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Chapter Twelve: The King's Lost Sword

The wall of fog is surrounding Fred and his companions as we begin Chapter twelve. What will happen to them in the fog? 


The whole of this chapter uses language to convey the fear that can happen when we lose our sight and sense of where we are. However, there are lots of fun ways to try and strengthen our vision. Try these games at home.


Torch Tag

Two players each have a torch in a darkened room. They take it in turns to shine the light on objects up on the wall. It requires a lot of visual skill to accurately aim the flashlight on a target, find the light and name the object. How quick is your night vision?


Last Minute Catch

Use permanent markers to draw or write letters, animals, or colors on as beachball. As you roll or toss the ball, the catcher must call out what the last thing they saw on the ball was before they caught it. There are so many skills in this, including strengthening fixation and binocularity (look that one up).


Near-Far tasks:

In a classroom you do near-far tasks all the time. You work in a book (near) and look at a board (far) regularly. It is a great way develop your eyesight. At home a great near-far challenge is to have a plain piece of paper (near) and a colour wheel (far) on the wall. One person selects a colour and the other person must use it for 20 seconds before the colour changes. What picture can you create using the selected colours?


Obstacle Courses: Search for a puzzle piece in a rice bin, climbing over the couch, through a tunnel, over a table, and placing the puzzle piece into the puzzle – all of the visual planning and skills that are required to successfully get through the  obstacle course is amazing! Set up your own obstacle course that involves finding something and placing it somewhere else.