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How to be a Lion

How to be a lion by Ed Vere


You don't have to ROAR to be heard...


Meet Leonard - a lion like no other. 


Leonard's best friend is Marianne, a duck. But lions chomp ducks, don't they? 


What will the pair do when their way of life is threatened?


🦁 - HOW TO BE A LION by Ed Vere

Listen to the story told by American channel PV Storytime.


This witty, resonant picture book is a manual for anyone's life, young or old. (Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week)

Leonard is a lion like no other: he loves poetry and daydreaming and his best friend is a duck. But how will the pair react when their way of life is threatened and the other lions insist Leonard should be fierce? Framed by a glowing palette of burnt yellows and oranges, and infused with humour and warmth, this thought-provoking fable celebrates courage, individuality and the power of words. (The Bookseller)

Ed Vere just keeps getting better and better! How To Be a Lion features the very sweetest Lion, Leonard: a dreamer rather than a chomper, and, most importantly, a great friend. Just because you're a lion doesn't mean that you have to roar, and, in fact, the world would probably be a better place with less roaring, and more time spent on Leonard's thinking hill. Vere's language is beautifully warm and reassuring, whilst retaining a lovely originality, and is gently reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh. A perfect book for all thinking lions (and all clever ducks, too). (BookTrust)