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Gary's Banana Drama

Gary's Banana Drama by Jane Massey


Gary is desperate for a banana. Could that be one poking over the wall? No! It’s a fancy lady’s hat! Is that a banana whizzing through the air? OUCH! NO! It’s a boomerang from Billy’s show! Where ARE all the bananas? Alone and hungry, Gary is about to give up until . . . WAIT! Could it be . . . the BIGGEST BANANA IN THE WORLD?


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Both of my boys love this book by Jane Massey. It is packed with wonderful illustrations and keeps you guessing whether the next page will be a banana or something more interesting. Gary certainly does love his bananas and his search had the children laughing out loud. Will Gary finally find a a banana and if he does, will he still want to eat it? We spent some time guessing what else could be mistaken for a banana and still will be driving along and the boys shout out, is that Gary's banana?  I would recommend this book to any parent who love bananas or just fancies a really good giggle. (Mr Pile)