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Dream School


Welcome to Dream School. This is the podcast where the bell rings and the fun begins! In this podcast the children from Anson Primary School sit down with the Dream School Headteacher and share their vision for the best school ever. 


Like the genie in Aladdin, the Dream School Headteacher can make anything happen so sit back, relax and spend the day in the safe hands of the children while they share their views on education. 

Why run a Dream School?


I am very proud to lead the Dream School podcast. The 45 minute chats each week, one-to-one, with the pupils give me a chance to hear their views, connect personally and explore their imagination. 


As pupils they are a showcase for the happy, confident and creative children we are looking to develop at Anson. The podcast highlights all three elements with none of our podcasters afraid to speak their mind, share a joke or think outside the box. 


Personally the podcast gives me a valuable insight into their views on education. While we may not be able to fulfil their dream playtime in the real world it gives me a clear idea for what may need to change outside in our actual playground. Similarly if maths isn't their favourite subject, I get to find out why not?


We hope you enjoy the Dream School podcast. 

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