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Chapter Thirteen: The Accident

In Chapter 13 there is a terrible accident. We won't spoil it for you!


"Boulders loomed suddenly out of nowhere like ghostly elephants, and the rustling reeds sounded just like snakes. Though Spittleworth and Flapoon knew perfectly well that there was no such thing as an Ickabog, their insides didn’t seem quite so sure."


There is some wonderful imagery in this paragraph...


boulders like ghostly elephants

rustling reeds sounded like snakes 


What image does that place in your mind?


Today we want you to find some where quiet, with a view, to sit and listen and to look. 


​​​​​​​What do you see?

What do you hear?


Today is a short writing activity that will help you explore language of your senses. 


First of all listen for the sounds in your area but use an animal or an object to describe it. So, the sound of car engines might be...


cars purring like sleeping cats


​​​​​​​or the rustling trees might be...


leaves crinkling together like crisp packets


Write your sentence down. Then look around. What do you see?


building that rise like mountains


lampposts stretching like a giraffe's neck


Share your writing on the blog and take a photograph or draw your images too.