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Film Festival

The 2020 Anson Film Festival was a celebration of filmmaking. We'll be sharing details of the festival from Monday 7th December.

The festival began with the One Minute Film Challenge. Inspired by early cinema, and the work of the Lumiere Brothers, the children and staff were challenged to make a film that lasted exactly one minute. 


The only rule was that the camera was not allowed to move, just like in the early days of cinema. The result was that the Anson community captured a living history of 2020. You can watch their work on Anson TV. 



The Anson Film Festival also included a number of challenges for each class in the school. Every class from Nursery to Year 6 were included in the challenges, with the idea to embed filmmaking in our curriculum and have some fun at the end of a very difficult year.


Film can make us laugh, make us cry, help us to understand events in history, educator us and entertain. For our children it can also help with storytelling, sequencing and collaboration. Importantly it also allows groups to work both in front and behind the camera to make a story for the big screen. 



The challenges this year were:


1. Make something large disappear. Biggest thing wins!

2. Place something under a sheet and reveal it. Most surprising thing wins!

3. Reenact a moment from history. Most accurate film wins. 

4. Make yourself look cool in slow motion. Coolest film wins. 

5. Recreate a famous film scene. Most entertaining film wins.




The results were incredible. Head over to Anson TV to see which films came out on top!


We work closely with Into Film to bring film into our classrooms. Into Film puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people across the UK.


As a result of our engagement with Into Film, we have won Film Club of the Year, Teacher of the Year and been two-time nominees for Film of the Year at the Into Film Awards.


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