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Eco Council

Welcome to the Anson Primary School Eco-Council


We are also joined on the Eco-Council by two members of a parent community who give us advice and feedback on our actions. We also report to the Governing Body at termly meetings. 

The Eco-Council are elected during our School Council Election process and stay on the Eco Council for the duration of their time at school, unless they are elected to the School Council. They meet regularly to discuss the school environment and tackling the issues in their action plan.  


The Eco-Council is selected from the runners-up in the Autumn School Council Elections. This means that at least one pupil from each year group in Key Stage Two is on the Eco-Council.


Our Eco-Coordinator, is Mr Pile, but we are in charge. We make sure that as many members of the school community are spoken to about the issues we want to fix. This includes parents and Governors of the school. 


You can read our minutes by clicking the link below.





The Eco Council carry out the environmental review every year. We answer all the questions and then form an action plan for the whole school community to follow. 

Environmental Review 2019

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Anson Primary School has been awarded the Bronze Eco-Schools award for their work in reviewing the environment, working with parents and setting actions for the academic year.




Our action plan focuses on...


  • developing and creating an environmental area in the school.
  • creating an environment where we reduce the use of plastic.
  • reducing the amount of electricity we consume as a school.

Single Use Plastic

As part of our approach to tackling the problem of plastic pollution in London, the Eco-Council gave every child a new Anson water bottle.

Water is not only a healthy choice for children but the regular intake of water can improve concentration throughout the day.

The new bottles will also help us to protect the environment as we stop the use of single use plastic bottles in the school. We would ask that the children bring their water bottle to school each day, full to the brim of fresh water. They will be able to top it up during the day and then bring it home each evening for a refill and for you to check their name is still on the bottle.

Recycling at Anson

Recycling has changed at Anson under the Eco-Council. The school now recycles newspapers, magazines, brochures, envelopes and all flyers. It also recycles plastic bottles such as milk bottles. All cardboard packaging is collected too once a week. Plus food waste is also separated and collected weekly. 



The children have a range of lessons where they consider the impact of their actions on the local community and the wider world. You can see some of these examples below. 

Everyone Can Create a Better Planet

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