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Chapter Forty-Three: Bert and the Guard

Bert has waited for one hour but Mrs Beamish has not returned. What will he do? Click the icon to find out.


As Bert hides under the large leaves of the beetroot plants we wondered how much you knew about the amazing vegetable. So, take our little quiz and learn more about beetroot.




This is your chance to become an illustrator when The Ickabog is published. If you are in Key Stage Two, your parents can submit your pictures to the competition. Here's what you need to draw from Chapters Forty-Three and Forty-Four.


Bert hiding in the beetroot patch

Bert and the guard

Mrs Beamish in her cell

Bert’s ‘Wanted’ poster

Cousin Harold’s boarded-up tavern


Enter the competition by clicking the link below. Remember, you need an adult to send in your images and all images must be sent in by 17th July.