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Stephen Lawrence Day

We believe education is key in helping our children to make a difference in society and by sharing important people in recent history, such as the life of Stephen Lawrence, we can encourage all children to recognise their talents and have ambition as a young person.


Stephen's hopes, dreams and ambitions need to live on in the work that schools deliver to teach our children about a fair and equitable society for all. 


We celebrate Stephen Lawrence Day to play our part in building that equitable society and celebrating the talents of all children at Anson Primary School. 

SLDF Live School Assembly - Primary

Stephen Lawrence Day 2021 LIVE! This is a special assembly for Schools with Baroness Doreen Lawrence & Hon Stuart Lawrence Hosted by Ben Cajee.

Once you click play, please then click 'Watch on YouTube' to see the 30 minute assembly all about living your best life.

Special.  We are all unique in our own way.  Let’s look at how!

Talents.  What are we good at?  Celebrate your strengths!

Education.  Why is school important?  What do I want to be?

Positive role models.  Who do you look up to?

Hope. There is always hope for change.  Kindness and friendship matter.

Equality.  Respect, fairness, racism, discrimination, homophobia -What can you do?

Never forget. Learn about Stephen’s family, friendships and how Stephen was the same as us. Stephen should never be forgotten.

Stephen Lawrence Day - A Legacy of Change - FULL VERSION