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Wednesday 15th July



As a very strange year draws to a close, we begin to look forward to September and outline the plans to ensure the school can return to normal in September.
Since the Government released the latest guideline for the full reopening of schools in England, we have been working with our partners to ensure that school life can return to normal on Monday 7th September 2020. There are some subtle changes to the way the school will work and operate and the newsletter outlines those.
School will reopen to the children on Monday 7th September 2020. Prior to the children’s return, the staff will receive training in the new practices and procedures. They will be developing the ‘catch-up’ curriculum that will need to be taught in September. Importantly, they will be looking at how we support the development of the well-being of all pupils on their return to school. 
Start Times
To ensure we can get the children in and out of the site safely the start and finish times will need to be staggered. 

Reception and Year One pupils will begin the day at 8.45am and finish at 3pm. 
Children in Year Two, Year Three and Year Four will come to school at and end their day at 3.15pm. 
Pupils in Year Five and Year Six will start at 9.15am and finish their day at 3.30pm. 

To help you with these changes we are delighted that KidzClub will return to the school. They will run a Breakfast Club and After School Club but they may need to limit the number of children. You can call the KidzCLub on 07932984664 for more details. 


Entering the School
Due to the number of parents bringing their children to school at these times, we need to minimise the amount of contact that occurs. This will mean we will operate a soft start for the children. At your start time, you will bring your child to the school gate, escort them a short way into the playground, say goodbye, and then exit through the school car park.Your child will continue into the playground and head into their classroom.  

We would encourage everyone to watch the video on the school website to understand this procedure. At the end of the day the children will be in the playground and will meet their parents at the drop off point. You will need to maintain social distancing while you wait outside. 


In September, attendance at the school is compulsory. This means that every child should be in school every day. While the Government has stated it will resume issuing fines to parents who do not send their children to school, we feel that this can be avoided. 

If you have concerns please talk to us. The school has been open since March 23rd to a growing number of pupils each day. We have strong systems in place that have meant we have not had any cases of COVID-19 in the school throughout this time.


The children will spend all their time with the children in their class or year group during their time at school. There will be no mixing of different year groups for assemblies or playtimes. 


Teacher and Learning 
We will begin the school year with a number of assessments in reading, writing and mathematics to mark where your child is on their learning journey at the start of the year. From this point the normal curriculum will resume, with catch up programmes in place where necessary. It is our intention to teach the full curriculum from that point and accelerate the learning. 


During the first term we will not be running any school trips. 


All playtimes and lunch breaks are staggered. Children will be assigned a large section of the playground to play in. This will mean that we can have a lot of children outside playing, but can keep the class groups together. This has worked really well during the Summer Term.


Our caterers, Oasis Catering, will continue to cook meals for the children and serve them during the lunch period. Whether children in a class bring their own packed lunch, or have a hot school lunch, they will eat them together in the same space. This once again ensures that the children remain in their groups throughout the day. 


We have increased the amount of cleaning on the school site during the day. This means that the toilets, classrooms and shared spaces are cleaned more often and gives us an extra level of protections. We also have gloves, masks, aprons and antibacterial sprays and wipes for any incidences that may occur during the school day.


What if there is a case of COVID?
With all these measures in place we hope to maintain our COVID free school environment. However, if someone does show symptoms, or get ill, we will isolate the class or year group quickly to prevent any spread of the virus. Please help us be ensuring you follow all the safety guidance at home and do not send your child to school if there are symptoms in your home. 


Summer Learning 
We will be leaving the Home Learning content on the website for the whole of the summer break. Some of the contributors such as Rob Biddulph and Maddie Moate, will be continuing their offer over the holiday. We will also be updating the Summer Reading Challenge and promoting more of the Mini Olympics. If there are worksheets or content you want to catch up on, or Together Tasks you want to repeat, please do. Any activities you do over the summer will help to keep your child ready for school. To be school ready for September:

read for 10 minutes every day
write a short diary entry each day to tell us about your summer
learn your multiplication tables and use maths in your home (adding, subtracting, measuring and spotting shapes)
build in time to be creative (drawing, making music, filming or taking photographs)
keep active (Anson Mini Olympics, Joe Wicks or going for regular walks)


And finally…

We hope that these measures give you the confidence for your child’s return in September. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone again and beginning the new school year. We will be placing the well-being of pupils at the heart of the work in September ensuring that we look after their physical and mental well-being. We will be encouraging the children to talk about their experiences and share their lockdown highlights. 

In the meantime, we wish every member of our school community a safe and happy summer holiday. It has been a difficult year for us all, so try to build in time for you as a family to enjoy some relaxation, pressure free and create some more happy memories together. 

We can’t wait for you to share them with us in September. 



The Annies is an event that takes place every year on the Anson Stage. It is our way to celebrate the children of Anson. It is a time when we come together as staff and children to share our standout moments. 
Many of you got involved this year voting online for your favourite moments. Even though we couldn’t hold the ceremony as usual, we wanted to try and put together something that all the children could enjoy and use to remember the year. You can watch the virtual Annies  on the Class Pages of the Anson website, and we hope you enjoy the show. 



The end of a school year means that we once again say goodbye to some members of the Anson Primary School family. 
Mrs Saleem, from our team of teaching assistants, is leaving us to pursue a career in teaching. She has been working with the children in Year 3&4 during the last academic year and we wish her all the best as she begins her teacher training. We would like to thank her for her hard work, effort, enthusiasm and the skills she brought to our team. 

The children in Year 6 are also leaving us. It’s been a very strange ending for the children in this year group. If you’ve watched The Annies on the Class Pages of the Anson website, there is a special tribute film to them in the show. It really shows what a special year group they have been and the memories they have given us. We hope that each of them comes back to visit, when it is safe to do so, so that we can hear about the next stage in their educational adventures. Naturally we wish them lots of luck in their secondary school. They have lots of potential and we are sure they can make their dreams come true!



Our staff have been incredible since the lockdown in England. Like you many of them have been juggling difficult situations, but they have done everything we have asked of them and more. 
They are very excited to be returning to work with all the children in September. They are raring to get going and start catching up on lost time. In order for the progress to be as fast as it can be, the majority of staff will continue in the same year groups. This gives us a staff with expertise in their current year group, a brilliant understanding of the curriculum, and critical an ability to spot the gaps in learning and build sessions that help children to continually move forwards in their learning. The staff list is available here:



The Summer Holidays will see an end to the weekly sessions posted by teachers during the lockdown period in England. 
The expectation is that all children will return to school in September and that schools will no longer need to provide a remote learning opportunity. This may change if further lockdowns occur and our offer will be evolving should this be the case. 
For now, all the content on the website will remain in place until September. At this point the Class Pages will evolve and change so that some of the most popular elements are carried forward into school life and others are archived for anyone who wants to use them in the future. However, some of the content will disappear forever.
If you’ve missed a piece of work, want to repeat a Together Task, are catching up on episodes of Let’s Go Live, or fancy a quick safari from the comfort of your own home, then you can continue this over the holiday. 

The blog is also still open for children to look back through the activities that have taken place over the last few months. It’s our Lockdown Diary in many ways. However, please be aware that the blog will not be checked over the summer as we begin to work behind the scenes to reset the pages. Posts will not be approved. 
In September the blog will become the eyes into the classroom and families will be able to see what is happening in school through the eyes of the children and their work. 


We know that many of the activities we would usually be informing you about are still not ready to take place this summer. However, lots of events are being set up at short notice as government guidance changes.

For younger children information is available on the Brent CFIS website. The Brent Youth Zone website features all activities taking place in Brent over the summer for young people aged 11+ with activities being updated on a weekly basis.

Information on further youth activities within the charity and voluntary sector is available from the Young Brent Foundation.


At present we can say that:


  • The Children’s Centres are planning a reduced summer timetable. The centres are open at Alperton, Church Lane, Curzon Crescent & Fawood, Granville, Preston Park, St Raphael’s, Three Trees, Willows and Wykeham. Contact details via the Barnardo’s website:


  • Play schemes for primary school children are running from Bridge Park Montessori Nursery (020 3592 4971 / 07958 267 383), 2DA, Energy Kidz (Contact: 0333 577 1533) and Kidzplay (Contact: 07977 681977).


  • A free summer programme will be run by Sport at the Heart for 5 - 18 year olds from 3rd August for 4 weeks (30 young people a day).


  • There will be reduced library activities with the Summer Reading Challenge moving online for participating families. Face to face, themed free craft activities are running from Wembley Library via Learning through the Arts throughout August for under 12s. Topics include flight/space exploration, the Romans, creative music and Carnival.


  • Parks across the borough have re-opened and all play equipment is now accessible.