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Chapter Fifty-Three: Mysterious Mushrooms

By the end of this chapter Daisy will show just how brave she really is. But what will happen after she makes her move?


"‘What about that song it sings every night?’ said Bert. ‘It gives me the creeps. If you ask me, that’s a battle song.’

‘It scares me too,’ agreed Martha.

‘I wonder what it means?’ said Daisy."


What do you think the Ickabog is singing about?

Is it a happy song or a sad one?


We learned earlier that the Ickabog has "mournful eyes". What does this mean?


Do you think it has anything to do with the cave drawings?

Have you wondered where  the 100 Ickabogs in the cave paintings have gone?

Do you think this Ickabog might be the last one on Earth?


What do you think will happen when Daisy sits beside the giant monster?


Make a cutout of the Ickabog and Daisy and act out the conversation you think will happen between them. You could use this image of the cave or make your own. You could also use an app like Keynote or Puppet Pals to help you.

You can download these images if you would like to use them.