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27th January



You will be aware that the National Education Union has announced a number of teacher strikes with the first due to take place on Wednesday 1st February.  
I can confirm that for the strike on Wednesday, 1st February the school will be open to all pupils. However, with a number of teachers taking action, learning will be disrupted and this will be a non-curriculum day for a number of classes in the school.
 While we will be remaining open for the first of the strikes I cannot guarantee that this will be possible for future strikes. The next strike action is due to take place in London on the 2nd March and I will update you on our status for that day after the Half Term Holiday. 



On Monday the children can come dressed as their dream job! 
Please don’t buy a costume or an outfit for the day. If they want to be a chef, send them in with a wooden spoon. If they want to be vet let them bring a toy animal in. We want to celebrate their dreams and give them something to aim for! 



This week we took part in our first Swimming Gala. 
The children were amazing, with Eva finishing 3rd in the Butterfly final! Well done to everyone in the team!



On Friday the Department of Education visited Anson Primary School. 
Their aim was to learn how we use film in the curriculum. After a special assembly about Big Me Day, and some classroom visits, the conversation moved towards the value of creativity and we spent time talking about how our children benefit from drama, music and radio at Anson. The children once again shone with their behaviour, confidence and engagement in their learning.  

20th January 



Earlier this week it was announced that a ballot of teachers for the National Education Union resulted in the decision for teacher members to take strike action on a series of dates in February and March. 
During strike action the Department of Education expects Headteachers and Governing Bodies to take all reasonable steps to keep schools open for as many pupils as possible. In order to make these steps there are a number of factors affecting the decision including how staff are affected by other schools closing, how many staff are on strike and how we cover classes. However, we are working with staff, agencies and the Local Authority to plan for as little disruption to pupil attendance as possible. As soon as we are in a position to let you know how the strikes will affect Anson we will contact you. 



The next Friends of Anson event takes place on Thursday 9th February in the School Hall as children and parents come together for a game of Bingo! 
The event will see a mixture of classic 90-ball bingo alongside personalised games such as Anson Teacher Bingo and Animal Bingo. This is an adult and child event so all children must be accompanied by one or more paying adults. 
There are only 100 adult tickets left (with children free) so login in to Pay360 as soon as you can to secure your place at this fun, family event. 
With a few small prizes on offer for those who get a full-house, we can’t wait for the fun to begin. 

Book now on Pay 360!


Big Me Day is on Monday 30th January. 
Children should come to school dressed as their future career. Please do not buy any costumes. If they are a future chef, bring a wooden spoon. If they are a future artist bring a paintbrush. There is no need to spend money on costumes. 



Join the Friends of Anson parents  for a cup of coffee, a brownie and a chat on Tuesday 31st January from 9am. All parents welcome. 

13th January 2023



Earlier this week a text message was sent to all parents. The text message contained a link to a new document which we hope will make planning much easier for you. 
The document contains every event, meeting, trip and opportunity scheduled during the rest of this academic year. The idea is simple. The more you know, the better placed you are to support your child. 
Each time a new event, trip or meeting is scheduled in our diary, the document will be updated. To make it easier to spot, the new date will be highlighted. For example, when Friends of Anson plan a new events for the parents and children of Anson, the event will appear in the document. 
We hope this means that working parents have more notice of the big events and are more likely to join Sports Day, a class assembly or prepare a delicious feast for the upcoming International Evening. 



We are delighted to announce that International Evening is back for 2023. This is a chance to come together and celebrate all the rich cultures we enjoy at Anson. 
International Evening takes place on Wednesday 15th March in the school hall and dining room. It will run from 5pm to 7pm and is FREE for all families to attend. 
However, if you come along you need to bring a dish of food that represents your culture, the country you were born in or a secret family recipe passed through generations. The food will then be set out in the dining room, and clearly labelled, for everyone to enjoy. At the end of the night you can take your plate (and leftovers) home. 
Friends of Anson will be on hand selling a range of other drinks and snacks and there will also be opportunities to take part in other fun during the event. 
On top of that, the children of Anson will be entertaining us as each year group takes to the stage to sing a song, share a poem or perform a dance from a culture in our school. 
We hope you will join us as we come together, celebrate our school and have fun. Watch out for the posters around the school and more information about the food you can prepare for our event in March. 



Just a reminder that due to safeguarding rules parents should not be in the classrooms in the morning. 
If you have a message for the teacher please see Mr Pile or Miss Callaghan on the playground. Alternatively, 
class teachers are available at the end of the day if you wish to speak to them. 



Our school clubs finally begin this week! 
Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for the clubs to start up. With over 550 applications for our clubs it has been an amazing effort by Miss Richards to organise everyone and finalise payments. 
Please remember that all our clubs (apart from Film Club) run from 3.25pm to 4.25pm. Children will go straight to their club after school and can be collected from the front entrance at 4.25pm. 
We hope all the children enjoy their club experience. 



As the leader of English in the school I am currently working on ways to increase the amount of reading for pleasure pupils do at school and at home. Reading for pleasure is described by the National Literacy Trust as "reading that we do of our own free will, anticipating the satisfaction that we will get from the act of reading.”
Often children associate reading with levelled books, learning sounds and simple stories. So, reading for pleasure is particularly important to foster a love of stories and words. 
As part of my work I am carrying out surveys with pupils, staff and parents. If you would like to help build a picture of reading at Anson please visit my Google Form and share your thoughts:
Thank you. 
Miss Daly. 

Thank you!



Thank you to everyone who came along to the Maths Workshop with Mrs Bond this Thursday. 
As she mentioned, we are currently building a maths portal for parents to be able to download the tools and resources shared on the day as well as unlock some of the fun ways to use maths in the home. 
The event was such a success that there will be some more specific year group events scheduled which will go through some of the calculations we use to support children from Reception to Year 6.   
We will add these to the event diary soon! 



Join the Friends of Anson parents  for a cup of coffee, a brownie and a chat on Tuesday 31st January from 9am. All parents welcome. 


Class Assemblies

Here is a list of the upcoming class assemblies which all begin at 2.30pm

20/01/23: Hampstead
27/01/23: Regent’s 
02/02/23: Victoria
10/02/23: Kensington
02/03/23: Mapesbury
10/03/23: Hyde
17/03/23: Alexandra 
24/03/23: Queen’s 
31/03/23: Roundwood
19/05/23: Richmond
25/05/23: Greenwich
23/06/23: Highbury
30/06/23: Primrose 

All the assemblies are recorded and copies are available for download after the event. Parents are unable to record on the day due to filming permissions and GDPR.




6th January 2023


First of all may I wish you all a very Happy New Year. It has been lovely to welcome back the children and their families through the gates of Anson for the beginning of the Spring Term.

As you will see, we are starting 2023 by continuing our work to build a stronger school community. This amazing strength has already been seen as so many of you continue to support each other through a difficult winter.  We know that families have been battling the illnesses circulating at the moment and I know personally how energy sapping that can be with children still to care for in our homes. I hope that the new term provides you all with the space and time to recover. It is going to be an exciting year and we can’t wait to begin.   




As the new Deputy Headteacher, I hope you all had a wonderful break with your children. I am looking forward to getting to know them this term and becoming part of the school family. One of the ways I will meet you is through my celebration of attendance as one of my first tasks is to implement new measures to celebrate and promote children’s attendance.  It is vital that the children are in school every day, in order to gain the greatest benefit from their education, unless the reason for absence is unavoidable.

At Anson, we aspire for all our children to understand the value of good attendance, which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their school career and working life.

We believe that regular attendance is of the greatest importance so that children:

  • Have full access to the curriculum and are more likely to achieve the vital skills and knowledge needed for their future lives.
  • Are able to build positive relationships and develop social skills which prepare them for the next phase in their education.
  • Are able to develop their self-esteem and sense of belonging.
  • Are able to develop a positive attitude to school, understanding how important it is to be punctual and reliable.


However, I also want to share with you the ways in which we are going to celebrate the children’s attendance from this term:


There will be a weekly ‘Attendance Assembly’, which will reward attendance in three different ways.  There will be certificates for the classes with the best attendance, the best improved attendance and for those classes achieving their attendance target of 97%.  The class with the best attendance will also get to keep Anson’s Attendance Teddy in their classroom for the week!


We will also be giving out Bronze (1 term), Silver (2 terms) and Gold (3 terms) certificates at the end of each term to children who have achieved 100% attendance. Those children who have gained a Gold certificate, will have their names put into a draw to win an end-of-year grand prize!


We are hoping that a positive approach will allow for all children to aspire to excellent attendance, build teamwork and will not discriminate against children that are absent for reasons beyond their control. We understand that most children will be absent at some point in each school year, so this system means that a child is able to achieve a reward even if they have a small bout of absences in one term.


Thank you for your support with improving Anson’s Attendance – may the Teddy live a long and happy life!  

Warm regards,


Miss Callaghan




It is Big Me Day on Monday 30th January 2023 and we need your help.

We want to show the children what is possible during life after Anson and help them build their hopes and dreams for the future. If you have a job, skill or talent that you could talk about to our children for 5-10 minutes we would love to hear from you.

Just visit the Google Form at the website below:




As you may be able to tell, our learning behaviour this half term is Aspiration. This is the third learning behaviour of the academic year.

There are 4 strands to our aspiration focus: giving your best, understanding nothing is impossible, dreaming big and making the right steps to reach your potential.

Each term we like to share with you how you can support the learning behaviour at home.

Visiting museums and galleries, talking about your childhood dreams and playing games can all help. Seeing jobs in action is also a really good use of time.

On our website you can find out about what aspiration looks like and sounds like in our school. Just visit to find out more about aspiration and all our learning behaviours.




Just a reminder that Mrs Bond is running a mathematics workshop for parents at 9am next Thursday, 12th January.

You may have seen in the news this week the desire of the Prime Minister to make mathematics compulsory for children up to the age of 18.

Well, in this session Mrs Bond will guide you through a fun, hands on experience that will support you to help your child at home with mathematics in every day life amd build a love for the subject from an early age. It will also help you understand some of the skills we teach at Anson.

Just turn up at 9am for some coffee and number fun!



As 2023 begins we want to ensure that as many parents as possible know what is happening in the school.

As you have hopefully seen we have increased the events at the school and provided more opportunities for parents to be involved in school life. This year we will continue to look for more support with reading, coffee mornings, outdoor projects and Friends of Anson events.

At the moment news is shared in newsletters, text messages, emails and on the website calendar. Class teachers in Reception to Year 3 use our online solutions to add to this information. Yet, we are not reaching all parents.

So, next week we will begin to setup Class Reps for each of our classes at Anson. The Class Reps will be a point of contact for the class teacher to share upcoming dates, requests for support and to ensure key messages get through.

The Class Reps will essentially run a social media group which shares this information as it is required.

The aim is to get more parents up to date, increase the numbers of parents involved in school life and to ensure that children don’t miss out on exciting opportunities. So, watch this space to be part of the social media groups.





The deadline for club payments in on Tuesday 10th January. Please speak to Miss Richards if you are having issues.

Unfortunately several clubs were not able to run this term due to the low take-up including skateboarding, basketball, musical theatre (Year 1&2) and Animation Club.

The clubs begin in the week beginning 16th January.



3rd January 2023



On Monday 30th January we will be hosting our Big Me Day at Anson and we would really like your help.


Our learning behaviour for this half term is Aspiration and we want to spend some time really helping children to understand the possibilities that lay in front of them as they grow up. 


Many of them do not know the huge range of jobs required to keep society moving. So, we want children to appreciate their own skills, think about their future and be better positioned to follow their dreams. 


However, we need you. Any of our staff can stand up in front of the children and talk about being a teacher or working in education but if that happens then we are likely to produce 384 educators. That’s great for schools but not so useful for other industries and sectors. 


So, if you would like to come and talk to small groups of children about your current job, your skills or your past experiences in the workforce we’d love to hear from you. All you will need to do is talk for around 5 to 10 minutes about your job or skill and then spend 10 to 15 minutes answering questions about the role. You are the expert so there are no tricky questions. 


If you volunteer somewhere for the community we’d also love you to share your work. 


If you have a hidden skill or talent that you wish could be a career, we’d love to share your talent with the children. 


If you’ve had a job in the past which you are particularly proud of, but now you are on a career break or doing something else, come and share your experience. 

Please get in touch using this Google Form and we will organise a timetable for the day. 


The fun doesn’t stop there! Big Me Day is a chance for your child to come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. They will spend time exploring their hopes and dreams, writing a letter or postcard to their future selves (which they will bring home to keep safe), and making a film about their hopes and dreams. Regardless of whether you register to talk, please help your child take part in Big Me day by doing the following:
Help your child choose what to wear on the day. 

This doesn’t have to be bought and we are not expecting you to spend a long time on this. For example, it could be something as simple as an apron (for future chefs), a hairbrush prop (for future hairdressers), or a name badge (for future teachers).


We really hope you will join us for Big Me Day. Let’s work together to build aspiration for our children and help them vision a bright future for themselves. 


16th December 2022



As we enter the final day of the Autumn Term, 2022, I find myself looking back on what has been another remarkable year at Anson. 
Today marks the end of my 22nd year at Anson Primary School. I share this because on Wednesday I met a former pupil at the school gates. We struck up a conversation about how he is, how the family are and what he is up to now. He asked how long I have been at Anson and I told him it was 22 years. He then informed me that he is now 23 years old. Now, this should make me feel very old, very quickly, but actually it made me feel bizarrely younger as I began to think back to some of the experiences we had shared when I was teaching in the classroom. It was a wonderful moment. Too often we move on to the next project, the next big thing, without reflecting on the joys we’ve experienced and taking time to be thankful. So here are my reflections on another year at Anson and I hope they bring back fond memories for you too. 



The year began with Ms. Lansiquot announcing her retirement from Anson. It also saw the launch of the Anson Story Zone on Google Classroom. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look and listen to some great stories read by our teachers. 



February saw the launch of a new film all about Anson. We also began Book Week by launching our new reading records so children could track all the  books they have read and what they thought of them. 



March was packed. Finding the Will put on The Tempest with Year 3&4, I was appointed Headteacher and the Easter Egg Competition saw some amazing creations from the Anson community too. 



Year 1 and Year 3 worked with Audio Moves in April to make some new podcast materials for schools around the world. We also became a pilot school to help Brent reach their carbon neutrality 2030 target. 


In May Mr Clargo opened Wonderlab, Alex Scott visited Anson with Lego and was interviewed on Anson Radio. We also celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a street party in the playground.



June saw our friends from Illyria Theatre return with an outdoor production of Peter Pan. We all got absolutely soaked, but then enjoyed a scorching Sports Day and tackled the climbing wall in Sports Week too. 


In July we said goodbye to Ms. Lansiquot, the choir sang in The Dell and at Wembley, we saw The Annies return to the stage and hosted Derek Paravicini and The Amber Trust in a special concert at Anson.  


In August we hosted to the Holiday and Food Programme for the first time. We also carried out some important work on the school building to insulate the sections built in 1952 and protect us from the cold this winter. It’s a good job we did with the temperature today!



During this month we finally said goodbye to the blue barriers and opened up the school. We met all of you at our Parent Meetings and held our annual coffee morning for Macmillan.



October saw our first Friends of Anson event, the Halloween Disco, with over 200 children partying the night away in the school hall. We also welcomed parents to our Little Wandle workshop with Miss Murray. 
Plus we were visited by a dinosaur and a gorilla in a memorable day of workshops which led to some amazing writing from every pupil. This will be published in time for World Book Day 2023.


In November Wizard Theatre returned to Anson with their stage version of Robin Hood. We also watched a film version as part of our Anson Film Festival. This also saw over 60 films submitted for our Noticing Nature Challenge. 
Author Banji Alexander visited Anson and presented his latest book to all the children. We also had a wonderful coffee morning where we took time to discuss our well-being as parents. 


We have ended the year with a packed month. The choir have performed in The Dell, Trafalgar Square, Westfield and on the Anson stage. Also appearing on the stage were Battersea and Reception with some festive fun. Almost 200 pupils joined Friends of Anson Festive Film Night and we welcomed parents for an Online Safety session which included a snowball fight which turned out to be a premonition of events to come.

It has been a remarkable year at our little school and there is so much more to come for the children, the parents and the wider community in 2023. 
This is a special place with a very special community and during this difficult winter it thankfully feels stronger than ever. I know many of you are supporting each other and volunteering your services in local projects. Remember there is help out there if you need it and you can find more details here. 
As a member of this community for the last 22 years, I am proud to be leading our school, and excited by our future together. I wish everyone (past, present and future) a safe and happy holiday season. We will see you back at the school gates on Wednesday 4th January 2023.



Thank you to everyone who registered for our expanded 2023 club offer. 
Every pupil was given their first choice club with the exception of Basketball, Stand-up Comedy & Zumba, which did not have enough pupils to form the club. 
Once first choices were placed, 2nd and 3rd choices were allotted where possible until each club was full. 
Please login to Pay360 to complete your transaction before the clubs begin in the week of January 16th.
If your child is in Reception, or selected Gymnastics, Skateboarding or Commercial Dance, you can book your clubs directly with DFY through the text message sent on Thursday. 


Maths Workshop

Thursday 12th January, 2023 at 9am

Our next event for parents is a Mathematic Masterclass from Mrs Bond.

In the session Mrs Bond will guide you through a fun, hands on, experience that will support you to help your child learn to love mathematics at school and at home. 





9th December 



This afternoon Battersea Class took to the stage to perform the first class assembly of the year. 
The traditional opening of the festive season saw George, or was it Georgina, or was it Gertie, fight and defeat the dragon, and battle with a number of other weak warriors from across the continent. 
Next week Reception are ready to tread the boards of Anson, with every pupil receiving a special badge to mark the year they make an appearance on the Anson stage. 



During the Mummers Play we took the opportunity to redefine the healthy eating policy at Anson Primary School. 
The School Council have raised this issue on several occasions over the last few years and it is time to reflect and change on the way we think of healthy eating at Anson. 
The school has a responsibility to teach the children about balanced diets, healthy foods, activity and exercise. We also teach the science of health and growth and explore heart rates and the function of the lungs. In PE we encourage physical activity and, along with the growing number of clubs, promote sport and movement. We want children to grow up with healthy attitudes. This will all continue as we have a responsibility beyond the National Curriculum.  
The complaints from the children come over school dinners. 
At lunchtime children who eat school dinners are able to choose each day from healthy options, but they are also allowed to pick a flapjack, apple crumble or choose ice cream during the week. Yet, children who bring in a packed lunches are unable to have these same treats. 
From January chocolate, crisps and sweets will remain banned from packed lunches. We will also continue to be a nut free school. 
However, if you would like to pack a treat such as a small cupcake, a flapjack, some yoghurt coated raisins or a Barney Bear in your child’s packed lunch this will be fine. The healthy eating experience should be equal for everyone and it seems only fair to bring about the same rules for everyone. After all, healthy eating is about balance and moderation.



170 children will be staying at school on Wednesday for the Friends of Anson Festive Film Night.
The children will head to their screening straight from the classroom and you will collect them from their mini-cinema at 5.30pm. Home Alone will be in the school hall, The Grinch will be in Class Regent’s and Arthur Christmas will take place in Class Queen’s.
However, we hope you will come along at 4.30pm for a cup of tea and a mince pie in the Dining Room with the other Friends of Anson. It’s a great way to meet other parents and be part of the community. So while the film ends at 5.30pm your fun begins earlier. 



This week saw the Pride of Brent Awards take place and we are delighted to announce that a former pupil, Shemaree Campbell, won the Young Disability Champion Award The award recognises how Shemaree faces everything with a positive attitude, despite his disability, including being a young carer for his mother who has a range of health conditions and his younger sibling who also has specific health conditions. We are very proud of all the family and delighted that Shemaree was recognised in this way. 



Thursday 12th January, 2023, 9am


Our next event for parents is a Mathematic Masterclass from Mrs Bond.

In the session Mrs Bond will guide you through a fun, hands on, experience that will support you to help your child learn beyond the classroom. It’s a chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and a time to join together in a
discussion about how to create math rich homes. Plus, with free coffee and biscuits, it all adds up to a smart decision to come along. 



It has become apparent that some of our younger children are using private driveways as a toilet at the bus-stop in Chichele Road. If you are allowing your child to use the driveways as a toilet, please stop. You are damaging the reputation of our school with our neighbours. If you see someone allowing their child to do this, please let us know so we can inform the relevant authorities. Remember, you can let your child use toilets at school before you leave. 



The choir have performed in Trafalgar Square and at Westfield Shopping Centre this week. 
We are incredibly proud of all their hard work and effort to learn the songs and routines. They have represented Anson Primary School in the best possible way and new would like to publicly thank them. We would also like to thank Miss Murray and the parents for all the support they have given to the children. 



5th December



On Friday we will celebrate Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2022. 
We're taking part in Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 8 December and this year, its going to be twice as good as ever before! Thats because the government has promised to give the same amount as you give this Christmas Jumper Day (£2 or more). Double the funds, double the fun! 
Just click the link below and hit the Give Now button above to donate whatever you can. If the donation is enough then the UK government will double it. We will also have a bucket on the playground for anyone wishing to donate on the day.



On Tuesday, 13th December the Anson Primary School choir will be performing in the Dell. 
This will follow performances in Trafalgar Square and in the Westfield Choir Competition. 
The event in the Dell is a chance to get together with the local community, meet Father Christmas and enjoy lots of festive fun and food. 


Just a reminder that the last day of term is Friday 16th December. 
Please remember that our registers are now directly linked to the Department of Education and any unexplained absences may result in a fixed penalty notice. Keep in touch and up to date on all absences, especially illnesses, medical issues and exceptional circumstances. 



We know that many of you are concerned about the rising numbers of cases of Scarlett Fever in the United Kingdom at the moment. 
Usually there are around 100 cases at this time of year in England and Wales, but at the end of November there were just over 800 cases across the country. We have zero cases at Anson at the time of writing. 
According to the NHS website, the first signs of scarlet fever can be flu-like symptoms, including a high temperature, a sore throat and swollen neck glands (a large lump on the side of the neck). A rash appears 12 to 48 hours later. It looks like small, raised bumps and starts on the chest and tummy, then spreads. The rash makes skin feel rough, like sandpaper. With the rising number of cases schools are asking parents just to be vigilant. You know your child better than anyone else so, if you think something isn’t quite right make an appointment with your GP. If you or your child does have scarlet fever, stay away from nursery, school or work for 24 hours after you take the 1st dose of antibiotics. This reduces transmission. 



Please make sure that you have booked a ticket for the Festive Film Night by the end of school today. 


There are three films to choose from: 


Arthur Christmas 

The Grinch
Home Alone


Tickets cost £3. 


Parents of children attending the Friends of Anson Festive Film Night can come along to the school from 4.30pm for your own festive fun! Rather than everyone turning up at 5.30pm to collect their child, come along from 4.30pm for a cup of tea and a minced pie (or two) in the dining room? The Friends of Anson Committee will be on hand on the 14th December to welcome everyone in. 





2nd December 2022


The results are in!

The children in every class have been voting for the two pupils who will serve as their class School Council representative during the remainder of this academic year.

The role of the School Council is to drive change at the school. These are the pupils who provide a direct line of communication from their classmates to the Headteacher. They will be the people that run the projects, refine the ideas and ultimately find the ways that the school can be improved. They are the pupil voice.

The elected representatives are:


Greenwich: Zain & Matilda

Richmond: Rim & Elaph

Queens’: Emilia & Alexander

Roundwood: Evie & Markus

Hampstead: Salman & Maya

Regent’s: Kaiden & Emily

Alexandra: Francesco & Emily

Mapesbury: Affan & Amina

Battersea: Mudabir & Phoebe

Victoria: Robin-Ameen &  Jessica

Hyde: Leo & Amelia

Kensington: Kiarna & Amira

Primrose: Andra &  Uzair

Highbury: Darioush & Hend


The new School Council met for the first time this afternoon where we began the process of finding out more about each other and ourselves. We explored how we think, how we feel and how navigate our way through decisions using the Adobe Creative Types: - try it for yourself.


What became clear was how wonderfully creative our group is and how we will be able to work together using our different creative approaches. Congratulations to all our new representatives.

25th November 



If you have booked an appointment to meet your child’s teacher on Thursday 1st December then the following information is for you. 
The way we run Parents’ Evening is changing. 
Parents will now meet their child’s class teacher in the hall at their appointment time. When you arrive at the main entrance, you will be greeted by Mr Pile and he will tick you off on the register so that we know you are in the building. 
You are then free to explore your child’s classroom, see their work, look at the displays and chat to other parents. 
Just before your appointment time you will head to the hall where you will meet your child’s teacher for 10 minutes. A large clock will be on display so you know how long you have left in each meeting. At the end of the ten minutes, a bell will ring and the next appointment will begin. 
If you find 10 minutes isn’t long enough, your child’s teacher may arrange another time to carry on the discussion. The idea is for each teacher to share with you the things your child is doing well, the areas they need to develop and to discuss any other concerns you may have. Make sure you arrive early so you don’t lose your slot with the teacher. 
We hope these changes will prevent people having to wait in the corridor for long periods, give you more time to explore your child’s learning and ensure you can get the support you need from our entire team during the meetings. Bookings close at 5pm today. 



Bookings open for the Festive Film Night on Monday. Following a vote by the pupils the three films on offer will be Arthur Christmas, The Grinch and Home Alone.
When you receive the text and email select the film your child wishes to watch, pay £3 per child, and they will be booked in for some festive fun. 
The price includes drinks, snacks and treats. There will also be some film related fun. The screenings will take place straight after school beginning at 3.30pm and ending at 5.30pm.
Parents are welcome to gather together from 4.30pm in the Dining Hall for tea and biscuits and some chat with other parents. 
Importantly, please note that if you have not booked a ticket by the closing date of Monday 5th December,  your child will be unable to attend the event due to the planning this event requires. So book early to avoid disappointment. 



On Friday we closed our Film Festival with a special assembly looking at how Robin Hood linked to our learning behaviours. 
The character who is a wonderful example of a collaborator, risk-taker and creative thinker, featured in film and on stage this November at Anson. All the children from Reception to Year 6 compared the screen version to the stage version and explored the themes of the film. In 2023, we’ll be focusing on Pinocchio!



There is still time to pre-order a copy of Lockdown Looms by author Banji Alexander.
The author will be joining us on Tuesday for a day of workshops with the pupils. 
If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, which he will sign on the day, then please send in the slip at the bottom of your letter, with payment (cash only), to the office. 
If you need a copy of the letter please just pop in to the office to pick one up. 



The children in our Arts and Crafts club, in association with Moving Waves, have produced this beautiful star for the 24 Hearts project. 
The heart will be hung under the canopy in Portobello Road this  winter. 
24Hearts was started as a heartfelt and instinctive response to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, with the aim of spreading love and representing the support and unity of the local community. The original idea was to create 24 hearts for the 24 floors in the tower, but the idea spread with people coming together over the summer of 2017 to create hundreds of hearts.
The 24 hearts project turns to stars in the winter and it is an honour to be part of it. Thank you to our brilliant teacher Sam for his creativity in the project.


The last day of term is Friday 16th December. Please remember your child must be here until the end of term or you risk a fixed-penalty notice from Brent


18th November 



It has become clear over the last few months that this winter is going to be very tough for everyone. Families, businesses and schools all faced increased costs as inflation continues to rise and prices in the shops soar. For many in our community this is a real concern.

It is therefore very important to know that if you find yourself in a position where you need help, there are places to turn. First of all Brent Council has produced the ‘Tackling tough times together’ booklet which can be found here. The booklet contains six tips to help with rising costs. 

There is also a website which  has lots of information and links to help in 6 key areas: money and debt, homelessness, energy and heating bills, food and household essentials, childcare, and employment.

What is wonderful about the Anson community is that so many people are already trying to find ways to help, looking out for each other, volunteering at food banks or supporting some of the action groups are taking in the area. Often, the people who need the help the most don’t know where to turn so this community support is critical. However, many more people may be entitled to access funds which perhaps they don’t know exist. The Brent Resident Support fund is available to Brent residents who are having difficulty due to unforeseen financial circumstances.


Brent residents can apply for financial support, for up to £1000 if they are eligible. The criteria include that you:


are a Brent Resident aged 18 or over.
have less than £6,000 in savings. 
need support in meeting your day to day living expenses including food and utility bills. 
are not seeking support to pay for an excluded item. 
are willing to meet any reasonable conditions concerning the payment award, for example, support from advice agencies.
have not had more than two Resident Support Fund awards in one financial year (except during exceptional circumstances e.g. moving house).


The RSF could cover increased household expenditure such as food and utility bills, help with Council Tax or rent (conditions apply) arrears, white goods if you have moved into a new unfurnished rented property, counselling and mental health services, access to the internet, a laptop or both, essentials linked to energy and water, including soap, sanitary products, winter clothing, blankets, boiler service/repair or increased costs for the winter such as food, fuel and other essentials.


You can apply online at 


We have placed all the information in a Google Drive folder here. While we are a school, and your child’s education is our main responsibility, we are committed to supporting you whenever we can. So please reach out if you need somewhere to turn and, we will do our best to tackle this together. 



The next event organised by Friends of Anson will be a festive film night on Wednesday 14th December. 

This is the same day that the children will enjoy a Christmas lunch at school followed by Christmas parties in the afternoon. So, it will be a day of festive fun from the start to the very end of the day. 
Tickets for the event will go on sale very soon and cost £3 per child. This includes drinks, snacks, a festive goody bag and the chance to take part in some film related games. 


When you make your booking there will be three films to choose from. This will ensure that every pupil can choose a film which appeals to them.
The screenings will take place in three of our classrooms, with parents welcome to gather together for their own festive gathering in the school hall during the screenings. We hope to see you there. 



On Friday, children from Reception to Year 6 were treated to a visit from Wizard Theatre and a performance of Robin Hood! 


The 600 year old story of the battle between King John, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin of Loxley was told through rhyme, song and a lot of sword action. So, if your children have grabbed the feather duster this weekend and are swishing it around the home, they’ve simply been inspired by the show.
Why not ask your child why Mr Waters and Ms Salaria came off gold during the performance?


Next week each class will watch a film version of the story so we can compare the stage and screen retellings as part of our Anson Film Festival.



There is still time to pre-order a copy of Lockdown Looms by author Banji Alexander. 
The author will be joining us on November 29th for a day of workshops with the pupils. 
If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, which he will sign on the day, then please send in the slip at the bottom of your letter, with payment (cash only), to the office. If you need a copy of the letter please just pop in to the office to pick one up. 


11th November 2022



I am delighted to inform the Anson community that Miss Callaghan will be joining the school in January as our Deputy Headteacher. 
The Governing Body appointed Miss Callaghan in October and all the paperwork is now complete for the transition from her current role in Haringey to join our Anson family. During the interview process Miss Callaghan met with the School Council, who gave her a good grilling on her education philosophy and how she would help to improve Anson. They liked her so much that they kept talking into their lunch break. She also observed teaching in the school and gave supportive feedback which empowered our teachers. In the formal interview what really shone through was that she understood Anson, our vision and the ethos of our school. In fact many of her ideas for how to develop the school will complement and enhance the things we have already begun to do including supporting and developing the role our parent community. She will be a huge asset to the school, a great support to me, and someone who I know have a big impact on our children. She will be joining us on the 9th of December as we formally welcome her to the community before she begins full-time in January. 


A letter came home this week from Miss Daly giving you the opportunity to pre-order a book by author Banji Alexander. 
The author will be joining us on November 29th for a day of workshops with the pupils. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, which he will sign on the day, then please send in the slip at the bottom of your letter, with payment (cash only), to the office. 



This week children in Year 5&6 took part in a tag rugby tournament. 
The children were incredible in the way they played, the sportsmanship they showed and represented Anson in the best way possible. The team won 4 matches and drew the other to leave them unbeaten on the day. Thank you to Mr Hudson for organising the event and accompanying the children on the day. 



This week has been a huge challenge for the ladies in the school office as they chase permissions for trips taking place over the next few weeks. 
If you receive a message to inform you that your child is going on a trip, please action it as soon as possible. Whether trips require a payment or whether they are free, every trip needs consent for your child to go. If we do not receive consent we cannot take your child off the premises. In some cases this means trips may be cancelled entirely. So, please tick the box on line so trips can go ahead and your child doesn’t miss out. Remember, if you are in need of any help with the system please contact us. 



Next Thursday, Wizard Theatre’s own troupe of irrepressibly merry men will be coming to Anson to present the most enduring of English legends, Robin Hood. Packed full of live music, wonderful characters and most important of all bundles of fun the team will tell the story of Evil Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham who tax the people into desperate poverty, until one man decides to fight back – Robin Hood!
The event is for the children in Reception to Year 6 and means that every child in the main school will enjoy the thrill of live theatre.



Today in assembly we took time to remember those people in society who give service to this country often at risk to their own well-being. The children have been challenged to find ways to help at home this weekend.



Don’t forget that there are two events for parents coming up. 
The first event is next Thursday at 9am in the school Hall. The focus is on how we can promote well-being at home, particularly in these tough times we are all facing. How do we ensure the well-being of our children with the news sharing so many worrying stories and everybody encouraging the children to turn the lights off all the time? Join the conversation at 9am on Thursday. 



A reminder to please save Thursday 1st December as a date for your diary.  
Parents’ Evening will take place on that day. Some of you may be approached by the class teacher to manually make an appointment for Monday, 28th November. This is to try an ensure that we have enough time over the week to meet with all parents. 



A special mention for our Year 3&4 football team who took part in the Festival of Football for girls today. They won one game, lost three games and drew three games in an impressive first outing and should be proud of all their efforts. 



The attendance for the first week back after Half Term fell dramatically in some classes across the school. This was a combination of increased illness and some families taking an extended holiday. As a reminder for everyone, holidays in term time are unacceptable and each one is reported to the Local Authority. However, congratulations to Hampstead who hit 99% during that week and well done to Victoria and Highbury for hitting the 97% target! 




4th November 2022



In November, celebrated, published author and teacher, Banji Alexander, will be visiting our school. He will be working with children in Years 1 to 6 in workshops which focus on children’s wellbeing and mental health. Following his visit he will also be taking part in a book signing after school. We are very fortunate to have Banji Alexander visit our school as part of his sold-out school book tour. 
His book 'Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party', which is currently being adapted into a musical, comes highly recommended for primary aged children and has received wide acclaim from teaching professionals across the country, and MPs, including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the  Shadow Minister for Schools, Stephan Morgan MP. 
Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party: details a child's experience during lockdown and was written to allay the fears of Banji's learners surrounding the pandemic. With winter coming, the workshops help facilitate discussions around mental health and well-being with key themes of hope, kindness, resilience, patience, gratitude & adapting to change. Parents have the opportunity to pre-order a copy of Banji’s book and letters will be sent home next week for those people wishing to purchase a copy. This can then be signed on the day.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their interest and support of the Governing Body of Anson Primary School. 
As you know, we recently asked for nominees to join the Governing Body of the school and many of you expressed an interest in wishing to support the school. While you may not have been able to commit to becoming a Governor at this time, I am delighted to say that two nominees came forward for the positions. 
With two vacancies and two nominees, both those parents will take their place on the Governing Body for the next 4 years without the need for a formal election. Congratulations to Harry Petrushkin and Khadine Buchanan. I look forward to welcoming them to our next Full Governing Body Meeting and working with them as we continue to improve and develop the school. 
As a school leader, and also as a parent, I really appreciate the fact that so many of you are willing to make such a valuable commitment to our community. I know that time is precious, but every moment you spend with us is hugely appreciated. Whether this is in your support of events, helping us build Friends of Anson or coming in to school to support trips and class assemblies. Please know that I am extremely grateful.
Having an active and supportive community of parents who are willing to work with the school is key to my vision for how we can move Anson forward together. I have very much enjoyed the first half term as we begin to open the school up to our community and I look forward to more opportunities to meet with you in the coming weeks.



At Anson we have 6 learning behaviours that underpin everything we do in the classroom. This term we are focusing on ‘Thinking’.
There are four key strands for each learning behaviour and so this term the children are focusing on making plans, making mistakes, being reflective and being creative. 
The final focus fits wonderfully with our Film Festival and we have already seen some creative films recorded by the pupils. However, when it comes to our learning behaviours we like to encourage children to continue using them at home. 
In the image on the newsletter you can see some simple ways you can promote the current learning behaviour at home. This is part of a larger document which is available on the school website with ideas for all 6 learning behaviours. You can find it by visiting
We hope it helps you support your child and have some fun along the way.


The Autumn Term Parents Evening will be taking place on Thursday, 1st December 2022.
This is the first opportunity of the year to spend 10 minutes with your child’s class teacher to discuss how they have settled in to their year group, how they are managing their learning and to talk about their progress so far. It’s also a chance to celebrate their successes, look through their books and take a look around the school.
Bookings for our Parents’ Evenings take place online and we are currently preparing the system ready for you to make your booking. You will receive a text message as soon as the system goes live. When you receive the text message, click the link, click your child’s name and choose a booking time. 
Bookings will remain open until the end of Sunday 27th November. After this time it will not be possible to make an appointment as teachers prepare for the meetings. Last year we had over 90% of parents joining us for these evenings and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again this year. On the day, we will also be sharing the children’s homework in a special Sticky Sheet Exhibition in the school hall. 



This term there are two more opportunities to join the school for a coffee and a chat. 
On Thursday 17th November at 9am, we will be joined by Miss Charles, who will facilitate a discussion which is aimed to support parents promote well being in the home. We are all facing a number of challenges in the current climate, but how do we protect our children and ensure their mental health and wellbeing is protected while we manage the stresses of adult life? 
Then on Thursday 1st December at 9am we’ll switch focus and look at how online gaming and social networking is dominating most of the issues we face in school. With children playing age inappropriate games and interacting with other children on social networks how do we protect our children from being exposed to some serious content at an early age? 
There will be coffee, cake and a chance to mingle with friends too. So come along and join the discussion (or just the cake).



Thank you to everyone who took part in the Anson Film Festival Half Term challenge. 
We have received over 65 films so far as part of our efforts to get children to notice the small and beautiful things in the world around us. While many of our videos feature squirrels there are also a great number of ducks, birds, pets and zoo animals in the collection. 
We have been particularly impressed by pupils using technology in creative ways. Time lapse has been used to great effect to show clouds moving across the sky or light fading throughout the day. Slow motion has captured butterfly wings and pigeon wings and the way they flap. We’ve even seen some amazing films where what you hear is more important than what you see. 
Over the weekend all the videos will be uploaded to Anson TV and on Monday we will be showcasing some of them in our Whole School ‘Film Festival’ Assembly. Thank you once again for helping the children to notice nature and build an impressive collection for our school. 


This week the children in Year 5 & 6 took part in coaching sessions with Saracen’s Rugby Club. 
The sessions were in preparation for a tournament taking place in the next few weeks. Partnerships with Saracen’s and organisations including the Kingsbury School Sports Partnership mean that Anson is back competing at events with other schools across Brent. Most recently some of our children in Year 3&4 took part in the Highland Games, winning the Tug of War competition. We will update you on the rugby, football and boccia tournaments which will all take place this term. 



We are aiming for 100% attendance this term, but the reality is that children get ill, COVID is still around and a number of bugs are circulating. If your child is sick please do let us know. If your child is vomiting, and there is a pattern of sickness in the same classroom, we may recommend your child stays away from school for 48 hours to minimise the spread of the bug to other children. 


21st October 2022




The first half of the Autumn Term ended with over 200 of our children attending the Halloween Disco. 
These were the first events organised and supported by the new parent and staff association, Friends of Anson. A number of parents and staff came together to ensure that the children were fed, watered and entertained during their hour long experience. This included Miss Garcia and her Zumba club performing Thriller, the exciting game of Ghost Smash, a dancing shark, Musical Zombies and even a few rounds of dead spiders. The two events raised over £500 for Friends of Anson and we would like to thank everyone who came along, decorated the hall, served food and drinks and had fun! It was a brilliant way to end the half term. 




On Friday we gathered in the school hall to celebrate our first Learning Behaviour of the year: collaboration. 
In particular we were focusing on those children who have shown exemplary kindness and consideration of others this term. This may have been seen in the ways children supported each other in their work, showed kindness around the classroom, or simply listened carefully to the ideas given by other children. Every teacher nominated two pupils this term and they received our special Learning Behaviour Badge as well as a certificate. The winners were: Nirvana & Rim (RR), Matilda & Aamina (RG), Evie & Everest (1R), Emilia & Yusuf (1Q), Lina & Annie (2H), Sara & Kaiden (2R), Sondas & Mumin (3A), Rawad & Stefana (3M), Griffin & Luca (4B), Jessica & Malaak (4V), Emily & Abdulaziz (5H), Elianna & Kiarna (5K), Luna & Verona (6H) and Amira & Serene (6P).




This first half term has flown by. Just 7 weeks ago many of you were coming into the playground for the first time as members of the Anson community. Those of you who have been members of the community for longer will hopefully appreciate the small changes we have put in place. Thank you to all of you who have attended ‘Meet the Teacher’ events, joined the coffee mornings, met as part of Friends of Anson, attended Little Wandle workshops and offered your support at events. Thank you for ignoring the blue barriers and mixing more around the site; our time in the playground really is the best part of the day. In the coming months there will be opportunities to get ‘hands on’ with the learning, join new workshops and events as we increase the opportunities to get involved with life at Anson. Thank you for your support. 




It’s time for our annual Film Festival and the Half  Term filmmaking challenge!
This year we are looking to ‘Notice Nature’ in the world around us. The challenge is for everyone to find something nature-based in the local area, or on holiday, and film it for no longer than 60 seconds on a mobile device.
In the ‘Noticing Nature’ challenge you could use slow motion to film leaves being thrown in the air, raindrops hitting something hard or puddle jumping! You could use time-lapse to show clouds moving across the sky, plants swaying or even a river flowing. Or you could just point your camera to something in the park, an animal in your area or a pet.

We believe by filming the world around us we can become more connected to it and give our children an appreciation of it. Once your child has made their film (or films) help them to send the film to us. You can use Google Classroom, Seesaw or email it to - you can also send it to the email address using Every film will be showcased on Anson TV so you can see them all. So, let’s Notice Nature this half term!



In November, celebrated, published author and teacher, Banji Alexander, will be visiting our school. He will be working with children in Years 1 to 6 in workshops which focus on children’s wellbeing and mental health. Following his visit he will also be taking part in a book signing after school.  
We are very fortunate to have Banji Alexander visit our school as part of his sold-out schoolbook tour. His book 'Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party', which is currently being adapted into a musical, comes highly recommended for primary aged children and has received wide acclaim from teaching professionals across the country, and MPs, including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and the Shadow Minister for Schools, Stephan Morgan MP. 
Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party: details a child's experience during lockdown and was written to allay the fears of Banji's learners surrounding the pandemic. With winter coming, the workshops help facilitate discussions around mental health and well-being with key themes of hope, kindness, resilience, patience, gratitude & adapting to change. Parents have the opportunity to pre-order a copy of Banji’s book and letters will be sent home after the holiday for those people wishing to purchase a copy. This can then be signed on the day.




The attendance data for the first half term is in and Class Alexandra top the charts with attendance of 98% during the first 7 weeks of the school year. No other class has hit the magic target of 97% but Queen’s, Hampstead, Regent’s, Mapesbury, Battersea, Victoria and Hyde are all close on 96%. With winter coming, the warmest place to be will be Anson, so let’s make sure all the children are in school, on time, every day after Half Term. 

14th October 2022



Black History Month is celebrated in the United Kingdom throughout the month of October. It is a chance for us to explore the lives and stories of the people who have helped to lay the foundations for today's diverse Black British Community and improved opportunities for people around the world. 

At Anson we embed these stories throughout the year so that every pupil can see themselves represented in our curriculum. We do this through stories, books, news articles and films. We also use our assemblies. In assembly this week we told the story of Benjamin Banneker, the American mathematician who not only created a clock which could chime every hour on the hour, set out the street map for Washington DC and developed the mathematical equations predicting solar and lunar eclipses, but also became the first person in history to campaign for black civil rights when he wrote to Thomas Jefferson. Framed in our TT Rockstars assembly it was a wonderful example of someone who used their love of mathematics to build a platform and use that platform to make a difference. Next week we’ll share Dame Maggie Aderin-Pocock’s story which she hopes will one day put her on the surface of the moon. 



It’s time for our annual Film Festival and another Half  Term filmmaking challenge!
Last year our one-minute filmmaking challenge saw the children at Anson send in over 40 films. They are all still available to watch on Anson TV. This year we are looking to ‘Notice Nature’ in the world around us. 

The challenge is for everyone to find something interesting in the local area, or on  holiday, and film it for no longer than 60 seconds on a mobile device. In our  assembly on Monday I will be sharing Dame Maggie’s love of the world and showcasing some films to launch the event and help the children come up with ideas. 

In the ‘Noticing Nature’ challenge you could use slow motion to film leaves being thrown in the air, raindrops hitting something hard or puddle jumping! You could use time-lapse to show close moving across the sky, plants swaying or even a river flowing. Or you could just point your camera to something in the park, an animal in your area or a spider spinning a web. We believe by filming the world around us we can become more connected to it and give our children an appreciation of it. Once your child has made their film (or films) help them to send the film to us. You can use Google Classroom, Seesaw or email it to - you can also send it to the email address using

We will showcase every film on Anson TV and share them with you all. Let’s Notice Nature this half term!



We have sent a text message to all parents with a link to the National Online Safety portal for Anson Primary School. This website will support you in handling a host of online issues as your child grows up. We will be sharing some of their courses for parents in the next few weeks.  



Children who are independent travellers often carry a mobile phone to school. From Monday these phones should be handed in to Mr Pile in the playground. This is to ensure that all devices remain safe and no child enters the building with a mobile phone. 



On Friday it is Halloween Disco Day. Whether your child is coming to the disco or not, the children are welcome to wear costumes to school if they would like to do so. 
Please remember that we are a school for children aged 3 to 11. We have asked the children to be considerate with their costume choice. If it is too scary for the youngest learners they may be asked to remove the costume for the day. 



On Wednesday 19th October at 9am, Miss Murray will be running the first of our Phonics workshop for parents.


The workshop will:


• give you an overview of Little Wandle
• show you what your child will learn
• guide you through the Little Wandle resources
• give you top tips on how to support phonics at home


We would love to see parents of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at the event so that you are in the best position to work with us, support your child and see their reading rocket! Click on the link in the text sent on Friday to register. 


We are thrilled to announce that this week we officially began the launch of ‘Friends of Anson’. This new venture is a partnership between parents of pupils and staff at the school with two main aims. Firstly, to provide exciting opportunities for pupils in the school. Secondly to provide a forum for parents to come together and support each other.  


The membership of the group includes every parent of a child at Anson. And yes, that includes you!

While a small core group of parents and staff will ultimately lead the work, you can benefit from the support of the group. This may be by attending meetings or talking with other parents. You could join events and help out if you have time. You could also just come along for a coffee from time to time. 


In the short term we will work together to put on events like the Halloween Disco, Christmas parties and other events. We will also launch a number of coffee mornings that will focus on things we all find tricky to manage at times as parents. 
In the longer term we will appoint a Chair and Finance Officer for Friends of Anson and also establish Class Reps so that we can build smaller groups within our larger school community. 


After spending a few years apart due to the pandemic, it’s now time to come together and build a community where we can help each other a provide some great opportunities for the children too. It’s for you, for the children and for all friends of Anson. 



The closing date for nominations to become Parent Governor is 9.30am on Friday 21st October. If you would like to become a Parent Governor at Anson and help us improve the school, please submit your form to the school office or send it to 


A reminder text message will be sent on Saturday. 



Friday 30th September 



Thank you to everyone who came along and joined us on Friday for the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. 
We really appreciate all the cake donations and monetary donations to the charity.
We are delighted to announce that the money raised for Macmillan Cancer Support totalled £126.05.
We are also thrilled that so many people stayed to gather together, chat and laugh during the morning. We hope this is the first of many such events you will attend over the course of the year. 


You can now sign up for our Halloween Discos taking place on Friday, 21st October in the school hall at Anson. 


The discos are the first event of the school year where parents and staff will come together to help the children have fun beyond the classroom. 


At the Halloween event there will be music, dancing, some games and competitions. 


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils will come along from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. 

Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 will begin their fun from 5pm to 6pm. 


The children will have access to bottomless drinks and a snack included in the cost of the ticket. There will be some small gifts they can purchase for 50p on the day. 


Please make sure you sign up for tickets by Friday, 14th October, so that we can organise the event and ensure there is no wastage once we’ve finished the celebrations. 


If you can help on the day, please let us know in the office. 



On Monday 19th October at 9am, Miss Murray will be running the first  of our Phonics workshop for parents. 

The workshop will:


  • give you an overview of Little Wandle
  • show you what your child will learn
  • guide you through the Little Wandle resources
  • give you top tips on how to support phonics at home


We would love to see parents of pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at the event so that you are in the best position to work with us, support your child and see their reading rocket! So, watch out for a text message to book your slot next week! 


Monday 19th October! 
FREE coffee included. 



We are big fans of our lovely local library which is full of exciting books and exciting opportunities. If your child is 7 to 11 years of age then why not join the Cricklereaders Junior Bookclub! Be quick as places are limited. All the details are in the image on the newsletter.



On Thursday we will be welcoming a dinosaur and a gorilla through the doors of Anson.
The event for children in Year 1 to Year 6 will be the first big writing project of the year where children will be immersed in a hands-on workshop that will lead them to completing some amazing writing in the classroom. We hope to be able to share that writing with you very soon! 



Take a look at this opportunity for your child to learn to swim with Just-Swim.
Learning to swim is such an important life skill but schools have limited funding and cannot provide swimming for all pupils. If you want to start swimming or carry on learning visit: and see what is available at Hampstead this year. Go on. Dip your toe in!

Friday 23rd September



Come and join us on Friday, 30th September from 8.45am for the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. 


We would welcome cake donations on Thursday 29th September (or on the morning of the event) with clear ingredients labelled for people with allergens. You can deliver these to the school office throughout the day. 


Then, come along on Friday, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit, relax and join in with some wonderful conversations. 


There will also be a chance to make a donation, with all the money going towards Macmillan Cancer Support. Let’s make this the biggest coffee morning in Brent in aid of a wonderful charity!



One Monday we are waving goodbye to the blue barriers which have restricted movement between parents, teachers and children at the end of the school day. From Monday, parents are strongly encouraged to break to line, come closer to the classrooms and bring back a little bit of the Anson community spirit. It is the first step in building a better community at Anson. 

Here is the plan! 


  • Reception parents will collect their children from outside Richmond classroom. 
  • Year 1 parents will collect their children from outside their classrooms. Please remain on the green area so we can see you. 
  • Year 2 parents will collect their children from outside the dining room. We’ll guide you to this location. 
  • Year 3 parents will remain in the playground but you are encouraged to come closer!
  • Year 4 parents will collect their children from outside their classrooms. Please remain on the green area near the small stage so we can see you. 
  • Year 5 & 6 parents will remain in the playground but you are encouraged to come closer!


We hope this small step will build a stronger relationship between you, the class teacher and the management of the school. 



We will be sending out a text message to all parents with a link to the National Online Safety portal for Anson Primary School. This website will support you in handling a host of online issues as your child grows up. 



At the beginning of October the Governing Body will embark on their search for new parent Governors to join the Anson Primary School Board of Governors. We will release all the details next week, but in the meantime you may be wondering what a Parent Governor does in primary schools. A parent governor should:


  • take an active interest in education. 
  • give time to find out about the school. 
  • learn about the role by attending induction training. 
  • attend meetings throughout the year (usually in the evening but occasionally meetings have to take place during the school day).
  • abide by the Code of Conduct and respect confidentiality. 
  • undergo the pre-appointment checks including a DBS check, signing a Declaration of Eligibility form and completing a register of pecuniary interest. 

The role of a parent governor is essentially the same as that of a governor from any other category. Some of the ways in which governors work together strategically include:

  • monitoring the schools’ performance and working to raise standards and promote pupil welfare.
  • ensuring that the school is improving the achievement and attainment of all children.
  • making sure that pupils with special needs are properly catered for. 
  • dealing with disciplinary issues of pupils and staff. 
  • appointing the Headteacher. 
  • monitoring work-life balance of the staff and Head teacher. 
  • setting the budget. 
  • helping to formulate policies. 
  • ensuring the school has sound self-evaluation processes in place.


If you are interested in finding out more, watch out for the newsletter next week!



The new winter menus are now available on the school website. The team at Oasis Catering are continuing with their Meat Free Mondays and ensuring that two options are available at all mealtimes.


Visit the parent section of the website for more information and to take a good look at the delicious offering from the team. 

Monday 12th September 



Following the announcement from Buckingham Palace of the death of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a period of National Mourning has started and will continue until the end of the State Funeral. This is a period of time for reflection in response to the death of the Sovereign.
The official date of the State Funeral is Monday 19 September 2022. This day will be a Bank Holiday and settings that are normally closed on a Bank Holiday should close on this day as a mark of respect. The Department of Education has informed us that this will include schools and colleges.


Anson Primary School will be taking part in a special author visit, from Banji Alexander later this term. Banji will be joining us on November 29th, 2022.
We are very fortunate to have Banji Alexander coming to visit our school as part of his sold-out tour. His book, 'Lockdown Looms: Reggie's Birthday Party', which is currently being adapted into a musical, comes highly recommended for primary aged children and has received wide acclaim from teaching professionals across the country as well as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the Shadow Minister for Schools, Stephan Morgan MP. 

The book details the experiences of a child during lockdown and was written to help facilitate discussions around mental health and well-being. With key themes of hope, kindness, resilience and adapting to change, Banji’s book aligns wonderfully with our own learning behaviours at Anson. 

If you would like to purchase a copy of Banji Alexander’s book at a reduced price, which he will be signing on the day, please send in £10 in an envelope with your child’s name and class written on it. We are collecting any requests from today, and well in advance of Banji’s visit, to help you spread your spending over time. 

Banji is also scheduled to appear on Sky News tomorrow morning (September 13th) where he will be discussing the book tour with presenter, Kay Burley. 

Please note the Parent Meeting dates in your diary:


Wednesday 21st September: Year 1 at 2.30pm
Tuesday 20th September: Year 2 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Reception at 2.30pm 
Wednesday 21st September: Year 3 at 9am
Thursday 22nd September: Year 4 at 9am
Friday 23rd September: Year 5 at 9am
Monday 26th September: Year 6 at 9am


The Children’s Commissioner has set the target of 100% attendance for all children attending schools in England. This is in response to falling attendance since the pandemic and the understanding that children with the best attendance make the best progress and achieve the best results. 
This means that all schools have a responsibility to act on poor attendance. 



Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their children attend school. Research shows that good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at school and to establish positive life habits that are necessary for future success. Through regular attendance, pupils can:


Build friendships 
Engage in essential learning 
Enjoy school social events.
Achieve to their full potential.
Minimise the risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour and becoming victims of crime.


All parents should promote good attendance and punctuality as an example to their children. 



Anson Primary School understands the difficulties parents face in the rising costs associated with school holidays, childcare and illness.

However, the rules are clear. The school cannot authorise any absences which break the law. The Government target of 100% has seen a change in the way attendance is managed. So, this year school registers are automatically linked to the Department of Education. 

This means attendance is more tightly monitored than ever. Absences can only be agreed for valid reasons such as:


medical appointments
religious observances
family bereavement


Every other absence is considered unauthorised and will result in non-attendance being picked up by the Local Authority. Anson has very little control once legal action begins. 



All children of compulsory school age between 5-16 must receive a suitable full-time education.
As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that this happens by registering your child at a school. As a member of the education community you are also legally responsible for ensuring that your
child attends school regularly. If you fail to do this - even if your child misses school without you knowing - legal action can be taken against you by the Local Authority. It is a legal offence to fail to ensure your child attends school regularly.

Legal action can involve a penalty notice
or being taken to court. Parents also face the risk of imprisonment and parenting orders. These orders can involve attending counselling or a
guidance programme such as a parenting

A penalty notice of £60 per adult per child may be issued as an alternative to prosecution. This will rise to £120 if it is not paid within 21 days. Failure to pay a penalty notice will usually lead to prosecution.



We do not want any Anson parent to be part of legal action for attendance. 

We would therefore urge you to:


encourage good attendance at school and in your family-life.
take an active interest in your child’s work. 
always keep us informed on any absence and the reasons for that absence. 
never underestimate the importance of attendance.


95% attendance means your child misses 10 school days (2 weeks of school). 
90% attendance means your child misses 20 school days (4 weeks of school).


Lost learning is very difficult to recover. So let’s make Anson attendance the best in Brent. 



Friday 9th September 



In 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II began her reign, the doors of Anson Primary School also opened for the first time. Throughout the last 75 years we have celebrated each Jubilee in parallel with Her Majesty The Queen, with the last special occasion taking place earlier this year to mark her Platinum Jubilee year. 


We are deeply saddened to hear of her passing yesterday. She was a shining example of loyalty, service and duty. These are characteristics which we, as a school serving the public, seek to replicate in some small way. 


The country is now in an official period of mourning where other celebrations and sporting events that may have been planned will be placed on hold. 


For our pupils this is a hugely significant historical moment. Nobody at Anson Primary School has known life in the United Kingdom without The Queen in her position as Head of State. As educators we have a responsibility to share this news and support our children to understand the processes and the significance of her death. 


Today we held an assembly to remember The Queen, to celebrate all the great things she did, to smile at her sense of humour and to inform the children of the passing of the crown to King Charles III. We talked about what we can learn from the way she led her life and what kind of people we want to be in the future. In classrooms the teachers have given the children time to ask questions and share their memories. Some of the classes have watched CBBC Newsround (who produced a fitting tribute to The Queen). 


At home we know that many of you will be deeply saddened by the news too. Often, when there is this type of major news it can trigger in us other emotions, connect us to our own losses, remind us of personal events. This is true for adults and also true for the young people we teach. We have ensured that Miss Charles, our counsellor, has been on site today and she will return next week to continue her work.


Our message is simple. 


It is very sad that Queen Elizabeth II has died. We can feel upset about her passing but we should take time to celebrate her life, her achievements and the twinkle in her eye that led her to skydive out of a plane with James Bond in 2012 and have tea with Paddington in 2022. Those memories will bring back the smiles. 


As a school we are waiting for information about the funeral from the Department of Education and we will keep you updated with any news as soon as we have it. For now, we wish every member of our Anson family a safe and happy weekend. 


Mr Pile

Wednesday 7th September 



Welcome back to another exciting year at Anson Primary School. We have begun the year thinking about the journey ahead and how we can strive for greatness as a school.
Inspired by the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Butterfly Meadow at Sandringham in Norfolk we have decided that this year we are all caterpillars. This may sound strange but actually this is all about finding the beauty in everyone and looking to aspire to greatness. Let me explain. 
As you are all aware, a caterpillar gives no hint about the extraordinary beauty within and the butterfly they will one day become. Pupils are the same. Your child has beauty within and is capable of becoming something extraordinary; they just may not realise it yet. This year we want them to really think about what makes them beautiful, what things they want to achieve and then support them on their journey. As parents, you will play a part in that journey, so please join us for our first set of parent meetings to find out more! 



We would like to invite all parents to a Meet The Teacher event. At the events, which your children will also attend, we will be sharing all the information you need to know so you are in the best place to support your child this year. This year, the children will hear exactly the same information as you as they will be in the hall with their child’s teacher. This means it can be really clear to everyone about how we can complete our journey from caterpillar to butterfly together. 

So, please mark these dates in your diary. 


Monday 19th September: Year 1 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Year 2 at 9am
Tuesday 20th September: Reception at 2.30pm 
Wednesday 21st September: Year 3 at 9am
Thursday 22nd September: Year 4 at 9am
Friday 23rd September: Year 5 at 9am
Monday 26th September: Year 6 at 9am


These events will not be recorded, although the presentations will be available after the meeting. So, if you can make it, we would strongly urge you to do so. 


If your child is in Year 6 then you have been part of the Anson family for a long time, but now it is time to find new relatives for the next part of your child’s journey. The deadline for completing applications to secondary school is October 31st. Before that date, we highly recommend visiting all the schools you think will make it on to your final application form. On your visit you are looking for the ethos of the school, how your child will get there, what they specialise in, behaviour policies, whether they can cater for your child and whether your child will be happy. Here are some of the key dates in Brent. You can download the full list from the admissions section of the school website. 

Queens Park Community School (Brent)
Open Evening: Thursday 22 September 2022, 6pm (See website for full details
Capital City Academy (Brent)
Open Morning: Tuesday 20 September 2022, 09.15am - 10.45am 
Tuesday 4 October 2022, 09.15am - 10.45am 

Open Evening: Thursday 29 September 2022, 5pm - 7pm See website for full details
Crest Academy
29th September at 5pm 
Hampstead School (Camden)
Open evening: Tuesday 11 October, 5pm.
Whitefield School (Barnet)
27th September at 5.30pm



Just a reminder that children at Anson are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school without signed permission. 
Anyone bringing a mobile device into school without permission will see that device being confiscated and returned to a parent at the end of the school day. 
If your child is travelling independently in Year 5&6 then you can fill in a form to let the school know your child will go home alone and may carry a phone. 
All phones are handed in at the start of the day and must be turned off before entering the playground. 


Please make sure that if you change your phone number, move home or need to select a different next-of-kin you inform the office as soon as possible.