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Happy, confident and creative


Anson Primary School is recognised nationally and internationally for the work we do with computing and technology. As a school with staff who are Apple Teachers, Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Educators and Seesaw Ambassadors we have a range of skills that ensure our children can be e-safe, e-inspired and e-confident. 


In order to ensure that the children understand the power of computing we teach control from a young age and the language of Swift throughout Key Stage Two. Children are given the opportunity to develop app prototypes, program technology using Lego and command robots to perform! 


Importantly we embed technology in every subject using the creativity in our vision to give children a voice and an audience. 


As an Apple Regional Training Centre we also support other schools to adopt and embed technology in their teaching and learning. 



Our learning utilises a core group of applications to support teaching and learning. This encourages mastery of the apps. Children are able to use their skills in drawing, video, photography and music to express themselves, share their creativity and talk to a wider audience. 

Lives Not Knives

As part of the school's work with and Into Film, the children in Year 6 wanted to make a film which tackled the issues around Youth Violence.

Technology helps us to celebrate the achievements of our pupils. 


Anson TV has the latest assemblies, animations, videos and films made by the children. The school radio station, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows the children the chance to improve their oracy. 


We share the work of the children directly with the authors, actors and sports stars they are writing about, often with wonderful responses. Technology is in all our lives. For our children it will form the basis of their future careers. Teaching them how to use it, create with it and stay safe is crucial to developing our next digital citizens. 



Here are a few other examples of the powerful ways we engage children through computing in our primary school. 

Space Adventure at Anson

Using the Space Adventures resource on the London Grid for Learning the children at Anson have been exploring mathematics, science, computing and English.

Anson Primary School: Web Lab

Every year we celebrate EU Code Week at Anson Primary School. In the past we have replicated the Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum, created our own games and content in Code IT for Christmas. We have focused on app development or 'being in control'. Each year we use the Strategic Improvement Priorities to create a unique experience that showcases the children's learning across the school using technology and coding.

Stay Safe Online by Anson Primary School

Anson Primary School contacted the people behind the video 'Dumb Ways To Die' and asked if they could use the backing track and concept to write a parody for an e-safety campaign in the school. It's been the school's biggest YouTube success.