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29th January 2020



Children’s Mental Health Week begins in schools across the United Kingdom on Monday, 3rd February 2020. 
The annual event is a chance to highlight the importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing from an early age. This year the theme is ‘find your brave’. 
We all know that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for everyone but often this is lost in the way bravery is presented in the media. Young people are presented with superheroes, muscles, strength and bravado. But bravery is so much more than this. 
Bravery can be about sharing worries and asking for help, trying something new or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Finding your brave can be about building your confidence, raising your self-esteem and feeling good about yourself.
At home you can support this by having a chat with your family and seeing if together you can each find your brave. Here are a few ideas you could encourage your child to think about:

Think about something you’ve done where you felt brave. How did it make you feel?
Think of something brave you could do at school. It could be speaking up in class, standing up for someone or volunteering to be part of something that you find daunting. 
Think of a new skill or activity you could try that you’ve never done before. 
Ask your family, friends and teachers what they do to find their brave. They might have some good ideas.
Write or draw yourself being brave. 

Remember, everyone is different, so what feels brave to one person might not feel brave to another but together we can help each other to find your brave. 



At Anson we have a vision for happy, confident, creative children with a lifelong love of learning and last week Mr Pile shared that vision with the world at BETT.
BETT is the largest educational community event in the world with over 34,000 visitors from 146 countries coming together to explore technology in education. 
This year Mr Pile was asked by Academia, our Apple Solutions Expert, to share the Anson vision and talk about how we use Apple technology to give the children the opportunity to be creators of content rather than consumers. On Thursday and Friday he spoke to two packed theatres sharing the use of drawing, photography, music and video by children and staff at the school. The response to the presentations has been wonderful with the Department of Education keen to showcase Anson’s creativity, visitors from Switzerland, the Netherlands and across the United Kingdom keen to collaborate and offer the children more exciting opportunities. 



This week the children in Reception and Year One were visited by our school nurse to talk to them about how to wash their hands. 
This is something that happens every year at Anson. Good hygiene is a great skill to embed in our children from a young age. Encouraging them to cover their mouth when they cough, to sneeze into their elbow and to wash their hands correctly all goes a long way to protecting everyone.  At times parents may feel like a broken record repeating the same phrases over and over again, but in the long-run we all know these are wonderful habits to develop and the payoff is good health. 
So, for all those children who are no longer in Reception and Year One, here is a handy poster - a useful reminder to us all that hand washing is a lot more than waving your hands under a tap and shaking them off before wiping them on the back of your trousers. 

Cut the poster out. 

Pop it near the sink.

Let’s help everyone keep up their healthy habits. 


Voting is now open for the Election of the next Parent Governor to the Anson Primary School Board of Governors. Please ensure your vote is registered by Noon on Thursday, 13th February.