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Help at Home Messages

10th February 2020


Help@Home: This week Reception are using number bonds to 10. At home use the 10 frame in your help at home book and find objects to make number bonds to 10? 


Help@Home: This week Y1 are using left and right. At home your child could hide some treasure and direct a family member to its secret location.


Help@Home: This week Y2 should complete the food journal they were given this week and bring it back to school on Wednesday.


Help@Home: This week Y3 are dividing. At home use the number line method to work out the answers to 18 divided by 4, 26 divided by 5, and 34 divided by 3.


Help@Home: This week Y4 are using perimeter. At home find some objects (books, magazines, food packets and calculate the perimeter of a rectangle.


Help@Home: This week Y5 are learning about Roman gods and goddesses. At home, as your children to share what they have discovered.  


Help@Home: This week Y6 are learning about statistics. At home the children are challenged to carry out a survey with their own family and present it.