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Science Lab

As part of our school improvement plan we used Slow Motion Science to raise the profile of how we can work scientifically in the school. Welcome to Science Lab.  

The Slow Motion Science Lab

The children of Anson took part in a two-day Slow Motion Science Lab. The aim of the Lab was to use iOS devices to capture science in slow motion. At the point of impact, or the point of change, the cameras show what really happens.

If you want to try out some of the experiments for yourself, download our unique Slow Motion Science multi-touch book from the iTunes store.


Everyone at Anson got involved in a number of experiments. They made balloons inflate without touching them, explored the journey of water in plants, looked for evidence of how seeds are dispersed and focused on the Earth, the sun and the moon. 


There were so many pictures taken and this is just a small sample. 

A few photos from our investigations