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Remote Learning

Remote Learning at Anson


Anson Primary School is committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning. This document is designed to describe the actions and approach the school will take in the event of an extended closure.


While the school may be closed for a number of reasons including problems with the building, flooding, extreme weather or medical grounds this document provides a framework with guidelines that can be implemented in a variety of circumstances. In most cases the school will inform the appropriate bodies of any reason for closure. Decisions are often taking in collaboration with the London Borough of Brent, Public Health England or the Department of Education.


In the event that any major crisis occurs, including those that might result in school closure the Headteacher will be responsible for regularly communicating with the Chair of Governors. The decision to close the school will then be communicated with staff and parents using text messages, the school website and social media.


Circumstances will vary when the school closes. For example, in the event of an issue with extreme weather, such as snow, a number of days may pass before conditions have stabilised enough for us to reopen. In emergencies such as viral pandemics, the decisions taken by Public Health England or the Department of Education may designate a future date when remote learning will begin and end.


In any circumstance the decisions will be communicated with parents clearly, at a designated time. We will then use our remote learning procedures to provide learning for pupils. This documents sets out how this learning will look. 

Children in Key Stage Two can login to Google Classroom at the address below