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Issue 149 - 10th July



The tenth Anson Academy Awards takes place on Friday, 13th July. 
This is an annual celebration of all the work which has taken place on the Anson stage during the academic year. Last Friday saw the prelude to the main event with the nomination ceremony. This is where the children, classes and teachers are shortlisted for one of the coveted statues. 
The Annies is an event where the children and teachers dress up in their finest clothes and is always full of fun and laughter. 
This year is extra special as it is the 10th year The Annies will be held at the school.
So, on Friday we’ll be looking back at the action on the Anson stage this year and reflecting on the opportunities the children have had over the last decade. 
You can see all the nominees on the school website. We’ll also be giving you a glimpse of the year on the school website very soon. 



The end of the year is approaching and the new classes will be announced soon. 
On Monday, 16th July the children will be told who their new teacher is for the 2018 to 2019 academic year. 
They will then spend part of the morning with their new teacher and explore their new classroom.
At the end of the day each child will bring home a note informing you about their class for September. 


Please remember that children need to be in school every day during the academic year. Early holidays are not authorised. 



Year 6 ran their summer extravaganza, Loose Change Lunchtime last week. 
After a lot of counting they have raised over £1000. The money goes towards their end of year adventure with any leftovers being given to a charity of their choosing. 
Thank you to everyone who allowed their children to take part in the fun and games. 



It’s not just the England football team who are impressing everyone this year. The boys football team performed their own heroics this year. 
Last week they took part in the regional finals of a competition and reached the final 8. Considering up to 100 schools began the tournament back in the autumn term, this is a remarkable achievement. 
Having finished top of their group last week, they progressed to the quarter finals, losing 2 - 0 having been the better team for much of the game.
The boys represented Anson in superb fashion with a great approach to the game and a fantastic attitude. We are very proud of their achievement. 


The upgrade to our CCTV cameras begins this week. 
We are increasing the number of cameras around all areas of the school to increase security on the site. 


Our final Learning Behaviour certificates were handed out today. 
This term we have been focusing on building resilience with the children. The following children were chosen by their teachers because they demonstrated all the characteristics of being resilient. Congratulations to:

Reza & Sara (1R), Eleah & Adbul-Rahman (1Q), Abdallah & Sarah (2H), Rawan & Sidra (2R), Hala & Saba (3A), Hussyn & Kalya, Shemaree (3M), Yasmine & Kajetan (4B), Malak & Fatimah (4V), Edward & Ibrahim (5H), Shiann & Davi (5K), Alykha & Marie (6H), Nadia & Kacper (6P)



The children may have come home on Friday with a complaint about their school dinner. 
That’s because the catering company, who makes the school dinners, have finally bowed to pressure and removed chips from the school menu for 2 out of 3 of the weeks. This is something we’ve been requesting for some time so we are delighted with this healthy step. 


Just a reminder that the 2018 Art Festival comes to a close on Friday with an open exhibition for parents. 
The classrooms will be displaying the work between 2.40pm and 3.10pm for you to enjoy. 
All you need to do is come along at 2.30pm to the front entrance of the school where you will be introduced to the way it will all work.  


Please don’t forget to send your children in with a hat, water and wearing sun cream when the weather is hot.

There is a growing collection of clothes hanging on the school fence, so please take a look at the end of the day to see if it belongs to your child. 



Issue 148 - 2nd July 2018



Illyria Theatre never fails to impress. Who can forget the huge dinosaur last year or the incredible heights reached the year before?
This year we gathered as a school community on the playground for another outdoor theatrical spectacular and the story of the man who could talk to the animals. 
In the past we’ve sat through thunder and lightning to watch a show but on Friday the sun was shining and the stars were out for everyone to enjoy the show. 
We would like to thank the cast of Illyria Theatre Company for including us in their tour, Mr Clargo for organising the visit, the staff who helped out, and for all of you who came along to support the event. We’d like to think you all went home and immediately started talking to your cats, dogs and gerbils. 



Reports - Monday 9th July

The Annual Report to Parents will be sent home with your child next Monday.
The report captures the progress and achievements of your child during the current academic year at Anson. 
It will detail their achievements in core areas of English, mathematics and science. It will also outline their success in other subjects. 
The report identifies strengths and areas for development in snapshots and give advice for how you can help at home this summer. 
The reports will also be accompanied by a slip to confirm you have seen your child’s report. 



Year 6 are running their summer extravaganza, Loose Change Lunchtime all this week. 
The children have put together their stalls and planned their games with the fun kicking off each lunchtime at 12pm. Every child in the school (apart from Nursery) can take part in the event. All they need to do is bring in a little loose change each day, in an envelope, with their name on, and then have fun. It’s usually one of the highlights of the year for the children, especially when teachers get soaked! 



The Annual Art Festival begins this week with every class in the school focusing on a different artist or art movement. 
It’s a great chance for the children to really explore an artist or a movement and is always a lovely element to the teaching and learning in the summer. 
At the end of the fortnight we open the doors to all the classrooms and hold an exhibition of the art. The children are free to walk the corridors and experience the offerings in each room. This year the doors will then be opened for you. 
So, on Friday 13th July at 2.30pm, you will get the chance to see the work in the classrooms. Simply come to the front entrance of the school and we will set you free to explore a wonderful world of art. 



NURSERY 2018-19

Next year the Nursery will only be open for a morning session each day. 
This is due to a fall in the number of children applying for, and attending many nursery schools in Brent.
The good news is that this will give us a space in the afternoons to be able to run workshops and hold coffee afternoons for parents. As you will be aware we currently have no extra space for any activities at present, so this is very valuable to us. 
While we are sad that the Nursery will not be running as usual next year, we see an opportunity to do more to support parents throughout the year and will publish our workshops, meetings and courses in September.



The children of Anson Primary School took to the stage at Wembley Arena on Wednesday evening to perform as part of a 1000 strong choir.  
The event, organised by the Brent Music Service, is a celebration of young people, musical talent and community. 
For our children, the opportunity to be on the stage, just 4 days before Queen are due to perform at the iconic venue, is something special. In September we’ll be looking for more children, from year 4, 5 and 6, to join the choir so that more children can be on that stage the next time the concert is organised. 




Thank you to everyone who came along to Willesden Green Sports Centre for the 2018 Sports Day. 
Despite the heat on the day the children ran, jumped and threw their way through the day and had a great deal of fun. 
This morning Mrs Bond presented the Sports Day celebration assembly and many children were rewarded for their effort. 
We hope you had a fabulous day! 


Anson Weekly: Issue 147

25th June 2018



The 2018 Parent Survey has ended and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who took part.
Collecting the views of parents in an annual survey is important and helps us to shape the school moving forwards. 
The Department of Education also collects the views of parents through their Parent View website. Their  website is the only way that Ofsted can report on parent views. Since our last inspection we have used their survey questions so that we can show evidence of how parents view the school over time and how the school responds to those changes.  We only do this online just like the DFE. 
This year 404 text messages were sent to parents for the survey with 35 responses recorded. 
In the newsletter this week, we will look at some of the individual responses given by parents, looking at the survey as a whole and informing you of the role you’ll be able to play in the school moving forwards. 


91% feel their child is well taught at the school

100% of children are happy at school

97% of parents feel their child is safe at school

97% of parents feel their child makes good progress

91% of parents feel bullying is dealt with effectively

97% of parents think the children are well behaved


"I think the safety needs to be raised."

We certainly take the safety of everyone at Anson seriously and are already making changes. 
The front entrance is now more secure and over the next few months you will see an increase in CCTV cameras and changes to the front access at the school.  


"When weather is wet after school if teachers could bring students out on time."

This is a totally valid point and not just on wet days.
The school day finishes at 3.20pm and this is when the children should be leaving the classroom. It is also when parents should be on the playground. We’ve asked all staff to tighten up on this.


"There seems to be a break down between management and office. Sometimes when office are contacted for information they will say that they don't know."

This should never happen and we were sad to hear that it had to one parent. 
All staff have access to the Staff Zone on the school website and are expected to login each day. The area contains a daily diary of events, a calendar and access to all the latest letters and news. We have reminded all staff to ensure they login, but also encourage parents to use the website too. This has information about clubs, newsletters and can be translated into over 40 languages will answer most of your questions. 



"I would like to be able to see my kids' work other than on parents’ evening."

This is something that we are working towards with our staff. 
The way that technology is changing has given us more opportunities to capture learning and share it.  From September we will be using the website, email and text messaging to give a greater insight into the work your child is doing. There will also be more chances to see learning in action with exhibitions, displays and shows. 


"Why does the school not have a PTA?"

We are looking at ways for parents and staff to meet more frequently.
In the new year we will be running regular coffee afternoons and a range of workshops for parents. 
Remember we are an open school and we try to make ourselves available as much as possible. You are always welcome to speak to Ms. Lansiquot, Mrs Rahim or Mr Pile outside in the playground or make an appointment.  





"Does the school allow parents to volunteer for reading?"

There are times when parents are invited to support reading. However, these are one-off events. 
Changes in safeguarding rules for all schools means that if parents work regularly with children we need to carry out police checks to ensure they are able to work in a school. This is costly. 
We prefer to encourage every parent to read with their child on a daily basis at home. We also focus more on teaching the skills of reading, rather than just listening to children read, and work with reading charities to support children in the school who may need extra support. 


"Please can the entire playground be used for pick up time? It is a bit too crowded at the far end of the playground."

This was a very useful comment and we will be adjusting the pickup points in September.
This will effectively mean that half of the school will be picked up from classrooms while the other half is on the playground. It will give everyone more space. 


"Apparently there is bullying in the playground but students are wary of telling teachers."

If a school ever tells you there is no bullying, they are probably lying. Bullying happens from time to time at Anson, but it is rare. We take the approach of speaking to any children involved in bullying, resolving the problem and involving parents. We encourage all children to tell an adult and encourage peer mentors to support the children as well. 


"Teachers should patrol outside school gates so vehicles are not parking on footpath."

We know this is an issue and we are in constant contact with Brent to try to resolve the problems outside the school.  
We would ask all parents to park responsibly and consider the safety of every child. Clearly it worries some parents and it certainly worries us.


"Anson Primary is one of the great things in my family life." 


This is also true for us. The reason our staff stay so long is because they believe in what we are trying to do and the education we are providing so that every child is happy and in a place to make progress and succeed.