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11th November
  The 'One Big Thing' the children will be learning 

Topic: Shopping

Task: Can you help write a shopping list and find the items in a shop?

Year 1

Topic: Subtraction with money 

Task: Make take away stories using coins. E.g. Start with 10p. If you spend 5p, how much will you have left? 

Year 2

Topic: Totals to 20

Task: Using money at home set up a little shop and set the prices to under 20p. Work out how much things cost. 

Year 3

Topic: Predicting

Task: Look at different photos/pictures of people. What do their expressions tell you? What are they thinking? Can you tell what was happening in the photo just by looking at their body language?

Year 4

Topic: Writing newspaper reports

Task: read a newspaper report together, identify and discuss the features. What makes a good headline?

Year 5

Topic:  Inference

Task: Read with your child, ask what they know about a character in their book and what they can infer or work out from the information given.

Year 6

Topic: Converting fractions, decimals and percentages.

Task: Take a look online at websites that are offering sale prices. If they offer 50% off, what is that as a fraction? How much money would you save?