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16th October



The Governing Body are looking for parents to  join the team .


In our school we have provision for 7 parent governors and there are currently 2 vacancies.

No special qualifications are needed and the most important thing is to have a keen interest in the school and be prepared to play an active part in the governing body’s work. 

Training is available for all governors and the Governing Body expects all new governors to attend free induction training, and commit to ongoing personal development relevant to their governing body responsibilities.

Parent Governors need to nominate themselves to stand for election. Nominations must be from parents or carers with children at the school on the day that nominations close. 


If you would like to stand for election start chatting to our existing Governors in the playground to find out more about the role. 

Then head to the Parent Page or Vacancy page on the school website: 


Next, download the information pack. At the end of this you will find a nomination form. 


Nomination forms must be with the school, electronically or by hand no later than 12noon on Friday, 3rd November 2017. 


We hope that you will be interested in serving on the Governing Body and helping to make Anson even better in the coming years. 



As reported last week the children took part in the School Council Elections on Thursday morning in the Anson dining room. 

The elections are run by the outgoing School Council members . It is the culmination of work in the classroom where children consider the idea of democracy, having your say and using your voice. 



It is a fitting end to our work on collaboration during this half term. The newly elected members of the School Council will need to show all the skills they’ve been developing. 

They will certainly need to listen to each other’s ideas and respect the points of view on offer. However, as a spokesperson for their class, they will also need to develop a point of view based on their class wishes and be brave enough to express that view in formal meetings. 



The first job of the School Council is to begin planning for the International Evening on the 17th of November. So let’s introduce the new School Council members for 2017-18.


2017 to 2018


RG: Chelsey & Adulaziz 

RR: Jodyann & Dylan

1Q: Zara & Darioush

1R: Thalita & Issac

2H: Sydney & Noah

2R: Kadian & Gabriel

3A: Ladina & Abbas

3M: Eva & Shemaree

4B: Toiyo & Aadam

4V: Alice & Haider

5H: Jennifer & Mohammad C

5K: Mona & Tayyab

6H: Zainab & Luis

6P: Helen & William


We look forward to working with them all this year. 



What a great week it was in the week beginning Monday the 2nd of October! 

As you can see from the graph the average attendance was 98% across the whole school. This is a full percentage point higher than our target of 97%

We think this means congratulations are in order for everyone at the school. When attendance is this good it deserves celebrating. Of course, we are still only in October, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if attendance looked like this every week between now and July? When you add the numbers that punctuality is so much improved the story at Anson is that more children are here every day, on time, and maximising their chances of learning. Long may it continue! 



Across the country children in schools are celebrating Black History Month. 

This is a time when children focus on the rich diversity that has played such an important role in our history, both socially and in advances with science, technology, politics and so on. 

At Anson we are kickstarting a year of celebrations today. Mrs Barrett has worked hard with the staff to embed black history not into one week, or one month, but to embed it into the topics we cover across the whole year. Not only that, but all ethnicities are represented and included in our work as we look to celebrate the fact that anyone at Anson can achieve. With International Evening coming up in November we are excited to be focusing on the rich diversity at our own school. We hope that you will be able to take part and contribute to a fabulous event on the evening of the 17th November.