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Technology at Anson

Anson Primary School is recognised nationally and internationally for the work we do with computing and technology. We have a clear and simple vision; the children should be e-safe, e-inspired and e-confident.


It’s not just the children who get involved, with members of staff making just as much progress and taking just as many risks as the children. They regularly attend their own lessons on subject specific content such as green-screen technology, augmented reality and learning platforms. 


The vision, planning and support ensure everyone makes ambitious choices and produce high quality work from innovative ideas.

Anson Primary School: Web Lab

Every year there is a coding playground at Anson Primary School. In 2013, we replicated the Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum. In 2014, we created our own games and content in Code IT for Christmas. 2015 was all about being in control. Each year we use the Strategic Improvement Priorities to create a unique experience that showcases the children's learning across the school using technology and coding.

What do we use?

The children have many opportunities to use technology. From basic word processing and paint programs, to mastering Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi. While all the basics IT skills are covered the children’s experience soon develops and so at Anson children are beginning to blog, make web pages, animate and use green screen. As they go through the school they explore augmented reality and social networking, coding and generate content for younger children as well. We believe it gives them all the experiences they need to prepare them for 21st century lifestyles. 

Stay Safe Online by Anson Primary School

Anson Primary School contacted the people behind the video 'Dumb Ways To Die' and asked if they could use the backing track and concept to write a parody for an e-safety campaign in the school. It's been the school's biggest YouTube success.

The Whole Community

Technology helps us to  celebrate the achievements of our children. The TV Station has the latest assemblies, animations, videos and films made by the children. The school radio station, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows the children the chance to improve their speaking and listening, while using industry standard skills to put together their own radio shows. 


Our Betsy Bee website helps the children to stay safe online and allows us to share our work with the extended global community. We also embrace Twitter, with over 2000 followers of @ansonprimary who visit our websites and watch our YouTube channel.


Technology is in all our lives. For our children it will form the basis of their future careers. Teaching them how to use it, create with it and stay safe while using it is crucial to developing 21st Century citizens.