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Pupil Voice through Film

This is a page celebrating the films the children have made in the last few years. Film is a great way to give the children a voice, to allow them to explore current issues and to share their hopes and dreams.


Two of these films have been shortlisted for national film awards and we are exceptionally proud of what the children have produced. 

Lives Not Knives

As part of the school's work with and Into Film, the children in Year 6 wanted to make a film which tackled the issues around Youth Violence. This film was created using rotoscoping techniques and involved children in Year 5 and 6 drawing over 1000 images in Keynote.

The Shady Spot

The children in Year 5&6 have been exploring the use of green screen technology to make a film about one of the WE Movement goals this year, tackling deforestation. This was recorded on iPad using Camera, iMovie and music from GarageBand.

Finball Wizard

This video was created by our Digital Leaders to support children deal with bullying in the real world and online. Our Digital Leaders have all been accredited by Childnet on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.

Shortlisted for Best Animation at the Into Film Awards 2017

Plastic Fantastic

By 2050 the oceans of the world will be so full of plastic that the fish may be outnumbered! That's outrageous! So as part of a whole community project, Anesa, Kadijah, Grace, Sherae, Diya and Katie made a documentary about what you could do with the plastic bottles and why it's important to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Shortlisted for Best Documentary at the Into Film Awards 2016