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Tuesday 30th March



We’ve now been back at school for three weeks and it feels wonderful to have the school community buzzing with excitement about learning face-to-face again. 
The last three weeks have gone very quickly but we’ve still managed to fit in a lot of activities to raise the spirits of the children and join us together as an Anson Family again. The Easter Egg Hunt in the school has created a sense of fun and our whole school assemblies on Anson TV and live over Zoom are helping to spread messages of kindness, explore our Learning Behaviours and reward pupils. In the classrooms the teachers have been working with the children to establish exactly where each pupil is in their learning and plan how to help them keep improving for the Summer Term. After the Easter holiday you will get the chance to talk with your child’s teacher, in our postponed parents' evening, to discuss how you can help your child to keep improving throughout the summer.  
The attendance during this return to school is currently over 96% and we truly hope that this high percentage continues until we finish school in July. 
It’s been a great re-start! The last day of this term is on Wednesday 31st March and the children return to school for the Summer Term on Monday 19th April. 



At the start of this half term Mr Pile launched our Risk Taking Learning Behaviour with a special assembly focusing on the bravery of some of our Cross Channel heroes. 
As part of our learning behaviours we place risk taking as an important factor in the way we learn. This can include trying new things, not being afraid to make mistakes or just believing that we can do something and going for it.  On Friday morning the teachers handed our certificates in our Friday Zoom Call to 28 children who have all showed remarkable risk taking during remote learning and during the return to school. 
Well-done to Samara & Alex (RR), Safiyyah & Celia (RG), Carly & Stefana (1R), Emily &    
Petru (1Q), Suraya & Samir (2R), Mudabir & Scarlett-Rose (2H), Celine & Lina (3A), Elianna & Eric (3M), Hassan & Frankie (4B), Manuel & Drew (4V), Ahmed & Mohamed (5H), Rawan & Fatima (5K), Inaaya I & Trey (6H), Lily & Kourosh (6P). The learning behaviour for the next half term is Resilience where everyone will be encouraged to have self-belief and never give up. 



We have been informed that the school will be used as a Polling Station for the Local Council and Mayoral Elections on Thursday 6th May. Following a COVID-19 risk assessment on the areas of the school which will be used by members of the public and polling officers we have taken the difficult decision to close the school to pupils on this day. Work will be provided for all pupils on this day.



You may remember that back in February we gave you some news about an opportunity to join the Governing Body of Anson Primary School as a Parent Governor. 

Parent governors play a vital role on governing bodies, holding the unique position of having a parental viewpoint of the school. Through the children, they have a first hand experience of the delivery of the curriculum, and how the school is perceived from the ‘parent’ point of view. This enables parent governors to bring a different perspective to the strategic management of the school. 

All Governors serve a 4-year term of office. In January the terms of office for two our of parent governors came to an end. In normal circumstances this would trigger an election of new parent governors. However, the Governing Body felt that at this time running a fair election would be difficult and would run the risk of not being open to all parents to participate in either the nomination process or the vote. 

As a result the Governing Body took the decision to extend the term of office for the outgoing parent governors until the school returned in full and we could begin a new election process. We are now delighted to inform you that the process will begin after the Easter holiday. 

Over the Easter holiday we would like you to consider whether you would like to be part of the Governing Body. Being a parent governor is incredibly rewarding. You will work closely with the leadership at the school and members of the local community to ensure that Anson keeps improving. You will be involved monitoring and questioning the curriculum offer, staffing structure and finances of the school. 
As well as being parents at the school you can also bring other skills to the team. For example anyone working in healthcare, environment work or finance could bring a vital perspective as we deal with the pandemic, and our budget. Perhaps you have been a volunteer in another community setting, like a mosque or church or food bank; you may have vital skills and insight that we need on the governing body. You might have other life experiences that would improve our collective perspective - every parent can bring something useful to the Governing Body.

After Easter every parent will receive a nomination form. This form is where you can put your name forward for the election. There will be a three week window for the nomination process with all nominations submitted by Friday 7th May at 1pm. 

On Monday 10th May every parent in the school will receive a voting slip with details of the nominees. You will choose who you would like to represent the parents of the school on the Governing Body and deliver your nomination to a post box in the playground at either the start or end of the school day. All votes must be in the postbox by 9.30am on Friday 21st May. 

The successful candidates will then be informed of their place on the Governing Body and their first meeting will be the Full Governing Body meeting on Wednesday 26th May at 7pm. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the role please email with any questions. We really hope that you will consider joining the team and supporting the school. 



We have just registered with the Royal Academy for the Young Artists’ Summer Show which is a free, open submission exhibition for young artists aged 5 - 19 years. We would love to see some of our children’s fantastic artwork exhibited at the Summer Show. So why not encourage your child to get creative over the Easter break?

Each child can submit up to 3 pieces of work. The artwork can be made using any medium (a word for the materials you’ve used to create your piece). It can be a painting, sculpture, photograph, installation, video, drawing, or a combination. There is no theme so artworks can be on any subject and it does not matter you made it.

Parents must submit the artwork/s for their child. When you enter, you’ll be asked for images of your artwork plus some information about the piece such as title, size, and a little text about the artwork and why you made it. All the submitted artworks will be judged by a panel of artists and arts professionals. The  selected artworks will be  displayed online and on-site at the Royal Academy of Arts. 

The closing date for submissions is Monday 26th April. For further information go to: 



We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported their child to take part in the 2021 Easter Egg Competition. 
In 2020 the school went into lockdown, just days after launching the 2020 competition. However, on Monday we were overwhelmed by the creativity, humour and quality of the eggs offered as entries for the competition this year. 
You can watch a special assembly on Anson TV which showcases all the eggs. You can also visit the gallery page in the children’s section of the school website to see images of all the entries. 
We hope that for everyone who took part in the event it brought a smile to your face, gave you something fun to focus on as a family and put a little spring in your step. 
The Easter Egg Competition will definitely return next year, hopefully with a face-to-face Egg-hibition!


In other news…


Thank you to everyone who donated to Comic Relief this year. The school was flooded with red as the children wore the colour to show their support for the day. Many of the children also donated to the charity by purchasing a red nose, with lots of children giving more than the £1.50 to support Red Nose Day. 
As the first event of the year which the School Council have been able to run they were thrilled at the response. The Treasurer, along with the Chair and Vice-Chair counted all the money and we can reveal that, with the online donations, the total raised for Comic Relief so far is just over £600.


Last Monday we revealed the locations of the hidden Easter Eggs on the website and gave out some prizes to the children who found all 14 eggs. There were also some special prizes to children who got really close to finding all 14 eggs. So congratulations to the Egg Hunting Eggcellence of  Ayeza, Anaya, Aarav, Samara, Ali, Zehra, Eva, Stella, Inaaya, Ifrah, Nimrah, Bushra, Omar, Summer, Zahra, Inaaya, Maryam, Hafsa, Amelia, Kishan, Jessica, Jana, Mahkai, Sidra, Emily, Sara and Sydney.


Congratulations to Bethany (4V) and Alice (5H) who have both been chosen as runners up in the Into Film Review 500 Competition. 

Their reviews for Paddington 2 have earned them both a £10 Amazon voucher and a special mention on the Into Film website.


After Easter, Brent Music Service will continue to run weekly group lessons ONLINE for children to learn the recorder alongside their parent/carer(s). The Monday sessions (4.30pm from 26th April) will include recorder skills, music reading, games, partner/family activities, improvisation, composition and a range of musical styles. Classes are for children in Year 2 and above with no previous musical experience necessary. The deadline to apply is 19th April. For more information and to apply:


You may have seen in the news that holidays overseas may be disrupted for a little longer. Obviously we all hope that travel will be possible again soon so we can take a well-earned break in the sun or catch up with family. However, if the rules relax, we thought you may like to know, as early as possible, the term dates for the next academic year. 

Please be aware that there is talk about changes to the school year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Politicians are discussing ways to help children catch up on lost time at school as well as debating a longer winter break to prevent the spread of Coronavirus when the NHS is seasonally under strain. At the moment no changes have been confirmed but it does mean that all the term dates may be subject to change.

As always, when the school is open, or running remote learning, your child must be in attendance. 

So please visit the school website and find the term dates. Click on Key Information and then Term Dates. 


PE days may have changed for your child this term. On the days when your child has PE they should come to school dressed in their clothes for a PE session as we do not have the space for children to change and socially distance.

Nursery: Friday
Reception: Monday and Wednesday 
Year 1: Tuesday and Friday
Year 2: Monday and Tuesday
Year 3: Monday and Wednesday (3A), Friday (3M) Year 4: Wednesday and Friday
Year 5: Wednesday and Thursday
Year 6: Tuesday and Thursday