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Welcome to the Anson Primary School admission page. This page has all the details you need if you are looking to apply for a place to our Nursery or Reception classes for September 2021. There is also some information regarding transfer to secondary school.


Usually we would be welcoming groups of parents through the doors of Anson to take a look around the school and find out more about our work and what we can offer your child. Unfortunately, the current guidelines make it very hard for us to do this and protect some of the most vulnerable members of our school community. 


However, we have made a film which we hope will give you a feel for the school and help you to make a decision about sending your child to Anson.



We are a school that is inclusive, focuses on the well-being of every child and ensures that both the staff and children are in the best position to achieve. While we place a high value on every child being a reader and every child being a writer, we encourage children to know how they learn too. We actively promote collaboration, resilience, risk-taking, thinking, independence and aspiration throughout the year. 


Children take part in festivals of film, art and science and explore the world around them physically and virtually too. Plus, from the earliest age they step on to our stage and are encouraged to have a voice.


This voice can change the way the school works as part of our School Council, Eco-Council, Digital Leader and Peer Mentor programmes. We are a school that ignites the desire to learn, not just through our time at school, but throughout our lives. 


Let's take a look at how you can join us. 



Nursery Places

applications available in person from the school or send in the application form below.

Places at our Nursery are allocated by the school.


We are always looking to welcome new families to the school so please do get in touch to find out if we have space for your child. Children need to be three years of age for the September intake in order to qualify for a place in Nursery. If you would like to apple for a place you will be able to download a the form on this page or pick up a pack from the school office at any time. 


Our Nursery is currently part-time with the school day running from 8.45am to 11.45am. 



Reception Places

applications through Brent Council


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 guidance and the need to protect a number of very vulnerable children at our school, we are currently unable to host visits for prospective parents who want to take a look around. We hope that by watching our film on the Anson TV pages, using the school website and social media channels, you can get a feel for our school. 


You should be aware that if your child is not in the catchment area of the school it is highly unlikely you will get a place at the school unless you qualify under the other criteria on the Brent website. Brent Council decide the admission criteria that are used to determine who has priority for places at the school.


Having said that, every year is different and we encourage you to make a full selection of schools on your application form to ensure you have the best chance of getting into a school of your choice.  


Complete Admission Arrangements


You can view the complete admission arrangements for Brent community schools online at:


The 2021 Timetable


Apply by 15th January 2021

The offer day is 16th April 2021

You must respond to the offer by 30th April 2021




Contact the Admissions Team at Anson

If you have any questions about what we offer as a school please fill in this contact form and we will try to provide you with support and answers.

Secondary School Transfer 



Download this document at the bottom of the page

apply via the Brent website


It may be that your child is currently in Year 5 of primary school. You need to begin thinking about where you want your child to go to for their secondary education. This process must be completed by the end of the October when you child enters year 6. There is information about secondary schools on the Brent website and many of them hold open days, both physical and virtual.


Pupils in Year 6 are able to go to secondary schools for tests during school time if necessary. 


All the latest admissions information is available on the Brent website. You can download admission guides and find links to the application process. 

Check your catchment area



You can use the website below to see which School Catchment you live in.