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The Ickabog

Welcome to this exciting webpage celebrating the latest work from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. 


For years The Ickabog book has been lying in a box in the attic of author J.K. Rowling. However, she is kindly sharing chapters each day during lockdown for free. The adventure, for anyone over 6 years of age, is packed with adventure, treason, bravery, foolishness and moments of wonder!


To help our children and families at Anson, we will be linking to the chapters as soon as they are released each day with activities, quizzes, tasks and challenges for you to enjoy at home as a family.


During the story you'll be creating your own art, making models, exploring history, cracking codes and making up your own disgusting recipes. They'll be songs to sing, poems to write and mathematics to solve. 


You can share your ideas on the school blog but don't forget to enter the competition to get your work into the book when it is published in September by J.K. Rowling


We know you are going to love the story, so click on Chapter One to begin your adventure.