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19th October 2020





Thank you to everyone who completed the technology survey sent home two weeks ago.  

The Government requires us to keep a register of how families are able to access remote learning at the school to ensure that we are catering for all families during any future lockdown. 


The results of the survey tell us that during a future lockdown 99% of families would be able to access the internet through either a phone, home broadband and using devices in their home. There are 1% of families who have no access to internet or broadband. 

This is in line with our text messaging service, SIMs Agora  and Parents’ Evening booking information that we currently hold on file. 

However, the survey helps us to understand that many children (67%) share their devices with other members of the family and the issues that this causes. For example, it would be very difficult to run daily live teaching and learning sessions as not every child would be able to access the lessons. This would not be fair. We also now know which families do not have any access to a device, or the internet at all. This obviously has implications for how they would access content if they were unable to come to school and what learning we need to provide for them.


As always, we continue to support every child in school so that they can continue to make progress in their learning. We are also looking for ways that families can get the support they need so that in any future lockdown their child’s learning can continue. 



This half term the children have been working on improving and developing their collaboration skills. This week we will be awarding certificates to a pair of pupils in each class who have shown excellent collaboration in the classroom. Tune in to Anson TV to see who the teachers choose. 



This October we are celebrating Black History Month at Anson Primary School. 


As part of our celebrations, we have launched our own Anson MOBOs and we need your help! We’ve asked the children to spend the month exploring the music of influential black and asian artists and share them with us using Google Classroom, Seesaw, email or on paper. 


At the start of the next half term we’ll reveal the list of the musicians who Anson pupils have picked as their favourites. We are not just looking for great musicians but for those musicians who have had an impact outside music. This could be for championing black rights, supporting charities or having an impact on their local community. In our assembly, on Anson TV, you can find out about former pupil Natalie Lindi, whose music promotes well being and champions important causes.



It is Half Term next week and we’ve launched a competition for all the school community. In 1895 the Lumiere Brothers launched the world of cinema when they screened a 50 second film about workers leaving a factory. In those days the camera couldn’t move. It could only point and shoot. So, the film was 50 seconds of people walking through a door. It caused a sensation. Moving images. On a big screen. Incredible!

By 1896 there were over 40 films including a child looking at a goldfish bowl, a baby being fed, soldiers marching and even a fire crew at work.

So, the challenge is for everyone to find something interesting and film it for up to 60 seconds. The camera is not allowed to move and you can film anything. Just make sure you have permission before pressing record. Then send your film using Google Classroom or Seesaw or email it to 

The most original or engaging films will be featured in our Anson Film Festival during November and may win a film-related prize! Tune into Anson TV to find out more details from Mr Pile (in a field).