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Chapter Forty-One: Mrs Beamish's Plan

Bert Beamish takes the little wooden foot to his mother. I wonder what she will think about it? Let's find out.


‘Mother, look,’ said Bert, in a strange voice, and he set down in front of her the tiny, clawed wooden foot he’d found beneath his bed.

Mrs Beamish picked it up and examined it through the spectacles she wore when sewing by candlelight.

‘Why, it’s part of that little toy you used to have,’ said Bert’s mother. ‘Your toy Icka…’

But Mrs Beamish didn’t finish the word. Still staring at the carved foot, she remembered the monstrous footprints she and Bert had seen earlier that day, in the soft ground around the house of the vanished old lady. Although much, much bigger, the shape of that foot was identical to this, as were the angle of the toes, the scales and the long claws.


When Mrs Beamish sees the little wooden foot she believe that the Ickabog might not be real. The toy Ickabog foot is a smaller version of the bigger foot used to scare the people of Cornucopia. 


Here is a picture of a little bird on a twig. Can you 'scale up' this picture. This means you make it bigger by copying the lines in each box.