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Help at Home Messages

20th January 2020


Help@Home: This week Reception are reading We're going on a bear hunt. Why not watch this film with your child:


Help@Home: This week Yr1 are subtracting. Ask your child to make a number sentence (e.g. 17 - 5) and draw it on a number line. 


Help@Home: This week Yr2 are sharing. At home share some objects into equal groups. Say 30 shared into 3 groups is 10 objects in each group.


Help@Home: This week Yr3 are practising multiplication. Practice the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and corresponding division facts.


Help@Home: This week Yr4 are learning about sound. Go on a sound walk in your local area. What can you hear? What is the quietest sound?


Help@Home: This week Yr5 are learning about area. At home see if you can help your child to estimate the area of rooms in your home?


Help@Home: This week Yr6 are studying 3D shape. See if your child can identify 3D shapes in the kitchen cupboards.