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Week 7

Good morning Nursery!

We hope you all had a lovely half term break.


This half term we will be looking at a series of rhymes and stories based around the theme ‘Transport’. We will be learning about boats, trains, buses and lots more!


This week we are looking at Boats.


Can you join in with the rhyme Row Row Row your boat?




Watch the story Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham on YouTube and talk to your family about the story. 



Mr. Gumpy

Key Questions to discuss about the story.


  • Can you name some of the characters in the story? 
  • Do you know any other songs or stories about boats?
  • Can you find some books with boats in on YouTube or on your bookshelf? 
  • Can you remember the order of the people who climbed into Mr Gumpy’s boat?


Here is another story about a boat.


Do you know who sank the boat?
Join in with this song
Practise your pencil control with these fine motor skills activities. Don't forget to try writing your name at the top of the page!smiley

Can you write some of the letters in your name?

Use as many different writing tools and  sensory resources as you can.

Letter writing

Here are some Mr Gumpy puppets you can make to act out the story.



Can you make a boat for Mr Gumpy and the animals from the story? Can you think about which material would make the best boat?

Can you draw or paint some of the animals from the story?

Here is a picture to remind you.

Can you pretend to be each of the different animals from the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’?

Can you move like the animals and make the different noises like them? 

Take a picture or video and post it on the Evidence Me app!

CBeebies: Create a Bottle Boat with Mr Bloom



Practise your counting with these warm up songs.

Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann


I Can Count To Twenty Song | Numberblocks

Can you use your toys, farm animals or pictures to order the sequence the animals went into the boat.?

Use these online games to practise ordering numbers correctly.
Play tap the number. Write numbers 1-6 on various individual pieces of paper. Invite your child to roll the dice. Ask your child to tap the numeral that matches the corresponding number on the dice.

Knowledge and Understanding:


Join in with these lessons from Oak National Academy all about different types of transport. We will be learning all about different types of transport over this half term.

Find out all about floating and sinking!

Can you explain what floating and sinking means?

Can you get a variety of different objects e.g. a coin, a straw, a building block and investigate whether they float or sink?

Can you record which objects float or sink?

Try playing this fish tank game.
Join Blippe and find out lots of interesting facts all about boats!

Boats for Children with Blippi | Educational Videos for Toddlers

Living and travelling on a canal boat | Geography - William Whiskerson

Mr Tumble and his new Boat! | CBeebies

Here are some more stories and songs for you to join in with.

Brilliant Boats by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker - Read Aloud Story for Kids


Numberblocks Songs | Five Little Boats

CBeebies Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Row Row Row Your Boat

10 Little Sailboats | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

The Wiggles: Big Red Boat | Kids Songs

Boats (Boat Pose & Bow Pose, Animated) | Kids Yoga Music and Mindfulness with Yo Re Mi


The Bye Bye Boat | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for Kids

Please continue to practise these every week!


  • Putting on your coat
  • Zipping up your coat
  •  Getting dressed by yourself including doing up your own shoes
  •  Recognising and writing your own name
  •  Counting forwards and backwards to 20
  • Practice writing numbers to 10