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Learning Gallery 2019-20

Anglo-Saxon Workshop

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Year 3 classes were delighted to invite Eric Ericsson to Anson Primary to tell them more about what it was like to be an Anglo-Saxon. He brought a host of amazing animal skins, clothing, jewellery, tools, games, armour and weapons which the children got to touch, try on and ask questions about. They also learnt about Anglo-Saxon families, medicine, trials and battle cries as you can see in this video.

Grendel attack news report

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Class Alexandra used drama activities to explore what it would be like to be part of the Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf. Then in role as characters they wrote about the experience as if they were witnesses before honing their questioning technique to play the part of reporters on the scene in these news reports.

Science - Forces in action

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We have been looking at different verbs to describe the main forces - pushing, pulling and twisting, and then showing those forces in action.

How can we stop bullying?

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Alexandra Class used Anti-bullying week in November 2019 to explore what bullying looks like and how we can prevent it starting as well as what we could do if we see it happening. After exploring the issues and solutions as a class the children devised and wrote their film scripts before filming themselves using the Clips app on our IPads. They then edited the films, added titles and labels and took shared their films with each other.

Halloween animations using the Keynote app.

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Sticky sheet homework - Our World

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Year 3 have been studying the geography of our planet and using maps and atlases to navigate and discover more about our wonderful world. The children also took on the challenge of Sticky Sheet Homework where they had to choose six out of ten tasks and then present their work to the rest of the class. You can see some of their wonderful work in this short video!

Our world - we’ve been piecing together the European countries and researching capital cities and populations. We also took a stroll along the River Thames to explore some of London’s iconic landmarks.

Science - Following planting instructions to successfully plant crocus bulbs.

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Science - What happens to your heart rate when you exercise?

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We have been learning about our skeletons and muscles and how they support us, protect us and help us move. We also conducted investigations into the relationship between our heart rate and exercise. How can you feel your heart rate? Does your heart rate get faster, slower or stay the same when you exercise? Why does this happen?

We have been exploring our class rules through drama.

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We have been exploring our favourite books and different things that we read every day.

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