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Chapter Fifty-Two: Mushrooms

Mushrooms is a strange title for a chapter. Is it because the Ickabog is collecting them for a child pie? 


"‘Look,’ said Daisy, who’d found drawings on the wall.

A hundred shaggy Ickabogs were being chased by stickmen with spears.

‘See this one!’ said Roderick, pointing at a drawing close to the mouth of the cave.

By the light of the Ickabog’s fire, the foursome examined a picture of a lone Ickabog, standing face-to-face with a stick figure wearing a plumed helmet and holding a sword.

‘That looks like the king,’ whispered Daisy, pointing at the figure. ‘You don’t think he really saw the Ickabog that night, do you?’"


In places like the Kruger National Park, in South Africa, there are over 100 sites that have cave drawings showing life from prehistoric man. Cave drawings are simple sketches made on stone. Here are some examples. 




They are usually the outline of figures, all one colour and without much detail. 


Using the description of the Ickabog cave paintings, can you recreate them on a stone or a pebble or a piece of wood. If you can't get hold of these, the inside of a cereal box will work just as well!