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Meet the Staff

We would like to introduce you to the staff at Anson Primary School. Our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher work together as a core leadership team, and closely with the staff as a whole, to ensure we are moving forwards as a school and delivering the best possible education for the children of Anson. 


Ms. S. Lansiquot Headteacher  
Mr. S. Pile Deputy Headteacher (interim)


Early Years      
Ms. K. Galea

EYFS Team Leader

Kew Class

PSHE Coordinator

Mrs S. Ranyard


Kew Class

PSHE Coordinator
Miss A. Foulkes-Murray

Class Teacher

Richmond Class

D&T Coordinator
Ms. L. Manandhar

Class Teacher

Greenwich Class

Geography Leader
Key Stage One      
Year 1&2      
Mr G. Bradfield

Team Leader

Regent's Class

Maths Leader


Mrs M. Brosnan 

Mrs R. Qureshi

Queen's Class

Miss R. Dixon Roundwood Class MfL Leader
Mrs A. Williams

Hampstead Class

Music Leader
Key Stage Two      
Year 3&4      
Mrs B. Bond

Team Leader

Victoria Class

PE Leader


Mr A. Clargo Alexandra Class Science Leader
Mrs K. Mendoza Mapesbury Class Black Caribbean Champion
Mr J. Waters Battersea Class English Leader
Year 5&6      
Ms. N. Bijlani Hyde Class

Year 5&6 Team Leader

Science Leader

Miss M. Daly Kensington Class Art Leader 
Mr R. Hudson Highbury Class History Leader
Miss A. Batool Primrose Class Assessment Leader
Teaching Assistants      
Mrs S. Seath Nursery Nursery Nurse
Ms P. Lynch Nursery  
Miss K. Flynn    
Mrs F. Elghzal    
Miss J. Da Silva    
Ms D. Gashi    
Mrs M. Siggers    
Mr N. Diamond    
Ms N. Warner    
Miss R. Garcia    
Mrs S. Saleem    
Mrs R. Gebara    
Miss H. Belhadj    
Miss H. Moazam    
Inclusion Team      
Mrs E. Barrett  

SEND Coordinator

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss J. Greenland    
Miss M. Belgrave    

Non-Class Based


Mrs L. Lust    



Office Staff


Mrs L. Nicholson

Bursar & Welfare  

Miss C. Houlihan

Admissions Officer One of your first contacts at the school when you call or visit us.

Mrs S. Richards

SIMS Pay Contact One of your first contacts at the school when you call or visit us.


Our staff are a strong and dynamic group of teachers and teaching assistants, with innovative and creative approaches to learning. They go above and beyond the requirements of teachers for the benefit of the whole school community.


Many of them are working towards professional development qualifications in fields such as mental health, technology and autism and the Apple Teacher Program.


We are a staff that work hard and support each other to ensure we provide the best education for our children. However, we also go the extra mile to help maintain a wonderful community in the local community. Watch the video below to find out more!

Sir George and the Dragon

The Mummers Play has been a long standing feature of Christmas at Anson. In this version, the staff at Anson took control of the show and told the story of Sir George and the Dragon. Packed with drama, laughs, music and song we hope you enjoy this festive offering.