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Lots of information and supporting activities relating to our year 4 topics can be found below.

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Here are some websites which may be useful when you are researching the Blitz:


This is a great site for information and activities -


For photographs and clips try -


For maps showing the positions of WW2 bomb sites -


When we conduct our local history study, we will be comparing the architecture of building that were built at different times. This link will help you to identify the features of buildings built in the Victorian period and those that were built in more recent times.


For information about food and rationing -


For the recipe for Woolton Pie (and other sweet and savoury dishes from the period of World War II) click on the link below:



The following links may be useful when you are researching Ancient Greece:

Take a look at some of the largest City States on this link and find more about them.

The Sparta and Athens sections of this interactive site are fun and well worth a look.

More links to find out more…

Click on the Quiz buttons to test your knowledge of Athens & Sparta.

Take the virtual tour of Olympia.

Colour images of the site at Olympia as it appears today.

Take a look at this site for a model of the site and a description of the function for each building.



Lots of information about Skara Brae can be found by clicking on the link below:

Find out even more about life in Skara Brae by trying the activities on the BBC website:

How well do you know your country?

Practise naming and locating the counties of Britain by clicking on the link below.


Places to visit - 

The British museum has a wealth of Stone Age, Bronze age and Iron artefacts.


There are various virtual museums online where you can find out about different artefacts


Useful websites to explore the Bronze age, Stone age and Iron age -

BBC Primary history:


Stone Age information


All about a day in the life of a Stone Age boy


Facts, songs and videos about the Stone Age

Here's a fun way to learn the countries of the Europe...


...or the counties of England