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Chapter Twenty-One: Professor Fraudysham

In Chapter Twenty-One we meet Professor Fraudysham - a fitting name, as he is not a real professor at all. However, he is working with Spittleworth to develop a place to rid Cornucopia of the Ickabog.


‘As you can see, Your Majesty, our first proposal is a special Ickabog Defence Brigade. These men will patrol the edge of the Marshlands, to ensure that the Ickabog can’t leave the marsh. We estimate the cost of such a brigade, including uniforms, weapons, horses, wages, training, board, lodging, sick pay, danger money, birthday presents, and medals to be around ten thousand gold ducats.’


The Ickabog Defence Brigade will be funded with a rise in taxes. Each person in Cornucopia will pay 2 gold ducats to fund this new army. 


Design a poster to be placed all around the country explaining that there will be an increase in taxes. Make sure your poster includes:


a title - about the tax rise

an introduction - about the Ickabog Defense Brigade

information into sections (give each section a sub-heading)

use facts from the text - about what the tax will pay for

include pictures with captions - a member of the Defence Brigade and an Ickabog


Why not research some famous posters before you begin.