have to do to get there? What did you have to learn to do their job well?


Task 2

Show your child a bag containing all the picture word cards of jobs done by adults. Explain that you child is now an adult and that he/she need to have a job. Ask your child to select a picture from the box. Then, your child has to try to act out the job on that card for you to guess.


Ask your child the following questions when he/she picks up a card.



- What would you need to do now to help you to get that job in the future?

- What things do you need to learn to help you achieve your dream job?

- What would you need to do now to help you get that job in the future?

- What things do you need to learn to help you achieve our dream job? e.g. if they picked out being a teacher they would need to learn to read and write now; if they picked out builder, they would need to know about measuring.

Task 3

Take and print photos of your child dressed up in the role-play, acting out different occupations and write around the outside the things they would need to achieve to get there. Post it in evidence me to see if your teacher can guess it!

Creative and Being Imaginative:


It’s fun to be creative – think about lots of different materials you could use to be creative. Paper, paint, pencils, glue, scissors, tape, chalk, pastels, etc.

There are lots of fun ways to get creative. Below are a few ideas, but you can be creative in ANY way.

Use your creativity and imagination to create a new outfit for the Biscuit Bear. You could use fabrics or food or different types of material.


Children need regular exercise, and that's hard to do when you are stuck inside! Here are a few videos to keep you active or have a look around for some of your own - or make up your own exercises!



- Putting on your coat

- Zipping up your coat

- Getting dressed by yourself including doing up your own shoes

- Writing and recognising your own name

- Counting forwards and backwards to 20

- Practice writing numbers to 10