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Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw

by SF Said


Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten. He lives high up in an old house on a hill. He's never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way - a secret martial art for cats.

Book Trailer: Varjak Paw

"Varjak the kitten doesn't fit in with his family. With his amber eyes and dreams of The Outside, he's different - and he doesn't suit city life either. That is until he befriends a tough alley cat called Holly. Can they survive in the city where gangs of cats are ready to kill them?


"A beguiling tale that sticks in the memory. The cat's whiskers" (The Sunday Times)


"Stylish, original and inventive, Varjak Paw is a modern children's classic"


"Dazzling" (The New York Times)


"The book is compulsive reading; we are with Varjak every step of his way, willing him to succeed. Independent readers of 9 upwards will treasure it, not least for its illustrations, and some will camp out on the publisher's doorstep for the sequel" (Ann Hay, The School Librarian)


"The cat magic mystique is brilliant" (Richard Adams Author of Watership Down)