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Chapter Twenty: Medals for Beamish and Buttons

In Chapter 20, the King wakes up to find that a lot of things have changed. Spittleworth is continuing to build the web of lies, and everyone seems to be falling for it.


"From an inner pocket, Spittleworth pulled out a most gorgeous gold medal, almost as large as a saucer. Embossed upon the medal was a monster with gleaming ruby eyes, which was being fought by a handsome, muscular man wearing a crown. The whole thing was suspended from a scarlet velvet ribbon."


This description should make it easy for you to draw the medal that will be presented to the families of Beamish and Button. Have a go at drawing the most gorgeous gold medal you can. 



Now have a look at this medal from the Olympic Games in 1996.


Write a paragraph describing this medal.

Give your paragraph to someone else to read.

Challenge them to draw the medal. 


How close will their drawing be?