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Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!

Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama! 


OMG! Nikki's birthday party is going to be beyond awesome! Her BFFs are planning a SUPERcool pool party, with a cake, a DJ, and the perfect invitations. Organizing a big party for one hundred people is easy, right? UMMM wrong!

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Rachel Reneè Russell (born December 11, 1959 ) is an American author of the #1 New York Times Best Selling humorous children’s book series, Dork Diaries There are 12 books in the series of Dork Diaries


Dork Diaries chronicles the daily life of the main character, Nikki Maxwell, as she struggles to fit in and survive middle school. The book series is written in a diary format and includes doodles, drawings and comic strips.


According to the author's website, the Dork Diaries books are based on the middle school experiences of her two daughters, Erin and Nikki. Her older daughter, Erin, helps with writing and her younger daughter, Nikki, helps with illustrations. The main character, Nikki Maxwell, is named after her daughter.