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Chapter Fifty: A Winter's Journey

The children are heading north in the coldest weather Cornucopia has seen for years. I do hope they will be alright.


"And then a vast shadow rippled over them. Two enormous arms covered in long green hair, like marsh weed, descended upon the four friends. As easily as if they were babies, the Ickabog scooped them up and bore them away across the marsh."


This is the first piece of information we hear about the Ickabog since the day King Fred saw it in the Marshlands. 


How does this change your thoughts on the Ickabog?

Does your image of the Ickabog change?

What do you think the Ickabog is going to do?

Is he kind? 

Is he dangerous?

What do you think will happen to Daisy, Bert, Martha and Roderick?


Draw a picture of the Ickabog and write everything you think or know about the Ickabog around your picture.