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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Kidnapped

The title of this chapter says it all.


"She felt the wagon lurch, and heard the jingling of a harness and trotting hooves as they began to move. By the turn that the wagon took, Daisy knew that they were heading out of the City-Within-The-City, and by the sounds of market traders and other horses, she realised they were moving into wider Chouxville. Though more frightened than she’d ever been in her life, Daisy nevertheless forced herself to concentrate on every turn, every sound, and every smell, so she could get some idea of where she was being taken."


Daisy uses her sense of hearing and her sense of smell to make sure she knows exactly where she is being taken. 


Today we want you to use your senses in the same way. 


Find somewhere quiet to sit outside for 15 minutes. Be really still. Be silent. 


What can you hear?

What can you smell?


Make a list of all the things as you hear them and all the things you can smell. If you have a device use a sound recorder so that you can listen back to all the sounds later. 


Use your lists of sounds and smells to write a special poem. Use an adjective before each sound or smell. Begin your poem with...


As I sat in silence I soaked up the sounds like a sponge. 

I heard...


then add in your sounds...


As I sat in silence I soaked up the sounds like a sponge. 

I heard the swaying trees,

the leaves rustling. 

I heard the chatter of the birds,

the screaming children. 


How long will your poem be? How many things do you hear and smell?

Share your poem with the world!