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Chapter Thirty-three: King Fred is Worried

When King Fred hears about the attack on the butcher, he is very worried. He thought the country was protected, but he was wrong. What will he do?


The Ickabog Tax


" that it’s tasted a butcher full of Baronstown sausage, we must prepare for it trying to break through the soldiers’ lines regularly – which is why I think we should double the number of men stationed there, sire. Sadly, that will mean doubling the Ickabog tax.'"


And so it is agreed that the Ickabog Tax will be doubled.


So here is the challenge...


If the Ickabog Tax is doubled every single time there is an attack, and there is an attack every month for a year, how much tax will the people of Cornucopia be paying by the end of the year?


Remember after attack one they each paid 2 gold ducats. 


1 attack = 2 ducats


After the attack on the butcher this would be doubled. 


2 attacks = 4 ducats


After a third attack the amount would be doubled again. Work out how much people would be paying after 12 attacks!