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Chapter Fifteen: The King Returns

In Chapter 15 the King returns to Chouxville. Click the icon to read the chapter.


The chapter is packed full of people feeling different emotions. How did you feel reading this chapter? Were you scared? Were you sad? Were you worried for any of the characters?


Think about the six characters below.

In the chapter how do you think they are feeling?

Come up with three words that show their emotions during this chapter. You can use these words in your writing later in the book.


This is your chance to become an illustrator when The Ickabog is published. If you are in Key Stage Two, your parents can submit your pictures to the competition. Here's what you need to draw from Chapters fourteen and fifteen.


A worried innkeeper

The keys to the cellar

King Fred with his bedclothes pulled up to his eyes

Lord Spittleworth and his candle

The body wrapped in cloaks on the horse


Enter the competition by clicking the link below. Remember, you need an adult to send in your images and all images must be sent in by 17th July.