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The Annies

The Anson Academy Awards, affectionately known as The Annies, is an annual celebration of the work that has taken place on the Anson stage during that last 12 months. The awards are short listed by the teachers and children and voted for by the whole school community. 


The results are revealed in the annual Annies ceremony.

The 2023 Annies was a very special event with Mr. Waters hosting a spectacular celebration of the performances from the Anson stage. This photograph, taken by Miss Daly, captures who were are celebrating and the glamour with which we do it. It really is a remarkable way to honour the work of our children. 


Did we let the pandemic stop us? No!

The Annies 2020

This is the annual celebration of the performances from the stage at Anson Primary School 2019/2020

The 2020 Annies: The Zoom Call

With the usual Annies ceremony in tatters, some of the staff at Anson got together to try and fulfil the sentiment that 'the show must go on'