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Chapter Fifty-One: Inside the Cave

We find the four children inside the cave of the Ickabog as we begin this chapter. Will the Ickabog turn out to be nice or nasty?


Do you remember the Ickabog you drew on Day Two of this story? Has your opinion changed?


"There was a gigantic rock beside the fire, which was covered with long greenish-brown marsh weed. Daisy gazed at this rock until her eyes became accustomed to the semi-darkness. Only then did she realise that the rock, which was as tall as two horses, was looking back at her."


"Slowly and cautiously, the four friends moved into sitting positions, staring up into the large, mournful eyes of the Ickabog, which peered at them through the tangle of long, coarse, greenish hair that covered it from head to foot. Roughly shaped like a person, it had a truly enormous belly, and huge shaggy paws, each of which had a single sharp claw."


These two paragraphs give us the first detailed description of the real Ickabog. 


Draw or make a model of The Ickabog using this new information.