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Going for Gold

There are 7 simple rules at Anson Primary School


We are kind

We are gentle

We are honest

We look after property and nature

We work hard

We listen to people

We look after our health




These are known as our golden rules. 


That is because every pupil starts the day on gold with their name on the 'happy face'. The aim is to follow the school rules and stay 'on gold' for the whole day. 


If a pupil breaks one of the school rules they are removed from the 'happy face' and are considered 'off gold'.


At the end of the day, if the whole class has remained 'on gold' the class is awarded a Privilege Card. Children are also rewarded with an individual prize at the end of each term if they remain on gold each day. This special assembly is a highlight of the term as the pupils love to visit the Golden Gift Shop.



In discussion with the class teacher, the children set a target as a class at the start of each half term. The target can be 8, 16 or 24 cards. 


When a class has 8 privilege cards they can claim a prize such as extra golden time, an extended play time or an early lunch. Their Privilege Cards are returned and they start again from zero. 


If they achieve 16 cards the class could have a disco, a party or watch a film before handing back their cards.


24 cards is the ultimate target. This could see the children designing their own day, teaching the lessons or doing something creative for the entire day. 


The challenge is to know your classmates and set an ambitious target. Would you go for 8, 16 or 24 cards in a half term?

Individual children, who have followed the school rules and stayed on gold, are rewarded at the end of each term with a prize giving assembly. This is always a highlight of the term as we celebrate everyone who has made our school a happy, successful, hardworking and caring place to be.