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Chapter Fifty-Four: The Song of the Ickabog

It's time to find out what Daisy says to the Ickabog and, more importantly, what the Ickabog says to her! Click the icon to read the chapter. 


"Then Hatred spawned the race of man,

’Twas from ourselves that man began,

From Bitterness and Hate they swelled

To armies, raised to smite us.

In hundreds, Ickabogs were slain,

Our blood poured on the land like rain.

Our ancestors like trees were felled,

And still men came to fight us."



This is the traditional image of the Evolution of Man

You can learn more about the Human evolution from this poster. 


 The Ickabog Song tells us that 'Twas from ourselves that man began'  rather than the Primates in this picture. 


Can you recreate this poster with the Ickabog changing into a human?


What do you think animals looked like before the Ickabog?


Do you think the Ickabog came from a primate (ape like creature) or from something else. 


Create your own Evolution of Man


This is your chance to become an illustrator when The Ickabog is published. If you are in Key Stage Two, your parents can submit your pictures to the competition. Here's what you need to draw from Chapter Fifty-Four


Pictures of the Ickabog’s song





Enter the competition by clicking the link below. Remember, you need an adult to send in your images and all images must be sent in by 17th July.