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November 23rd, 2021



As you know the Children and Families Information Service has a duty to assess the supply of childcare to meet the needs of families in Brent.  
As a result they are inviting you to provide feedback on the childcare available in the Local Authority.  This year they would like families to respond to an electronic survey to tell them their views.  
The link to the survey is:
Last time they ran this survey they had over 1800 responses from Brent parents and these views were helpful in shaping their services.
Families can also choose to be entered into a draw to win £50 of shopping vouchers. There will also be a prize for the school or childcare setting with the largest number of responses returned.  

The survey closes on the 26th of November 2021.



Voting closed for the election of a new Parent Governor on Monday morning. 
The results were counted and verified by the Headteacher and a member of the existing Governing Body. 
As a result Elizabeth Ogunde has been re-elected to the Anson Primary School Governing Body for the next 4 years. 
We would like to thank each of the 130 people who voted in the election.



We are delighted to announce that our Film Club Five Podcast is back on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor. 
The podcast is fifteen minutes of fun put together by the members of our Virtual Film Club. 
In it they discuss their thoughts on the film of the week, play some interactive games and reveal a top ten linked to the theme of the film and all with some terrible jokes thrown in too. 
This term is particularly exciting as in a few weeks time Emma Thompson, the star of Nanny McPhee, will be introducing the Film Club Five podcast for the children. 
So search for Film Club Five on all good podcast providers and join in with the film fun!


On Monday we were joined by a film crew from Academia Education and Apple. 
They worked with the children and staff of Anson to create a case study of the school which will be used to help us promote the education offer at Anson. The final film is scheduled to be ready just before Christmas and we will share it with you before using it to attract new parents and children to the school.



Anson Primary School is teaming up with the London Grid for Learning and Expedition Antarctic Quest 21 for an exciting project.
To mark 100 years since Ernest Shackleton’s last expedition to Antarctica, a team of explorers are heading back, retracing his steps. During the expedition they will be looking for evidence of micro plastics in parts of the globe never previously visited by humans. Anson has access to the explorers through Zoom and will be catching up with the team as they travel over the ice. We will also be taking part in some exciting activities along the way and attempting to play our role in reducing single-use plastic in our world. 



Are you a teacher, doctor, bus driver, lawyer, care worker, nurse, travel agent, IT administrator, banker, model, television star, journalist, butcher, baker or candlestick maker who came to Anson as a child? We want to showcase the opportunities out there for the children of Anson. 
All we need is a photograph against a plain background, information about your role and we will do the rest. If you can help please email: 


Let’s show the children what awaits them in the future!

November 18th



In January our learning behaviour is aspiration.
As part of the focus for the term we are looking to find out what has happened to our former pupils - the Anson Alumni. 
We would like to create a number of graphics to show our current children what you can achieve in your life after Anson. However, we need your help! 
Did you come to Anson? 
Did one of your children come to Anson?
Have you got a friend who came to Anson?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Are you a teacher, doctor, bus driver, lawyer, care worker, nurse, travel agent, IT administrator, banker, model, television star, journalist, butcher, baker or candlestick maker. We want to showcase the opportunities out there for the children of Anson. 
All we need is a photograph against a plain background, information about your role and we will do the rest. If you can help please email, - let’s show the children what awaits them in the future!



This week we are delighted to welcome back to Anson the team from Wizard Theatre, who will be performing Wind in the Willows to the whole school. 
Prior to the pandemic, Wizard Theatre had been coming to the school every November for the last 15 years to give all the children access to live theatre in our school hall. 

We are thrilled that they have managed to navigate the pandemic and kept their offer to schools alive. 

This year the children will be split into two smaller groups to watch the story of Mole and his desire for adventure. We’ll see Rat continuing with his love of boats and Badger trying to find a little bit of  peace and quiet. 

However, the highlight of the show is always the arrival of Toad who bursts into their lives and turns them upside-down.

The show is the first performance of the year in the Anson hall and will be quickly followed by Battersea Class performing the Mummers Play in early December. 

Then, in 2022, all the children will perform on the stage once again. 



Thank you to everyone who has booked a telephone appointment with their child’s class teacher for Monday. 
Bookings are now closed and will reopen again on Tuesday morning. This will give our teachers a chance to prepare for the telephone conversations with you. 
Please remember that each meeting is only 10 minutes in length and the teachers will be trying to stick to the times as much as possible. 
We would ask that you are ready to answer your phone at the correct time so we can make the best use of the time. 
We hope that you find the conversations with the teacher useful. Make the most of the time and ask any questions you may have about your child’s learning. 



Voting is still  open for the Parent Governor Election. 
All pupils have received a letter with the voting form for your household.
All you need to do is cast your votes and pop it back into the envelope. 
On the envelope add in all your details and pop it into the blue box in the playground.  
Voting closes on Monday 22nd November at 9.30am.



In the last two weeks there have been a few accidents and near misses outside the school. 
Parents are continuing to drop off their children, by car, on the zig-zag lines outside the school. We have received a number of complaints from other road users about this unsafe practise. Please ensure you leave extra time to park safely, drop-off your child, and as a result protect our children and members of the public outside the school. 
Thank you.  

November 8th 2021



The healthy schools rating scheme has been designed to recognise and encourage schools’ contributions to pupils’ health and wellbeing. It celebrates the positive actions that schools are delivering in terms of healthy eating and physical activity, and aims to help schools identify useful next steps in their provision. 


The scheme is part of a wider series of government actions to support pupils’ health and wellbeing, and is a commitment from the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. At Anson, as we head towards our Silver Award, we are reflecting on our future actions, and will be sharing our plans and achievements with parents, pupils and the wider school community.  


As a school we are already supporting our pupils to build their understanding around healthy eating and to develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to lead healthy lives. 


We do this through lessons around healthy eating in the curriculum, running some cooking in lessons, and we have ambitious plans to  grow food at the school. We have also increased the amount of physical activity taking place during the school day including Motivation Mondays and more active movement breaks. However, as we mentioned at the parent meetings, our focus this term will be healthy eating in lunchboxes. 


Parents are reminded that children should not be sent into school with crisps, chocolates, sweets or fizzy drinks. We have a water only policy. 


The school food standards apply to all maintained schools. We must provide:


high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish
fruit and vegetables
bread, other cereals and potatoes


At the school there can’t be:


drinks with added sugar, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals. This includes in packed lunches. We will be sending home notes to parents who do break these rules. 


Of course, there will be times when treats are acceptable, but these generally be at times when we are celebrating festivals or  hosting school events. You can find out more details in our Healthy Eating  Policy. 



Congratulations to Ibrahim, Arlo, Zara, Ali, Sydney, Noah, Ellie, Anisa, Austin and Robin-Ameen who will be forming our Anson Digital Leader team this year. 
The team will be meeting throughout the year to test out new technology, learn new skills, make resources to support the whole school community and support the teachers with technology in the classroom. We are really excited to be working with such a reliable, proactive and inspiring group of children. 


Your chance to discuss your child’s learning with their class teacher is coming soon, with parent/teacher meetings scheduled to take place on Monday 22nd November. 
In a meeting of Headteachers on Friday, schools were encouraged by the Brent branch of Public Health England to continue measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses this winter. 
Since September we are aware of only 5 cases of COVID-19 among the children at school. 
Thanks to the awareness and monitoring of parents, careful following of the rules, as well as the continued use of bubbles and prevention methods at school, cases at Anson remain extremely low. 
However, following this advice we have taken the difficult decision to move all parent meetings to telephone conversations once again, rather than face-to-face meetings. This will ensure that we do not have high numbers of parent moving around inside an enclosed, confined space and we protect our staff from each mixing with up to 50 adults during the evening. 
Our aim is to get through this winter with minimal disruption to the education of the children and to the daily lives of our parents and we hope that you will understand our position. 
You will receive a text message this week to book your ten-minute slot with your child’s teacher. 
The bookings can be made between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on Monday 22nd November and Monday 29th November.



Following the nomination process for the appointment of a  new Parent Governor an election will begin this week.  
Two parents have put themselves forward to be considered for the role of Parent Governor at Anson. In order to decide on the person who will take on the position every parent has the chance to case a vote in the election.
The election begins on Wednesday 10th November and all votes must be cast by 9.30am on Monday 22nd November. 
The appointed Governor will then be announced on Tuesday 23rd November. 
Your votes can be cast by dropping your completed form into the ballot box during drop-off or pick-up in the playground. 



Thank you so much to everyone who kicked off the Anson Film Festival by recording their own one-minute film.
In our attempt to capture the Best of Brent we have seen films in our local parks, at our local temples, capturing transport and some of the changes in our area. 
There were so many great one minute films. You can send in your one-minute films, capturing Brent, throughout November. You can watch the growing collection on Anson TV. 

October 19th 2021




For over ten years November has been the month of film at Anson. So, in the lead up to our annual Film Festival we are setting the children another Half Term filmmaking challenge to capture living history. 
In 1895 the Lumiere Brothers launched the world of cinema when they screened a 50 second film about workers leaving a factory. In those days the camera couldn’t move. So, the film was 50 seconds of people walking through a door filmed from a camera position just outside. It caused a sensation. Moving images. On a big screen. Incredible!  
By 1896 there were over 40 films including a child looking at a goldfish bowl, a baby being fed, soldiers marching and even a snowball fight.

Last year our one-minute filmmaking challenge saw the children at Anson send in over 60 films. The children and staff could film whatever they wanted from a static phone camera and over on Anson TV you can still see some of the pupils’ own 2020 versions of the goldfish bowl, feeding time and outdoor fun.  

This year we are looking to capture the sights, sounds, celebrations and history in Brent. The challenge is for everyone to find something interesting in Brent and film it for 60 seconds in landscape on a mobile device. 

We believe by filming the special places in Brent, the London Underground, the buses, parks, street food, markets, music or places of interest, that we can become more connected to the world around us through film.

We also want to capture Brent in 2021, celebrating the best side of it. That’s why we’re calling this challenge, Best of Brent. 
Your films may capture some of the current restrictions, the kinds of transport we are using, the clothes we are wearing, or the places we like to visit. 

When we look back in 5 or 10 years time your films will show us what has remained the same and what has changed in this wonderful Borough. 

Remember, the camera is not allowed to move but you can film anything of interest in Brent. Just make sure you film in landscape.

Then send your film in to us. You can use:

Google Classroom
email it to
or send it to the above email address using

We will showcase every film on Anson TV and some of the most original or engaging or creative films will be featured in our Anson Film Festival during November. Let’s capture the Best of Brent this half term!


Last week the children took part in the 2021 School Council Elections. 
Every pupil in the school, from Reception to Year 6, had two votes. These were cast at the ballot box, resulting in two representatives from each class being selected to join the School Council. The election results were shared in a special assembly on Friday. In addition to this election we also completed the selection of the Eco Council for the coming year. 
Haris, Victoria, Eric, Celine, Winnie, Isabella, Austin and Jack will all take up their position on the Eco Council next week. Congratulations to everyone. 
Digital Leader applications are also open this week in Key Stage Two on Google Classroom.


The School Council members are:


Greenwich: Everest & Usman

Richmond: Ayla & Ryan

Roundwood: Poppy & Issa

Queen's: Sophie & Yuften

Hampstead: Leila & Fabian-Nohr

Regent's: Benedicte & Karam

Alexandra: George & Malaak

Mapesbury: Phoebe & Samir

Battersea: Lina & Isa

Victoria: Aliya & Tyler

Hyde: Donia & Rey

Kensington: Amira & Sufyan

Highbury: Husna & Zain

Primrose: Joudie & Santi



We are finding that there are more and more coats being left in the playground as this mild weather continues. 
It is so hard to match the pupils to their coats without a name on the label. We know how expensive children’s coats can be so please take the time to add a name to your child’s coat before sending them to school so we will reunite them more easily.



Nominations are now open for the next Parent Governor Election. 
All pupils have received a letter outlining the steps you need to take to register your interest in becoming a school Governor. 
You can also download a digital copy of the letter from the ‘Meet the Governors’ page on the Anson Primary School website. 

October 14th




There is an opportunity to join the Governing Body of Anson Primary School as a Parent Governor.


Parent governors play a vital role on governing bodies, holding the unique position of having a parental viewpoint of the school. Through the children, they have a first hand experience of the delivery of the curriculum, and how the school is perceived from the ‘parent’ point of view. This enables parent governors to bring a different perspective to the strategic management of the school.


All Governors serve a 4-year term of office. In November the terms of office for one our of parent governors comes to an end. 


From Monday 18th October, we would like you to consider whether you would like to be part of the Governing Body. Being a parent governor is incredibly rewarding. You will work closely with the leadership at the school and members of the local community to ensure that Anson keeps improving. You will be involved monitoring and questioning the curriculum offer, staffing structure and finances of the school. 
As well as being parents at the school you can also bring other skills to the team. For example anyone working in healthcare, environment work or finance could bring a vital perspective as we deal with some of the issues facing education at the moment. Perhaps you have been a volunteer in another community setting, like a mosque or church or food bank; you may have vital skills and insight that we need on the governing body. You might have other life experiences that would improve our collective perspective - every parent can bring something useful to the Governing Body. 


Next week every parent will receive a nomination form. This form is where you can put your name forward for the election. There will be a 20-day window for the nomination process with all nominations submitted by Friday 5th November at 9.30am. 


On Wednesday, 10th November every parent in the school will receive a voting slip with details of the nominees. You will choose who you would like to represent the parents of the school on the Governing Body and deliver your nomination to a post box in the playground at either the start or end of the school day. All votes must be in the postbox by 9.30am on Monday 22nd November. 


The successful candidates will then be informed of their place on the Governing Body on Tuesday 23rd November and their first meeting will be the Full Governing Body meeting on Thursday 25th November. 


If you are interested in finding out more about the role please email with any questions. We really hope that you will consider joining the team and supporting the school. 

A number of children are talking about Squid Game to other children in the playground. 
While Squid Game might be based on a popular children’s video game the Netflix series is far from suitable for young children. CommonSenseMedia state: “Parents need to know that the level of violence is very intense in Squid Game. Characters are systematically tortured and killed for the sadistic pleasure of a game master. Adults have sex, and there are threats of sexual violence. Women are grabbed by the hair and beaten. Themes concerning the highs one gets from gambling, winning, or conning money are a main focus. 
Rated 15 by Netflix, 16 by Common Sense Media and 17 by parents we are encouraging all parents to check their Netflix settings to try and ensure children are protected from accessing such content.  


Please note that Monday 1st November is an INSET Day and the school will be closed


October 5th 



On Friday, Ms. Lansiquot launched Black History Month at Anson with an assembly all about St. Lucia. 
The assembly looked at why the country is important to her and encouraged the children to think about their own heritage and the places associated with generations of their family.    
As you may know, every pupil in the school is going to be making a flag that is important to them in some way because of where they were born, where members of their family were born or places they have lived. 
In our assembly on Monday, available on Anson TV for the whole community, Mr Pile explores the messages behind flags of different countries. 
Flags often represent the land, the resources available in the country or the struggles the country has faced in the past. 
The challenge for the school community is to design a flag for Anson. The pupils have until the 31st October to consider what makes Anson special and represent this in a flag. There are three example ideas in the assembly. 
We will then display all the flags and take a vote on which flag we think showcases the kind of school Anson Primary School is and the message we want people to see in our flag. 



One of the important aims for our pupils is to give their work an audience. 
So when Zain (Year 6) completed his personal project of drawing all the Wimpy Kid book covers last week, we decided they needed a very special audience. 


Having taken images of all his drawings we reached out on Twitter to the author himself. To our delight, just a few hours later, Jeff Kinney responded with a lovely comment letting Zain know “Those are amazing! Thanks Zain for being a fan!”

There can be no better feedback! Well done Zain! 



Close contacts in schools are now identified by NHS Test and Trace and we are no longer expected to undertake contact tracing. 
As with positive cases in any other setting, NHS Test and Trace will work with a pupil’s parent to identify close contacts. 

Contacts from a school setting will only be traced by NHS Test and Trace where the positive case or their parent specifically identifies the individual as being a close contact. 

This means all children should be accessing education at school unless they test positive for Coronavirus.



At Anson Primary School our learning is underpinned by six behaviours: collaboration, risk taking, resilience, thinking, independence, and aspiration.

In the Parent section of the school website you can see how you can help to support these learning behaviours at home in our 50 Ways to Learn at Home document. 
During this first half term we are focusing on Risk Taking. 

This is an important learning behaviour as we encourage children to challenge themselves, try new things and believe in their ability. 

At home you could support your child to try new things for example preparing food at home or visiting a new place. They could take on a challenge in the park or during a game or they could tackle fun activities such as treasure hunts, puzzles or mazes. 

Your help at home is perfect for supporting the learning behaviours outside school. 


Have you downloaded the Easy Fundraising app yet?

Once you’ve connected with the app, search for Anson Primary School, and join our cause. 

Over 4,100 retailers and sites will donate to Anson Primary School when you use easyfundraising to shop with them - at no extra cost to you. This means you can contribute to FREE donations no matter what you are buying. Whether that’s groceries, toiletries, clothes and accessories, days out, electrical, furniture, takeaways or anything else. You can even raise bigger donations for the school when you take out insurance, energy policies or book holidays. 

All the fundraising will go directly to whole school events and celebrations to ensure more families can access the fun! 


Wednesday 29th September



At the end of the last academic year the children at Anson took part in the ‘Heroes Stamp Design Competition’ organised by the Royal Mail. 


An incredible 606,049 entries were received from children across the UK, with an amazing 7,479 schools taking part. This week the Royal Mail have revealed the 120 children who have made it to the regional finalist stage of the competition.
Unfortunately, there are no finalists from Anson. However, we can be very proud to be part of the 7,479 schools who together have broken a Guinness World Record which celebrates the sheer number of entries. 


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “It is of great credit to the children of this country that in world record breaking numbers they picked up their paintbrushes, pens and paints and paid artistic tribute to the heroes of our coronavirus response. Their brilliant efforts represent the collective gratitude of the nation to everyone who went above and beyond during the pandemic. Congratulations to all those who have made it to the next round and thank you to everyone who has taken part.”
Simon Thompson, Royal Mail CEO, said: “We would like to thank all of the 606,049 children who submitted such brilliant designs to the competition. We have been humbled by the sheer volume of entries. And to have achieved a Guinness World Records title in the process shows how much the UK’s children value those heroes who have kept the nation moving during such a difficult period.”     


Take a look at the finalists from the London region (below). Perhaps one of these will be the overall winner and be on a stamp you use later this year. 


We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following children celebrating this week:


Verona, Mudabir, Ahed, Rafif, Mustafa and Igli, 



On Friday, 1st October, Black History Month begins in the United Kingdom with the focus on “Proud to Be”.


As you will know from our curriculum maps we pay careful attention to representing the figures and texts across our curriculum so that all children can see themselves in their learning. 


As part of Black History Month we will be taking the time to focus specifically on the achievements of the Black community across Britain. 


We will look at what makes each of us proud. Staff will be sharing things that make them feel a sense of pride, the feeling it gives them and how it can lead to happiness. They will be drawing this sense of pride from our children. 

We will then ‘dig deeper’ and explore the pride we have in our heritage, our community and the achievements of our family. 


The children’s work will be displayed on the school website and through Trilby TV. You can look back at the work from last year on the school website. 



Thank you to the 65 families who have signed up to the National Online Safety portal in the last few weeks. 


As a result of the number of users, the staff and parents completing courses and access to resources and webinars we have been awarded NOS Certified Status. 


The Certified School status is important in demonstrating how committed we are as a school to ensuring that all staff, parents and pupils are tackling the issues of online safety together in school, across the curriculum and at home. Thank you. 


Visit National Online Safety or the Online Safety pages on the school website for some top tips on ensuring you have parental controls setup on on iPhone and Android devices.



Did you know that the school lunch menus are available on the school website?


On the Parents section of the school website you can click on the School Lunches tab to see all the options on offer from the team at Oasis Catering. The menu runs in a three week cycle, with this week being Week One. If you are not sure which week the kitchen is currently running, simply scroll down the webpage on the website and the dates are all listed for you. Please note all the food prepared is halal. 



Following the Governing Body Business Meeting we would like to announce that Mitchell Clarke is our new Chair of the Governing Body at Anson Primary School. 

Alongside our new Vice-Chair, Leanna Mailer, the team will ensure the Governing Body continues to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school. 

We would like to thank the outgoing Chair of Governors, Sarah Green who steered the Governing Body through one of the most challenging times education has faced. Throughout the pandemic she has been a towering support and found ways to keep the Governing Body working effectively while being unable to meet in person. She will continue to support our new Chair while she remains a Governor. 



Help raise free funds for our school every time you shop online. Join easyfundraising today at:


Thousands of well-known retailers will give us a free donation when you shop with them - at no cost to you. Shop at over 4,100 online stores. 


Tuesday 21st September 



As a parent of a pupil at Anson Primary School, if you receive benefits, your child will be eligible for free school meals. 


Children receive universal free school meals up until the end of Year 2. However, the school can claim additional funding for every child of families receiving benefits. This money goes towards providing more support and opportunities for those children and is call Pupil Premium Funding.  
Having the correct numbers of children on our register means that the school can also access a number of grants. 


The qualifying benefits to claim free school meal status are: 


  • Universal Credit (provided you have an annual net earned income of no more than £7,400, as assessed by earnings from up to three of your most recent assessment periods) 
  • Income Support 
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance 
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance 
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 
  • The guarantee element of Pension Credit 
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190) 
  • Working Tax Credit run-on – paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit


Please note that the school, or the local authorities, do not set the qualifying criteria.

If you meet the criteria you can apply by: 


  • Completing an online application (best and fastest option) 
  • Completing a paper application form (postal). Collect a form from the school office (bring your National Insurance Number or National Asylum Support Service Reference Number with you and any evidence of your benefit) 

Please note that when you apply, providing the Local Authority with an email address or mobile number (or both) will help to ensure they can regularly inform and update you on the progress of your application. 


If you think you are eligible please apply as soon as possible to avoid delay in the school accessing the extra funding.  


Please also note that being registered as Free School Meals means you will receive discounted access to school clubs, trips and may receive food vouchers from the Government in the event of future lockdowns.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the school office. 



On Friday we will be welcoming in a team of filmmakers from Apple Education and Academia to Anson as part of an exciting project. 

As part of EU Code Week in November, the children in Primrose Class will be creating a film to showcase to teachers around the world just how easy computing can be in a classroom. 


Professor Steve Bunce will be leading the learning, with Ms. Batool and the children following the instructions from the professor. 


The film will then be shared in November by Apple Education to promote coding, computing and robotics. Most importantly we will be keeping the robots at Anson so all the children can benefit from the learning throughout the rest of the school year.  



We know that many families are working from a mobile phone to complete work on Seesaw. 


This can make images and tasks very small. However, Seesaw recommend that you click on the ‘zoom’ tool to get closer to the work and tasks if you are on a mobile phone. 



This week Anson is being represented in a special event taking place at the Unicorn Theatre in London. 


The “Children and the Arts Panel Event” will highlight the importance of the arts and culture for children and young people in a post-pandemic world. 
Mr Pile joins artistic director Justin Audibert, educator Dame Alison Peacock and author Piers Torday at the event. 


Most importantly the children of Anson will be represented as Mr Pile shares their work from the Marvin’s Binoculars project earlier in the year. It is hoped that the work Anson took part in with the Unicorn will lead to more young people helping to write and develop plays in the future. 



This week the children have brought home their flu vaccination forms for 2021. This seasons flu vaccine is reported to be the most important as we look towards a second winter living with COVID-19.*

Please make sure that your form is returned to your child’s class teacher by Friday, 1st October. It contains sensitive data, so please pop it into an envelope or deliver it personally to the main office in the school. 

*Please note that the vaccine contains products derived from pigs (porcine gelatine). For more information go to

Monday 13th September 



As many of you will know the weather plays a crucial role in farms across the country being able to feed the nation. 

Too much rain and a crop can be too moist to harvest. Too little rain and the crop may not grow. It’s a delicate balance. 

As part of the National Curriculum in England, children are supported to understand how the seasons affect our food chains, the way our ingredients are grown and how food gets from the farmer’s field to our dinner plate. 
At Anson we are working on an exciting plan to develop an outdoor area where children can learn about nature, gardening and the joys of growing our own food. Although our plans are at an early stage, they are quite ambitious, and for them to succeed we will require the help of some eager volunteers. 
That’s where you come in! Do you have a love of gardening, and would you be able to spare an hour or two at weekends or during school holidays to support the project? You don’t have to be Monty Don or Carol Klein. You don’t even need to have green fingers like Alan Titchmarsh. All you really need is enthusiasm - it’s much more important than experience!

We are currently preparing a bid to secure the funds from Brent. So, it will be several months before we know if our bid is successful and if we can start work. As part of the bid process it will help us to show much support we will be able to expect from our school community. So if you think you would like to join us, please watch out for a link to our Gardening Google Form where you can express your support. 

We know the project could be amazing and so just like our tomatoes, beans and corn we’re rooting for support!



On Friday we launched the first piece of our Jigsaw puzzle for this academic year. 

The whole school is now working towards goals in the Being Me In My World unit. The unit covers rights and responsibilities, rewards, pride, consequences and results in every class creating their Learning Charter and owning the contents of that charter. 

The assembly focused on what we can do to ensure we are kind with our words and actions. Using the analogy of trying to get shaving foam back into a can, we encouraged the children to think about the impact of their words and actions, because once you say something, or write something or do something, you can’t take it back.

As you can see, Jigsaw Jack is still finding his feet, and has a few worries. We can all feel that way at the start of the school year, but together, and with kindness, Jack will soon be smiling. 

You can watch the assembly on Anson TV. 



Please remember, the virus is still out there and it is highly likely that members of our school community will test positive for the virus in the coming weeks. 

Guidance states:
“individuals are not required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with COVID-19, or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, and any of the following apply:

they are fully vaccinated
they are below the age of 18
they are part of an approved vaccine trial
they are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons”
This means that it is possible for one of our parents to test positive for COVID-19 and for their children to still attend the school. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you have tested positive and your child is still coming to school we would encourage you to test your child each day before sending them to school. 

This will help to keep cases in the school as low as possible and help us to avoid any return to restrictions, closures or bubbles at Anson so keeping on top of any potential outbreak will protect everyone.  You can collect FREE Covid-19 testing packs from the majority of pharmacies in London or online at



Rocket League is a free-to-play multiplayer vehicle football game developed by the Epic Games family (which also includes Fortnite and Gears of War). 

Rocket League is essentially a football game where, instead of running, the players drive rocket-powered cars. It is available on various formats, including the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, MacOS and Linux.

The game is rated at PEGI 3, which means it is suitable for anyone over the age of 3, but the online interactions mean that there is potential for all children to be exposed to inappropriate content. 

The guide (above) can be downloaded from the National Online Safety site and contains advice for parents and carers to install parental controls and restrict  spending. You can login to National Online Safety and access the document here:   

Tuesday 7th September 



This academic year we are very excited to introduce Motivation Mondays. 
Motivation Mondays are run by Mr McKenzie in the playground and hall with every class from Reception to Year 6 taking part in an exciting 15 minute burst of social physical activity. 


As you may be aware, the obesity rates in young people are on the increase. Indeed, in Brent, 11% of Reception pupils and 24% of Year 6 pupils fall into the obese category following measurements taken across the authority in 2021. 


This means that schools are increasing the opportunity for children to exercise in school time alongside more teaching about healthy lifestyle choices.    
Mr McKenzie’s Motivation Mondays are run outside whenever possible. The beauty of the sessions is that there is no real need for equipment. Everything is geared towards having fun making the sessions non-competitive and much more social. 


Most importantly of course the heart rate goes up. Research shows that there is also an increase in alertness, motivation and concentration which can only benefit learning outcomes back in the classroom. 


The sessions will be running alongside other active programmes this year and more information on our healthy school approach will be coming home soon. 



The relationship between the school and parents is so important.
With that in mind we would like to invite all parents to a meeting with your child’s teacher to understand what will be happening this year in the classroom. 


Year 1:    9am - 21st Sept
Year 2:    14.15pm - 21st Sept
Year 3:    9am - 22nd Sept
Year 4:14.30pm - 22nd Sept
Year 6:  9am - 23rd Sept
Year 5: 14.30pm - 23rd Sept
Reception: 9am - 28th Sept



As we mentioned in our last newsletter there should be less disruption to the education of children across the country as schools no longer need to close whole class groups if there is a positive case of COVID-19.


However, the virus is still out there and it is highly likely that members of our school community will test positive for the virus in the coming weeks. 


Guidance states:
“individuals are not required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with COVID-19, or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, and any of the following apply:

they are fully vaccinated
they are below the age of 18
they are part of an approved vaccine trial
they are not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons”


This means that it is possible for one of our parents to test positive for COVID-19 and for their children to still attend the school. 


If you find yourself in a situation where you have tested positive and your child is still coming to school we would encourage you to test your child each day before sending them to school. This will help to keep cases in the school as low as possible. “If there is a substantial increase in the number of positive cases in a setting, or if central government offers the area an enhanced response package, they might advise a setting to temporarily reintroduce some control measures.”


I’m sure you will all agree we want to avoid any return to restrictions, closures or bubbles at Anson so keeping on top of any potential outbreak will protect everyone. 


You can collect FREE Covid-19 test kits from the majority of pharmacies in London with Boots the main distributor of testing packs.



This week the team over at the National Online Safety portal launched a new online safety certificate for parents.  

Every parent at Anson Primary School has free access to the course which provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident and empowered to help keep children safe online.

Split into 5 bite-sized modules, and contains a remote video format which is accessible on any device, any time, anywhere. The five modules in the course include:


Parenting in a Digital World
What are children accessing?
Common Risks
Safety Steps
Reflection & Impact Goals


You can sign up for a FREE account by clicking the link in your school text messages.



Each term we focus on one of our Anson Learning Behaviours. This term the focus is on Risk Taking.


You can watch our first assembly on Anson TV using the school website and see how we have asked all the children to challenge themselves this term. 
At the end of the term 28 children across the school will be rewarded with a Remarkable Risk Taker certificate. 

Thursday 2nd September 



We are very excited to be welcoming back all pupils to Anson after the long summer break. This  newsletter is packed with information for you about the new academic year. 

In the morning we operate a soft start. This means the playground gates open at 8.45am and all children must be in class for 9am. Please try to get your child to school for 8.55am at the latest. 

This means that the class teachers will be in class at the start of the day so parents are asked to enter through the school playground and exit through the car park, just like we did last year. 

At the end of the school day there is an opportunity to speak with your child’s class teacher if you have something minor you need to discuss. Please be aware that you may need to wait until they have safely dismissed the rest or their class.
Pupils in Reception, Year One and Year Two will finish their day at 3.10pm. Pupils in Year Three, Four, Five and  Six finish their day at 3.20pm.  Please ensure you arrive on time.

If you need childcare before or after school, KidzClub will run a Breakfast Club and After School Club as usual to support our families. You can call the KidzCLub on 07932984664 for more details. 


Remember, attendance at the school is compulsory. This means that every child should be in school every day. Our target for attendance this year is 97%. This means that all pupils should be in school for more than 185 out of the next 190 school days so we can hit our target! 



We’ve all been there! There are days when we wake up and everything suddenly seems much more of a challenge than normal. If your child has experienced a difficult night, morning or weekend just let Ms. Lansiquot or Mr Pile know in the playground or call the school office. 


The class teachers will be informed that your child may need extra time, patience or help during the day.  



This is the third academic year which will operate under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we begin this school year with more optimism than at any time since March 2020. 


The Government has lifted most of the restrictions for schools which means that the bubble system as we know it has come to an end. 


This should see less disruption to the education of children across the country as it means if there are positive cases of Coronavirus in the school we no longer need to close whole class groups.


The importance of this really matters for the children, who should receive an uninterrupted education if the guidance remains the same this autumn. 
It also means that pupils will no longer be confined to certain areas of the school and thus have more freedom, particularly at playtimes.  


However, we are continuing to maintain a cautious approach for the whole school community. We believe it is important to learn lessons from the last two years and so we will strike a balance between times when the whole school comes together, our use of online meetings using Zoom and continuing some of our pre-recorded content. 


We will also continue to promote and encourage good hygiene with regular hand washing throughout the day and good classroom ventilation. 
Our soft start will remain in place and for the first term we will maintain our policy of restricting the number of visitors on site (including parents) and the number of school trips. 


We hope this will continue to keep our pupils, staff and parents safe. 



It’s that time of year when children in Year 6 need to apply for a place at Secondary School.
However, if you are not in Year 6: KEEP READING. We feel this is something all parents should be aware of as their child travels through Anson.


Many parents leave the decision-making until their child enters Year 6, but you can think about secondary schools at any time. The school website has an admissions page which we update each August. This gives you links to the Brent website where applications are made but it also includes Open Days for schools in Brent, Barnet and Camden. 

If you’ve got your heart set on a school, visit it early, find out if your are likely to be successful in an application, then, if you still like it, go back again before Year 6. Has anything changed? You don’t need to wait until the last minute to make these big decisions.
For parents in Year 6, please make sure you apply by the 31st October 2021



Please make sure that you join our National Online Safety portal to keep up to date with the latest information on how to keep your child safe online at home. Details are sent in regular text messages throughout the academic year. 



Congratulations to Alice, in Year 6, who has been featured in the latest edition of Film Stories Junior. Her review for Paddington 2 was selected as part of the Review 500 section of the Summer issues of the magazine. Well done Alice.