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Chapter Sixteen: Bert Says Goodbye

Poor Mrs Beamish is so desperately sad at the death of her husband. Lord Spittleworth is cooking up a plan and Nobby Buttons is to blame.


‘Dear lady, we did in fact send word. We sent a messenger – didn’t we, Roach?’

‘That’s right,’ said Roach. ‘We sent a young lad called…’

But here, Roach got stuck. He was a man of very little imagination.

‘Nobby,’ said Spittleworth, saying the first name that came into his head. ‘Little Nobby… Buttons,’ he added, because the flickering lamplight had just illuminated one of Roach’s golden buttons. ‘Yes, little Nobby Buttons volunteered, and off he galloped. 


Spittleworth comes up with the name 'Buttons' because he sees the shiny metal on Roach's uniform. Today your challenge is to create a character naming machine. Let's see how it works...

Fill in the first names using the letters of the alphabet. Come up with 26 adjectives. Then, look around the room and find 26 objects.


The machine works like this.


You get your character first name by choosing the first letter of your surname and looking down the list. 

The first letter of your real first name gives you the adjective

The last letter of your first name gives you your object.


So, in this list, someone called Brenda Cane would become Connor Littlechair.



Create your chart and see what your friends would be called.