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Catch Up 2021



This document serves to outline the approach which will be adopted in school in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on children’s learning and progress.


The information below sets out the approach we will take within each phase and gives guidance for staff and parents in respect of what to expect during the recovery period.


The document provides the specific detail in respect of the catchup curriculum and the action plan.


We have a staff who are experienced in dealing with learning gaps between children. At any time the range of ability in classes at Anson can be very wide. While these gaps may be exacerbated due to COVID, there is no substitute for quality first teaching in the classroom. The staff will be supported to ensure they work in an energetic, innovative and considered way to address these gaps. Ongoing assessment will ensure we target the correct children in the correct subjects and consider key contextual factors.


The funding will be used to target these areas. The plan is subject to change as the year, and the children, progress.