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Congratulations to the children in Year 2 and 3 who took part in the Westfield  Choir Competition last week. 
The children sang their hearts out in the competition performing Jingle Bell Rock, Rock the Holly, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Este es la Navidad and Merry Christmas Everyone. 
Following an afternoon of waiting for the phone to ring, Miss Murray checked her email to discover that the choir had won the whole competition, winning a wonderful gold trophy and £1000 for the school. They have also won themselves a bowling session which will be a marvellous way to celebrate their victory. We need to thank all the parents who supported the children in learning the songs, Miss Murray and Mrs Ranyard for their hard work with the choir each week and of course to the children. 


Congratulations to Arlo, Sonny, Amnah, Laila, Katie, Aleeza, Mimo, Robin, Dylan, Ellie, Khadija, Razane, Peyton, Afrah, Devontae, Amira, Na’Idah, Salman, Rania, Maya, Winnie, Anisa, Eleah, Maryam, Nour, Amira, Thalita, Zara & Audrey. 



Children can donate £1 to wear a Christmas Jumper on Friday 13th December in aid of Save the Children. 



35 tired and weary children returned from the Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre on Friday after a week of adventures on the outdoors.
For many of the children it is the first time they have been so cut-off from the things they usually experience in their daily lives. At the Centre there are no televisions for them to sit and watch, no music players, no gaming devices or Internet. They need to be self sufficient with nobody to pick up their dirty washing or choose their clothes or organise their belongings. However, there are responsibilities with animals to feed, a muddy landscape to try and navigate and things to build and make. But what an experience!

This week the children enjoyed a Viking Day learning how to shoot arrows, build shelters and hunt for wood to make fires. They walked for 7km across fields and through farmland. They studied a local river getting knee-deep into the icy waters and they swung, hung and climbed across many obstacles. Most importantly they worked as teams inside and out to make, build, support and enjoy the experiences. It’s a challenge being at Gordon Brown. It’s a different world, but our children are a different breed and they did themselves and the school proud! 



While the children were at Gordon Brown those left behind had a different challenge awaiting them. 
They had to come up with an innovative and original idea for a product or service, present it and to try and convince everyone their idea was the best. Each group created a product, logo, a slogan, TV, radio and print ads to market their product and at the end of the week, pitched their idea to the rest of the class, who were posing as potential investors.  After asking some extremely challenging questions, the investors then had to decide whether they would invest or not. The teachers were particularly impressed with the professionalism and creativity of the children, who came up with amazingly varied ideas including a magic mirror that selects your clothes based on the weather, a chair for office workers that converts to a bed for naps at work, a smart blender that weighs ingredients and updates a shopping list on your phone when you have run out of items and a fingerprint scanner door lock. We may have unlocked some future dragons during the week. Well-done to all the children.



Mrs Mendoza will be running the Christmas Bookshop at lunchtimes on  the 16th and 18th December. Books will be available for £1, £2 and £3. Please ensure that any money you send in with your child is clearly marked in an envelope.