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Chapter Five: Daisy Dovetail

In Chapter Five we discover how Daisy Dovetail is getting on in her new home. 


Make a Daisy Dovetail Flip-O-Rama


Daisy Dovetail's mother used to make her dresses from the leftover material of her work. the days following the funeral, she wore a different dress every day to take a fresh posy to her mother’s grave. While alive, Mrs Dovetail had always tried to make her daughter look, as she put it, ‘like a little lady’, and had made her many beautiful little gowns, sometimes from the offcuts of material that King Fred graciously let her keep after she’d made his superb costumes. 


Use the template, or make your own, to create 20 different dresses for Daisy Dovetail to wear. On each dress design add in the body of Daisy Dovetail BUT make her a tiny bit bigger on each design so that she appears to be growing too big for her dresses. Then attach them together and try out your a Flip-O-Rama.



Not sure how to make a Flip-O-Rama? Not a problem. Here is some top advice from George and Harold.