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15th March



Jules and Richard are back at Anson. The dynamic duo return this week to help the children in Year 3&4 learn, rehearse and perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
This week every pupil in Year 3&4 will take part in workshops, role play and discussions about the Shakespeare play. For many of them they will have no understanding of the characters, the story or the humour when they join the first script meeting on Monday. However, by the end of the week they will have performed the play to the school. 
More importantly they will leave school on Friday not only with an understanding of the characters, plots and themes of the play, but with an awareness that Shakespeare is just as relevant in 2019 as his was 1595.
Each of the children will also develop their confidence, self -esteem, teamwork skills and passion for sharing stories. 
The play itself is a story of love and magic and is an exciting rollercoaster of a ride showing how the two couples end up falling in love. Amid the drama of Hermia and Lysander, Demetrius and Helena running away to the forest, a fairy King and Queen are fighting over a child. In the forest, the players, including Bottom, are rehearsing for a play that they will perform at court. Of course, everything gets a bit complicated when Puck uses a magic flower to make Titania fall in love with Bottom. He also causes confusion for the lovers who end up fighting. 
Are you following the story so far? 
Naturally, in the end everything works out and the couples get married but not before a lot of comical drama unfolds. 
If you’ve had children who have worked with Finding the Will before, you’ll know that we are in for a treat on Friday. If this is your first time be prepared for lots of line rehearsing, catchy songs getting into your brain and a whole level of excitement that started back in 1595. 



As you will be aware Anson Primary School was inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspectors (OFSTED) on Wednesday. 
We wanted to say thank you to those of you who took the time to share your views using the Parent View portal, or spoke to the inspector in the playground on Wednesday morning. 
The inspection report should be written and published, hopefully within 20 days. We will let you know as soon as it is published so that you can read the report. 



The Spring Term Parents’ Evening will take place on Thursday April 4th. 
The evening is a chance for you to explore the learning that has been happening this term, speak to your child’s class teacher and find out about your child’s growing number of strengths as well as possible areas for improvement. 
This term the Parents’ Evening will begin at 2.15pm with a small number of appointments available up until 3pm. Then, after a short break to ensure the children leave the site safely, appointments will run from 3.40pm to 7.30pm.
At the last Parents’ Evening we saw a 90% turnout and it was wonderful to be able to speak to so many of you. We hope you will be able to come along again and enjoy this celebration of your child’s progress. 

8th March



30 children from Year 6 visited Wembley Arena to celebrate WE Day on Wednesday. 
The event is part of the WE Movement which supports young children who want to have an impact on their local community or make a change in the wider world. The event included speeches from a number of people, including Prince Harry. 
In the last few years the children at Anson have taken on some major campaigns including the reduction of plastic in the oceans, drinking water for every child in the world and celebrating difference. This year they are working on making a film to tackle knife-crime and youth violence. It is a very current topic in the media but the children’s perspective is very different, very creative and incredibly thought provoking. 
Their film should be ready for the Summer Term.



This year for World Book Day we have been celebrating the ways in which we can tell stories. 
Throughout the week our staff have been running story telling sessions, sharing their favourite books and encouraging children to try new authors or genres they may not have read before. 
There was even a special interactive performance of a story on Friday involving almost every member of staff. It’s been a fun week!
On Friday we saw so many creative paper plate characters arriving at the school. We have photographed as many as possible and added them to the children’s gallery on the Anson website. 
Thank you to everyone who took part and helped their child to create a plate. We hope you enjoyed the project and the smiles your plates have created. 



This year the Anson chicks have arrived and hatched within a couple of days. 
We are delighted to announce that all ten of our eggs have successfully hatched and 10 healthy little chicks are currently chirping away to the music in the radio station. 
We watched the first chick hatch live and shared this on some of our social media platforms. There was obviously a  lot of debate as to what we should name the chicks, with Bob and Bobette popular. 
Topical names such as Breggxit were also mentioned. 
The chicks have come along at the perfect time as nationally we are in the middle of a science fortnight. Having the little furry friends join us provides a great opportunity to talk about life cycles, habitats and caring for animals in the world. 



The fun keeps coming!
Next Friday, 15th March is Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom. 
We will be celebrating with some fun activities to raise a smile throughout the week. 
However, to raise money this year for the charity we would like to be REDdy for Red Nose Day. 
We would like all the children and staff to come to school wearing red and donate a minimum of £1 to the charity. 
We’re hoping our sea of red will make a big splash of cash for the charity.



28th February 2019



World Book Day takes place at Anson on Friday, 8th March 2019. 
This year the staff will be performing a well-loved tale for the children in assembly, narrated by the eloquent Mr Waters and starring an array of fairy tale characters. 
Throughout Book Week we’ll be celebrating stories with special lunchtime story sessions told by class teachers. We’ll be opening another bookshop run by Mrs Mendoza. There will also be a lot of book related fun in classrooms and online. We’re also launching the ‘Paper Plate Challenge’ which we hope will take the stress out of dressing up for the big day. 



Every year there is a lot of money spent on costumes for World Book Day, which are worn once, and then left in the bottom of a dressing up box to gather dust. 
While it is always nice to get dressed up, this year Mr Waters has a different plan. We are inviting our children to make and wear paper plate masks of characters from their favourite books. 
So you could make a Gruffalo mask, an amazing Elmer or stick cheese and crackers over the hairy face of Mr Twit. Why not add a hat to become the Cat in the Hat or even Willy Wonka. You could make some ears to become the White Rabbit or Fantastic Mr Fox. Imagination is all you need. 
Instructions for making a paper plate mask are on the reverse of the newsletter. So, have fun making a mask (we have provided one plate for every pupil) and send it in with your child on Friday, 8th March for a special parade. 



Materials - you could use

Paper Plate
Marker Pen
Hole Punch
Thin elastic or string
Paint or paint sticks

Draw eye and nose holes
Start by estimating your eyeholes and nose areas and drawing them on the paper plate. 
You may choose to remove the bottom halves of the paper plate to leave nose and mouths free, but you can keep the paper plate a whole circle if you prefer. 
To help the plate fit better consider cutting a notch in the top of the forehead area of the paper plate and bringing the two ends together with tape, a glue gun, or staples. 

 Add additional features
If you mask requires ears or a beak, you can cut them out of paper, card or the paper plate and attached them with glue, staples or tape. 

Paint and decorate your mask
You can use any paint to give your mask colour. Felt tips, crayons and pencils work just as well. You can then add feathers, pompoms, sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners and anything else your character needs. 

Fit your mask with elastic or string
Once your mask is finished, tie the elastic or string through a hole at the side of the mask. Fit it to the size of your head and tie it off by putting the elastic or sting through another hole. You can tape or staple the elastic or string if it is easier or simply attach a lollipop stick. 

More details at 




We are delighted to launch “Bookmarked” on the Anson Primary School website. 
If you have ever watched Netflix, then Bookmarked is the reading equivalent for children and families at Anson. 
The concept is simple. 


Children visit the webpage and select their age to begin.
Next they choose a book from one of four sections. Books they have chosen (as part of the reading survey), books for their age range, books selected by teachers and books that are great to read as a family. 
When you click on a book you can find out what it is about, watch a trailer, watch an interview with the author or listen to an extract, and read some reviews of the book. 
If you like it, find it by looking in the classroom, local library, online or bookshop. 
We will be updating the site regularly with new features to help promote a love of reading.





1: Unicorn Theatre (Y3)

4: Book Week

5: Unicorn Theatre (Y4)

7: Anson World Book Day (see the Paper Plate Challenge)

11: Zoo Lab (EYFS)

13: Sticky Sheet Day

14: Sticky Sheet Exhibition (9.00 - 9.45am) 

15: Kensington Assembly (9.10am)

22: Midsummer Night’s Dream - Year 3&4 (2pm)

29: Hyde Assembly at 9.10am










13th February 



This holiday we’re setting everyone the challenge of Sketchnoting the holiday, inspired by the work of Sylvia Duckworth. 
Sketchnoting is a form of visual note-taking where you draw or doodle your thoughts, observations or experiences in combination with words. You don’t have to be a great artist, you just need to be willing to doodle. 
There are so many benefits to using images to help young children (and adults) to remember key facts or events, to be calm or to make connections in their learning. It can also help to increase focus, support creative thinking and is multi-sensory. 
So, your challenge is to sketchnote your holiday. You could begin by creating a sheet of all the different activities you might be doing over the holiday including the places you go, the food you eat, the games you play or the things you watch. You can see here a Sketchnote of all the events at Anson since January. Hopefully this gives you some ideas. 
Sketchnotes can be done on paper, on computers, on tablets, on the back of an envelope or even on the inside of a cereal box. All you need is something to write on and something to doodle with. 
Once you’ve finished you have a number of choices. You could send your sketchnote in with your child on the first day back. You could email an image or document to and we’ll create an online gallery of all the work. Or you could use social media and tag @ansonprimary.
If you want more help there are lots of websites with great ideas.
For a beginners guide to sketchnoting you could visit The Doodle Institute on YouTube by clicking     
We are excited to see what your child creates and will be giving out a few small prices to entries that grab our attention after the half term. Happy doodling!




While we remain on track to hit our target of 97% attendance (attendance to January 2019 was 96.4%) the Spring Term attendance has gone down to 95%.
As many of you will be aware, we have been hit recently by a number of bugs and flu-like symptoms amongst the children and this has seen many more children missing school. In fact, since the beginning of 2019 only three of our class groups hit the target of 97%. 
Special congratulations must go to Primrose Class in Year 6, who top the charts with 98% attendance. 
As the weather begins to warm, and the days start getting longer, we usually see a decrease in the amount illness around the school. So, let’s work together to ensure we are all in school every day. We will need attendance near 98% to achieve our goals this year. 



Thank you to everyone who came along to our coffee morning with Ms Charles during Children’s Mental Health Week. 
The discussion was really great and many of the parents who came along took the time to share their stories, concerns, tips, tricks and ideas. It is a great step in supporting each other to keep our children happy and enjoying life. During the meeting there were many topics raised as possible future discussions including the use of social media, the impact of screen time and ways to keep children calm. 
We will be working with Ms Charles to offer more coffee mornings as we work together to support your children’s mental health. 
As you may be aware, all the children were expecting to take part in yoga sessions this week. Unfortunately this had to be postponed due to illness, but we are hopeful that a date can be rearranged soon. 
In the meantime, half term can often be stressful for parents, juggling everyday life, work and the children. We hope you can have a relaxing half term holiday and enjoy the time together. We can’t wait to see everyone back on Monday,  25th February.




4th February 



This week the children of Anson Primary School are joining millions of other children around the UK to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week 2019. 
This year the theme is all about looking after yourself not just on the outside but on the inside too.

New research released by Place2Be suggests that children with less sleep are more likely to struggle with worries. Children and young people who usually get less than the recommended 9 hours sleep on a school night are more likely to feel that worries get in the way of school work. 
Of course, our mind and body are very closely linked and so anything we do to develop our physical well-being will have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing too. 
Place2Be has suggested 4 simple ways parents can support well-being in the home. 

1. Chat with your child about what you do to look after your body and mind.
Try turning your phone off an hour before bed, walking the dog, eating healthily, but don’t be afraid to let your child know that sometimes it’s a struggle. It’s important for everyone to keep trying even when things are difficult. 
2. Praise your child for looking after their body and mind.
Everyone loves a compliment, even a small child. So, be positive and they’ll keep trying. 
3. Remind them that there is no such thing as the perfect body or mind. 
Social media is full of people presenting the perfect life, but the reality is that we are all different and all special and all worth celebrating, particularly when we are trying our best. 
4. Do something together to be healthy inside and out
It could be cooking together, going for a walk, playing a game or simply taking time to chat. 



Being safe on the Internet isn’t just about one day a year, it’s about being safe every day. 
However, Safer Internet Day allows us to shine a light on the topic and celebrate the work that is being done, across the European Union, to keep our children safe online. 
At Anson we run the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. This means that over the course of a school year we cover issues like social networking, kindness, decision making, supporting families and working out what and who we can trust online. We also cover topics around gaming, chat and consequences. 
This week we’ll be thinking about what we can do as individuals to make sue the Internet continues to be a great place to explore.  
Plus, watch out for some dates coming your way so that we can work together to help you be digitally aware at home. 



Last week the children  in Year 3 were photographed as part of a major new project for the London Borough of Culture 2020.  
Turner Prize-winning artists and Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen unveiled the ambitious project at the end of 2018. 
The artwork will be a visual portrait of citizenship in one of the world’s largest and most diverse cities.
He plans to explore the portraits through the traditional school photograph and has invited every Year 3 class in London to be photographed. 
The work will be displayed in the Tate Gallery in 2020 and will be part of an exhibition celebrating all 33 of London’s boroughs. 




Thank you to those parents who came along and were creative in our recent iPad workshop. 
The device is a critical tool for learning in our classrooms. The group took part in some drawing, photography and video creation in the hour long session and produced some great results. We’ll run the session again later in the year. 




4th: Children’s Mental Health Week


5th: Safer Internet Day & Coffee Morning with Claire Charles for Children’s Mental Health Week at 9am


8th: Mental Health Week Assembly


13th: Yoga for mindfulness 


15th: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Year 2

Half Term begins on 

Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February

Please ensure all children are back in school on Monday 25th February at 9am