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Anson Eggs

Please note that no eggs on this page are part of the Easter Egg Online Hunt. 

The Easter Egg-stravaganza


Every year at Anson Primary School we draw the community together with some fun Easter activities. There are two main activities involving our expansive egg collection. 



The Online Hunt


Each year we hide 14 eggs on the Anson website. The idea is to get our community of children and parents exploring the website and highlighting the new content available on the site.


Our website is a reflection of our work and part of our offer as an education setting. It contains up to date information about our curriculum, parent offer and admissions process. It also showcases children's work. 


We hear from parents about how their families gather around their devices at home and try to find all 14 eggs. They are hidden in the text, the pictures and the interactive content.




Every child who enters the egg hunt gets a small gift with one winner announced as the overall winner. 

The Easter Egg-hibition



The Easter Egg Challenge astounds us every year as the creativity of our children and their families is unleashed. The result is the most egg-citing Egg-hibition in CrAcklewood.


The challenge is simple. All the children need to do is create a scene using a hard-boiled egg (or more than one egg) as the star of the scene.


There is only one rule: the scene must be a play on words and show either a famous person, a famous event, something memorable or a fun scene.


For example you might want to grow up to be an EGGstronaut and fly to distant planets in a rocket. You may decide to become a TV star like Ant and Peck or a rock star like Chick Jagger. How about becoming domesticated and creating a tumble fryer or channeling your inner Wonka and creating a some Mint Choc Chick flavours?


The eggs are displayed in our front entrance and photographed before revealing the winners of the Easter Challenge. Every entrant receives a special gift.


You can see the winners for 2024 below. 


Do you have an egg pun we could add to our collection? If you do please contact us.