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Chapter Thirty-Five: Lord Spittleworth's Proposal

True to his word, Lord Spittleworth has Lady Eslanda in his sights as the next person to remove from the scene. But his actions might surprise you.


"Spittleworth was enraged. He’d become used to having his own way in everything, and here was something he couldn’t have, and it only made him want it all the more. Finally, he said that if she liked books so much, he’d lock her up inside the library forever. He’d have bars fitted on all the windows, and Scrumble the butler would bring her food three times a day, but she would only ever leave the room to go to the bathroom – unless she agreed to marry him.

‘Then I shall die in this room,’ said Lady Eslanda calmly, ‘or, perhaps – who knows? – in the bathroom.’"


Lady Eslanda clearly likes books; a lot. If you were stuck in a room for a number of weeks, with only books to read, what books would you choose?


Let's use this chapter to help us fill a virtual library full of books. Simply write down the 10 best books you've ever read (including The Ickabog) and we'll reveal the books that get the most nominations when all the chapters have been released. 


I wonder what our Ickabog virtual bookshelf will look like?