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Chapter Fourteen: Lord Spittleworth's Plan

In Chapter 14 the men return from the Marshlands after the terrible accident. Fred wants to keep everything quiet, but Lord Spittleworth has other ideas. 


Lord Spittleworth is hoping that the news of the Ickabog spreads quickly and makes the beast sound as fearsome as possible. 


"His entire plan rested on a king who not only believed in an Ickabog, but who was scared it might leave the marsh to chase him."


Your job is to help Lord Spittleworth with the most outrageous description of the Ickabog you can manage. In your description use words to describe it's size, how it made you feel, the smell and the sounds. Imagine you are telling everyone in Jeraboam all about this beast. Make it sound as scary as you can! 



This is your chance to become an illustrator when The Ickabog is published. If you are in Key Stage Two, your parents can submit your pictures to the competition. Here's what you need to draw from Chapters Three, Four and Five!


A worried innkeeper

The keys to the cellar

King Fred with his bedclothes pulled up to his eyes

Lord Spittleworth and his candle

The body wrapped in cloaks on the horse


Enter the competition by clicking the link below. Remember, you need an adult to send in your images and all images must be sent in by 17th July.