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Friday 30th September 



Thank you to everyone who came along and joined us on Friday for the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. 
We really appreciate all the cake donations and monetary donations to the charity.
We are delighted to announce that the money raised for Macmillan Cancer Support totalled £126.05.
We are also thrilled that so many people stayed to gather together, chat and laugh during the morning. We hope this is the first of many such events you will attend over the course of the year. 


You can now sign up for our Halloween Discos taking place on Friday, 21st October in the school hall at Anson. 


The discos are the first event of the school year where parents and staff will come together to help the children have fun beyond the classroom. 


At the Halloween event there will be music, dancing, some games and competitions. 


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will come along from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. 

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 will begin their fun from 5pm to 6pm. 


The children will have access to bottomless drinks and a snack included in the cost of the ticket. There will be some small gifts they can purchase for 50p on the day. 


Please make sure you sign up for tickets by Friday, 14th October, so that we can organise the event and ensure there is no wastage once we’ve finished the celebrations. 


If you can help on the day, please let us know in the office. 



On Monday 19th October at 9am, Miss Murray will be running the first  of our Phonics workshop for parents. 

The workshop will:


  • give you an overview of Little Wandle
  • show you what your child will learn
  • guide you through the Little Wandle resources
  • give you top tips on how to support phonics at home


We would love to see parents of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at the event so that you are in the best position to work with us, support your child and see their reading rocket! So, watch out for a text message to book your slot next week! 


Monday 19th October! 
FREE coffee included. 



We are big fans of our lovely local library which is full of exciting books and exciting opportunities. If your child is 7 to 11 years of age then why not join the Cricklereaders Junior Bookclub! Be quick as places are limited. All the details are in the image on the newsletter.



On Thursday we will be welcoming a dinosaur and a gorilla through the doors of Anson.
The event for children in Year 1 to Year 6 will be the first big writing project of the year where children will be immersed in a hands-on workshop that will lead them to completing some amazing writing in the classroom. We hope to be able to share that writing with you very soon! 



Take a look at this opportunity for your child to learn to swim with Just-Swim.
Learning to swim is such an important life skill but schools have limited funding and cannot provide swimming for all pupils. If you want to start swimming or carry on learning visit: and see what is available at Hampstead this year. Go on. Dip your toe in!

Friday 23rd September



Come and join us on Friday, 30th September from 8.45am for the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. 


We would welcome cake donations on Thursday 29th September (or on the morning of the event) with clear ingredients labelled for people with allergens. You can deliver these to the school office throughout the day. 


Then, come along on Friday, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit, relax and join in with some wonderful conversations. 


There will also be a chance to make a donation, with all the money going towards Macmillan Cancer Support. Let’s make this the biggest coffee morning in Brent in aid of a wonderful charity!



One Monday we are waving goodbye to the blue barriers which have restricted movement between parents, teachers and children at the end of the school day. From Monday, parents are strongly encouraged to break to line, come closer to the classrooms and bring back a little bit of the Anson community spirit. It is the first step in building a better community at Anson. 

Here is the plan! 


  • Reception parents will collect their children from outside Richmond classroom. 
  • Year 1 parents will collect their children from outside their classrooms. Please remain on the green area so we can see you. 
  • Year 2 parents will collect their children from outside the dining room. We’ll guide you to this location. 
  • Year 3 parents will remain in the playground but you are encouraged to come closer!
  • Year 4 parents will collect their children from outside their classrooms. Please remain on the green area near the small stage so we can see you. 
  • Year 5 & 6 parents will remain in the playground but you are encouraged to come closer!


We hope this small step will build a stronger relationship between you, the class teacher and the management of the school. 



We will be sending out a text message to all parents with a link to the National Online Safety portal for Anson Primary School. This website will support you in handling a host of online issues as your child grows up. 



At the beginning of October the Governing Body will embark on their search for new parent Governors to join the Anson Primary School Board of Governors. We will release all the details next week, but in the meantime you may be wondering what a Parent Governor does in primary schools. A parent governor should:


  • take an active interest in education. 
  • give time to find out about the school. 
  • learn about the role by attending induction training. 
  • attend meetings throughout the year (usually in the evening but occasionally meetings have to take place during the school day).
  • abide by the Code of Conduct and respect confidentiality. 
  • undergo the pre-appointment checks including a DBS check, signing a Declaration of Eligibility form and completing a register of pecuniary interest. 

The role of a parent governor is essentially the same as that of a governor from any other category. Some of the ways in which governors work together strategically include:

  • monitoring the schools’ performance and working to raise standards and promote pupil welfare.
  • ensuring that the school is improving the achievement and attainment of all children.
  • making sure that pupils with special needs are properly catered for. 
  • dealing with disciplinary issues of pupils and staff. 
  • appointing the Headteacher. 
  • monitoring work-life balance of the staff and Head teacher. 
  • setting the budget. 
  • helping to formulate policies. 
  • ensuring the school has sound self-evaluation processes in place.


If you are interested in finding out more, watch out for the newsletter next week!



The new winter menus are now available on the school website. The team at Oasis Catering are continuing with their Meat Free Mondays and ensuring that two options are available at all mealtimes.


Visit the parent section of the website for more information and to take a good look at the delicious offering from the team. 

Monday 12th September 



Following the announcement from Buckingham Palace of the death of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a period of National Mourning has started and will continue until the end of the State Funeral. This is a period of time for reflection in response to the death of the Sovereign.
The official date of the State Funeral is Monday 19 September 2022. This day will be a Bank Holiday and settings that are normally closed on a Bank Holiday should close on this day as a mark of respect. The Department of Education has informed us that this will include schools and colleges.


Anson Primary School will be taking part in a special author visit, from Banji Alexander later this term. Banji will be joining us on November 29th, 2022.
We are very fortunate to have Banji Alexander coming to visit our school as part of his sold-out tour. His book, 'Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party', which is currently being adapted into a musical, comes highly recommended for primary aged children and has received wide acclaim from teaching professionals across the country as well as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the Shadow Minister for Schools, Stephan Morgan MP. 

The book details the experiences of a child during lockdown and was written to help facilitate discussions around mental health and well-being. With key themes of hope, kindness, resilience and adapting to change, Banji’s book aligns wonderfully with our own learning behaviours at Anson. 

If you would like to purchase a copy of Banji Alexander’s book at a reduced price, which he will be signing on the day, please send in £10 in an envelope with your child’s name and class written on it. We are collecting any requests from today, and well in advance of Banji’s visit, to help you spread your spending over time. 

Banji is also scheduled to appear on Sky News tomorrow morning (September 13th) where he will be discussing the book tour with presenter, Kay Burley. 

Please note the Parent Meeting dates in your diary:


Wednesday 21st September: Year 1 at 2.30pm
Tuesday 20th September: Year 2 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Reception at 2.30pm 
Wednesday 21st September: Year 3 at 9am
Thursday 22nd September: Year 4 at 9am
Friday 23rd September: Year 5 at 9am
Monday 26th September: Year 6 at 9am


The Children’s Commissioner has set the target of 100% attendance for all children attending schools in England. This is in response to falling attendance since the pandemic and the understanding that children with the best attendance make the best progress and achieve the best results. 
This means that all schools have a responsibility to act on poor attendance. 



Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their children attend school. Research shows that good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at school and to establish positive life habits that are necessary for future success. Through regular attendance, pupils can:


Build friendships 
Engage in essential learning 
Enjoy school social events.
Achieve to their full potential.
Minimise the risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour and becoming victims of crime.


All parents should promote good attendance and punctuality as an example to their children. 



Anson Primary School understands the difficulties parents face in the rising costs associated with school holidays, childcare and illness.

However, the rules are clear. The school cannot authorise any absences which break the law. The Government target of 100% has seen a change in the way attendance is managed. So, this year school registers are automatically linked to the Department of Education. 

This means attendance is more tightly monitored than ever. Absences can only be agreed for valid reasons such as:


medical appointments
religious observances
family bereavement


Every other absence is considered unauthorised and will result in non-attendance being picked up by the Local Authority. Anson has very little control once legal action begins. 



All children of compulsory school age between 5-16 must receive a suitable full-time education.
As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that this happens by registering your child at a school. As a member of the education community you are also legally responsible for ensuring that your
child attends school regularly. If you fail to do this - even if your child misses school without you knowing - legal action can be taken against you by the Local Authority. It is a legal offence to fail to ensure your child attends school regularly.

Legal action can involve a penalty notice
or being taken to court. Parents also face the risk of imprisonment and parenting orders. These orders can involve attending counselling or a
guidance programme such as a parenting

A penalty notice of £60 per adult per child may be issued as an alternative to prosecution. This will rise to £120 if it is not paid within 21 days. Failure to pay a penalty notice will usually lead to prosecution.



We do not want any Anson parent to be part of legal action for attendance. 

We would therefore urge you to:


encourage good attendance at school and in your family-life.
take an active interest in your child’s work. 
always keep us informed on any absence and the reasons for that absence. 
never underestimate the importance of attendance.


95% attendance means your child misses 10 school days (2 weeks of school). 
90% attendance means your child misses 20 school days (4 weeks of school).


Lost learning is very difficult to recover. So let’s make Anson attendance the best in Brent. 



Friday 9th September 



In 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II began her reign, the doors of Anson Primary School also opened for the first time. Throughout the last 75 years we have celebrated each Jubilee in parallel with Her Majesty The Queen, with the last special occasion taking place earlier this year to mark her Platinum Jubilee year. 


We are deeply saddened to hear of her passing yesterday. She was a shining example of loyalty, service and duty. These are characteristics which we, as a school serving the public, seek to replicate in some small way. 


The country is now in an official period of mourning where other celebrations and sporting events that may have been planned will be placed on hold. 


For our pupils this is a hugely significant historical moment. Nobody at Anson Primary School has known life in the United Kingdom without The Queen in her position as Head of State. As educators we have a responsibility to share this news and support our children to understand the processes and the significance of her death. 


Today we held an assembly to remember The Queen, to celebrate all the great things she did, to smile at her sense of humour and to inform the children of the passing of the crown to King Charles III. We talked about what we can learn from the way she led her life and what kind of people we want to be in the future. In classrooms the teachers have given the children time to ask questions and share their memories. Some of the classes have watched CBBC Newsround (who produced a fitting tribute to The Queen). 


At home we know that many of you will be deeply saddened by the news too. Often, when there is this type of major news it can trigger in us other emotions, connect us to our own losses, remind us of personal events. This is true for adults and also true for the young people we teach. We have ensured that Miss Charles, our counsellor, has been on site today and she will return next week to continue her work.


Our message is simple. 


It is very sad that Queen Elizabeth II has died. We can feel upset about her passing but we should take time to celebrate her life, her achievements and the twinkle in her eye that led her to skydive out of a plane with James Bond in 2012 and have tea with Paddington in 2022. Those memories will bring back the smiles. 


As a school we are waiting for information about the funeral from the Department of Education and we will keep you updated with any news as soon as we have it. For now, we wish every member of our Anson family a safe and happy weekend. 


Mr Pile

Wednesday 7th September 



Welcome back to another exciting year at Anson Primary School. We have begun the year thinking about the journey ahead and how we can strive for greatness as a school.
Inspired by the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Butterfly Meadow at Sandringham in Norfolk we have decided that this year we are all caterpillars. This may sound strange but actually this is all about finding the beauty in everyone and looking to aspire to greatness. Let me explain. 
As you are all aware, a caterpillar gives no hint about the extraordinary beauty within and the butterfly they will one day become. Pupils are the same. Your child has beauty within and is capable of becoming something extraordinary; they just may not realise it yet. This year we want them to really think about what makes them beautiful, what things they want to achieve and then support them on their journey. As parents, you will play a part in that journey, so please join us for our first set of parent meetings to find out more! 



We would like to invite all parents to a Meet The Teacher event. At the events, which your children will also attend, we will be sharing all the information you need to know so you are in the best place to support your child this year. This year, the children will hear exactly the same information as you as they will be in the hall with their child’s teacher. This means it can be really clear to everyone about how we can complete our journey from caterpillar to butterfly together. 

So, please mark these dates in your diary. 


Monday 19th September: Year 1 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Year 2 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Reception at 2.30pm 
Wednesday 21st September: Year 3 at 9am
Thursday 22nd September: Year 4 at 9am
Friday 23rd September: Year 5 at 9am
Monday 26th September: Year 6 at 9am


These events will not be recorded, although the presentations will be available after the meeting. So, if you can make it, we would strongly urge you to do so. 


If your child is in Year 6 then you have been part of the Anson family for a long time, but now it is time to find new relatives for the next part of your child’s journey. The deadline for completing applications to secondary school is October 31st. Before that date, we highly recommend visiting all the schools you think will make it on to your final application form. On your visit you are looking for the ethos of the school, how your child will get there, what they specialise in, behaviour policies, whether they can cater for your child and whether your child will be happy. Here are some of the key dates in Brent. You can download the full list from the admissions section of the school website. 

Queens Park Community School (Brent)
Open Evening: Thursday 22 September 2022, 6pm (See website for full details
Capital City Academy (Brent)
Open Morning: Tuesday 20 September 2022, 09.15am - 10.45am 
Tuesday 4 October 2022, 09.15am - 10.45am 

Open Evening: Thursday 29 September 2022, 5pm - 7pm See website for full details
Crest Academy
29th September at 5pm 
Hampstead School (Camden)
Open evening: Tuesday 11 October, 5pm.
Whitefield School (Barnet)
27th September at 5.30pm



Just a reminder that children at Anson are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school without signed permission. 
Anyone bringing a mobile device into school without permission will see that device being confiscated and returned to a parent at the end of the school day. 
If your child is travelling independently in Year 5&6 then you can fill in a form to let the school know your child will go home alone and may carry a phone. 
All phones are handed in at the start of the day and must be turned off before entering the playground. 


Please make sure that if you change your phone number, move home or need to select a different next-of-kin you inform the office as soon as possible.