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Home Learning Tasks

If you are unable to access Google Classroom please use these documents to help your child. You can complete the work on paper just writing the answers or use technology and email them back to the school. We will upload them for you. 
The Work

Read the Reading Comprehension booklet and then answer the questions on the 'Reading comprehension questions' sheet.


Look in the 'Your work' section if you are unable to see the question sheet. Check your answers using the answer sheet below.

Watch the video below and then complete the worksheet. Remember all the measures you already know: 10mm = 1cm 100cm = 1m 1000m = 1km. 


Once you have finished your worksheet check your answers using the answer sheet.

White Rose Maths - Friday 8th January



We are going to design our own Ancient Greek pots this week. We should be painting them in class, but this will have to wait until we are back in school! Today we will be focusing on improving our drawing techniques. Go through the slides below and think about the border and main part of your pot. Use the template sheet to have a go at designing your pots. If you are going to complete your design on a device/laptop open the picture up in paint or use the edit tools on the photo app to have a go at designing your pot. Or you can print out the sheet or draw an outline of the pot and design your pot on some plain paper. We are looking forward to seeing them.