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4th November




Here is some news that we were hoping we wouldn’t have to share (because we are all in denial) but Mrs Tarbyat is retiring at the end of this term.

Mrs Tarbyat is one of the longest serving members of the Anson team having arrived at the school in 1995. While she had every opportunity to be one of the Spice Girls at that time (you can work out which one), she opted for longevity in her career and joined the best school in the world. 

Since her arrival Mrs Tarbyat has seen a number of changes. She has worked alongside 5 Prime Ministers, 4 US Presidents, 3 Headteachers and 660 children. 

Her impact has been amazing. Many of you may not know that the schools reputation for the use of technology began under the stewardship of Mrs T , who was affectionately known as Mrs Technology. Under her leadership the school became the first school in Brent to have Broadband installed, the first school to have a wireless network of computers and the first school to install interactive whiteboards. 

Without her vision in those early days of technology we would not be in a position to teach in the way we can today. 

After this she changed the way we approach literacy in the school, guiding the children and staff through the constant changes in the UK curriculum to ensure that reading, writing and speaking and listening were given the highest value across the whole curriculum. Her impact on the Early Years has been immense. Across Brent she is seen as an expert in the field and her experience will be missed in the coming years. She has overseen the changes to the Early Years curriculum and helped to establish the strongest of foundations for our youngest learners. 

We will be celebrating her achievements as a school in the next two weeks and giving her the kind of send off that will make her squirm in her chair. 

We also know that many of you will have begun your journey at Anson with Mrs Tarbyat and she will remain a very special person in your child’s life for many years to come. 

Everyone at Anson wishes her the very best for her retirement. We know she won’t be able to rest for long and will fill her days with exciting projects. 

Funny how her retirement seems to be coinciding with a 90s revival of a certain all female pop group. 

Say no more! 



This is Michael Rosen. He has written some great books, including We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, which recently celebrated its 25th birthday. 

As many of you will know we take great pride in the love of reading fostered at Anson. However, we’re about to embark on a revolution of reading. We want more children and families to enjoy reading for pleasure. 

So, this is your warning. 

In 2018 we’ll be sharing innovative ways to inspire your children to read. We’ll be having special events and creating some amazing tools to support you in developing a passion for all things literary in the little people in your home. You may even discover some of your own childhood favourites. 



As you know we recently held an election to choose two new Parent Governors for the Anson Primary School Governing Body. 

The current Governors have counted and checked the ballot and we can announce that Melinda Joe and Elizabeth Ogunde were following the ballot.



There are just a ten school days left until we break up for the Christmas holiday

While it feels like only yesterday that we were standing on the playground on a sunny September day, the first term of the year is almost over. 

And what a term it has been! There have been so many highlights but more are still to come. 

In the next ten days we will see musical showcases from Years 1, 2 and 3 (Thursday at 2.15pm) and Years 4, 5 and 6 (Wednesday at 2pm). Then we have the traditional start to Christmas in the form of The Mummers’ Play followed by The Nativity (13th December). 

With Christmas dinner and the parties to come on the 14th it is sure to be an exciting end to the term. 


27th November



On Friday, 17th November the School Council held an International Evening for the children and families at the school in aid of Children in Need.

The event was a big success raising £400 for the BBC charity event. 

In the last newsletter we published a very brief thank you to everyone who came along and helped out. This week we wanted to pay special mention to a number of people and businesses involved in the event. 

First of all, thank you to the School Council and Mrs Barrett. Together they planned, organised and coordinated the event and without their energy and support it would not have taken place. 

On the night lots of members of staff stayed late to paint faces, sell drinks and coordinate games and stalls. Thank you to each of them. We’d also like to thank Safina and Zeba’s mothers who spend the evening, in challenging light, to paint beautiful Mendhi patterns. 

The raffle, which had some great prizes was very successful, mainly due to the dedication of Ms McNulty’s family writing all those names on the tickets. Thank you to them. Plus, speaking of families, thanks to everyone who spent much of their evening tidying up. It may not be glamorous but is is much appreciated. 

We’d also like to thank some of our local business who kindly donated prizes: Flip Out Trampolining, Mezzoroma, Pizza Hut, Cutting Crew Hairdressers and Nest.

We hope you all had a wonderful time in aid of a great cause. 




Eight children at Anson have been shortlisted as part of a competition organised by The Voice Newspaper. 

The competition invited pupils from all over the UK to write an essay of no more than 500 words about a figure from black culture as part of Black History Month.  

The children will now attend the Made by History presentation, at the House of Commons, where they will receive certificates and find out if any of their entries will win the overall prize for the best essay.  The ceremony will be hosted by Dawn Butler MP.

We would like to say congratulations to Shayanne, Alykha, Basit, Holly, Muzainah, Niyati, Safina and Zainab for their work which focused on a number of historical figures. 

Shayanne and Alykha wrote about Charles Drew, an American surgeon who found new ways to store blood plasma for transfusion. Basit wrote about Daniel Hale Williams, one of the first successful open heart surgeons.  Holly studied Lonnie Johnson, an inventor and creator of the Super Soaker water gun.  Muzainah, Zainab and Safina researched Garrett Morgan who was an inventor but rose to fame after his heroic acts during a rescue mission of workers. 

Finally Niyati wrote a lovely piece about George Washington Carver, a botanist, who changed the way farming happened in the United States. 

We wish all of them luck at the House of Commons and will let you know how they get on in future issues. 



This week sees the annual visit of the wonderful team over at Wizard Theatre. 

Every child in the school will get to experience the story of The Reluctant Dragon in the school hall. 

Everyone knows that dragons are fierce, fire-breathing monsters, but the dragon at the centre of this tale is different. He is allergic to flowers, doesn’t care much for princesses and writes poetry. However, when the villagers send for St. George to deal with the dragon things need to change! 

This is a great comedy from Kenneth Grahame (Wind in the Willows) and is sure to entertain the children this week. 

Be sure to ask them if all dragons are monsters when they come home from school on Tuesday. They may want one for their next birthday! 


The Anson Book Shop is back this week. 


Mrs Tarbyat will be running the bookshop outside her classroom on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime. 


All the books cost £1 or £2

20th November



Last week saw an exciting new music project for the children in Year 5.

As part of an initiative run by the Wallace Collection, the children in Year 5 were all given the opportunity to learn about brass instruments. 

They were treated to a selection of exciting musical performances in an interactive session that saw them singing, clapping and dancing along in the dining room.   

Following the presentation, each of the children were then given a trumpet and encouraged to have a go at trying to play it.  

Within just a few minutes there were groups of children being conducted by the Wallace Collection and making some incredible music together. 

As part of the project, 30 children will be chosen by the Wallace Collection to learn more about the trumpet. They will be taught to play it and then, along with two other schools, will be invited to perform at the Royal Academy of Music.

It’s an exciting opportunity for the children and we are hoping that the rest of the school will benefit from these small beginnings in the future. 

We will be recording some of the sessions and making them available on the website so that you can all see what is possible in a very short space of time.
Details of the event will also be added to the newsletter in future issues. 



Monday: 3.30pm to 4.30pm  (no appointments available)

Thursday: 3.30pm to 7.00pm (appointments still available)



We are halfway through the Anson Film Festival and the children have all been focusing on the theme of Aspiration. 

As part of the Festival the children are watching film and making films along the theme.

It began with Year 1&2 watching the film Sing. The film looks at several characters who dream of becoming singers on the stage and winning a prize. After the film we talked about the children’s dreams and how some of the characters overcame problems in order to meet their goals. 

Next, Year 3&4 watched a screening of Lego Batman. This film looked at people who aspire to help their community. After the screening we also focused on issues including teamwork and family. The children discussed how the superheroes achieved much more working as a team and thought about what this meant for how they approached problems back in the classroom. 

Finally Year 5&6 watched Beauty and the Beast on Friday. The film focuses on Belle, who is desperate to escape her small town and dreams of a better life. 

After the screening we discussed what “a better life” might look like.
The children focused on family, friends and education as the three main factors in achieving your dreams. 

The Anson Film Festival continues with the children making their own films inspired by the discussions and screenings so far. 

We will be sharing the films, made by children and staff, at the end of the Festival. 



If you came along to the International Evening on Friday we’d like to say a big thank you!

The event was a  success with lots of children had their faces painted or Mehndi applied.  The Spanish themed photo booth was lots of fun and the choir were excellent on the stage. Plus, the limbo competition was something to behold! Thank you to everyone who came along, stayed afterwards to tidy up and donated on the night. Special thanks goes to Mrs Barrett who worked with the School Council to plan and organise the event. 




The Digital Leaders at Anson Primary School are part of an exciting new fundraising scheme from the people at Rocket Fund. 

Rocket Fund is an organisation that provides a platform for schools to innovate in education. Schools are encouraged to come up with an idea and fundraise towards their target.  

The Anson Digital Leaders are hoping to raise some money to purchase two Samsung 360 degree cameras. They will use these to film areas of London in the hope of providing virtual reality resources for children in the countryside or other countries so they can find out more about the city we live in. 

The Digital Leaders are hoping to raise £500 to make the project happen.  If they are successful, Rocket Fund purchase all the equipment and the filmmaking can begin. 

If you would like to find out more or make a donation to the project please visit the link below:


Oasis Catering are running the Winter Menu. You can view it on the parent page of the school website. 


This week is…



13th November



Last week saw the first Apple Field Trip for the Anson Digital Leaders.

The Apple Store, at Brent Cross, has the goal of hosting one field trip for every school in North London, during the academic year. We asked the Digital Leaders to tell us about the experience. 



We arrived at the Apple Store at 9am, before the store opens to the public. So we had the whole store to ourselves. It was amazing. The big screen had a welcome sign and we sat around a table. The Apple team gave us all a special T-shirt to wear while we were there. 



We were taught how to use GarageBand to make music. We wanted to learn how to make music for our latest film, all about cyberbullying. We spent some time looping sounds and then adding in special effects. 



You can see pictures of our Field Trip on the school website Digital Leaders page. You can also listen to our music. 


What’s next?

We are busy making our cyberbullying film and hope it will be ready before Christmas. 



Congratulations to our latest award winners of the year. These children have been working hard, being role models and trying their best and this has been noted  by their class teacher.

Congratulations to Ellie (RG), Lucas (RR),  De-Angelo (1R), Denise (1Q), Riyam (2R), Alice (2H), Mohammed (3A), Ayah (3M), Laila (4B), Mohaned (4V), Maia (5H), Sienna (5K), Zainab (6H), Jack (6P).


The next assembly is in two weeks.



We are delighted to inform you that as a result of recent nominations three parents have kindly applied to become a parent governor at Anson. 

As there are two vacancies and three candidates it will now be necessary to hold an election. 

Last week you received your ballot papers but we wanted to take this opportunity to make sure as many people vote as possible.  

Here is the quick summary of how to cast your votes. 

  1. Make your selections. You get two votes in each area of the paper. 
  2. Place your ballot paper in the white envelope. Do not write on this envelope. 
  3. Place the white envelope in the brown envelope. 
  4. Fill in the label on the brown envelope. This will ensure each family only sends in one paper. 


Easy. Voting closes at 12 noon on Friday, 24th November. Thank you!



Unfortunately we have had to cancel the visits to the cinema this week. 

Transport for London refused to allow us special dispensation to travel early to the screenings this year. As a result children should come to school as normal on that day.

Instead, we will host the films at the school. This will ensure everyone still gets to enjoy the films and the teachers still get a chance to discuss the issues they raise. 



Last week the Anson Primary School boys football team took part in The Elms Inter-School Football Tournament. 

The tournament saw both the A and B teams take part in the tournament alongside 27 other school teams. The competition was tough and involved a number of group games before a knockout stage to see who would come home with the trophy. 

As always the two teams did Anson proud, not just with their skills, but also their attitude and approach to the games. 

So, what happened on the day?

The B Team qualified for the knockout stages reaching the second round before losing. They played brilliantly and we have some great talent coming through to challenge the A team. 

The A team also qualified for the knockout stage. This is the first time both teams from the school have qualified for the knockout stage at a tournament. The A team won 3 of their group games and then reached as far as the Quarter Finals. They drew this game before losing on penalties. We would encourage all the players and staff to remember that losing on penalties didn’t do our current England manager any harm. He missed the crucial penalty at the Euros in 1996 and now look at him. You can achieve anything even with a set back or two. 

We’re very proud of all of the boys and the teachers who took part.  


Wow! The first week back after the half term break was amazing. Three classes hit 100% attendance with Hyde reaching 99.6%. This is an incredibly beginning to the term! Well done everyone!