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Digital Leaders

Our team of Digital Leaders are trained on the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. This aims to inspire young people to encourage others to use technology in a positive way in the school or local community. 


How do you become a Digital Leader?

The Anson Digital Leaders are responsible for supporting teachers and pupils with technology.


They apply for the position of Digital Leader by sending in a presentation (via email) demonstrating their interest, skills and expertise in the use of technology as well as a statement about why they would make a good Digital Leader.


The applications are reviewed by the current Digital Leaders and the class teachers. If the pupil shows good technology skills AND is performing well in class, they may be selected as one of 10 children to join the team.



What does a Digital Leader do?

Digital Leaders have many responsibilities. They are given the jobs of creating content on the radio station, running lighting for the school assemblies, filming school events as well as photographing events. They are responsible for running small clubs on topics such as Minecraft and they run the annual Web Lab in the school hall. Teachers often call upon the Digital Leaders to help in the classroom and they work closely with the Assistant Headteacher across the whole curriculum. The music in the assembly hall is controlled by the Digital Leaders on a daily basis.  


What else do you need to know?

The Digital Leaders are independent, trust worthy and classroom role models. As a result they meet and greet guests to the school. During the academic year they have spoken to teachers from Saudi Arabia, Norway and Sweden as well as hosting the Leading Leaders Network in the Web Lab. They have also worked with Osborne Technologies to promote Romo and Tango Teach and met with some of our suppliers, including the LGfL and School Radio.