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The 3Cs & 3Ss

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If you are using film in the classroom consider using the 3Cs and the 3Ss to explore the themes and techniques in the film. 


The 3Cs are colour, camera and character. The 3Ss are sound, setting and story.


On this page we have released a number of the resources we have used over the years while studying film in the classroom and at our film club. Feel free to use them in your setting. There are also some resources below from the team at Into Film.



We use an inflatable die to choose the questions at the end of the film. This makes the question choice random, in the control of the club members and makes the experience fun! 



The team at Into Film has lots of resources to embed the 3Cs and 3Ss in film work across the curriculum. You can make your own prompt cards by clicking the link below.