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24th September



Most of the children at Anson take part join two scheduled PE sessions each week. 
On PE days it is always advisable for children to come dressed ready to be active. We recommend that our younger children (up to Year 3) come dressed ready to be active on those days when they have PE sessions. For the older children a change of clothes is often necessary so they can feel fresh after a PE session. We thought it would be great to let everyone know when the PE sessions take place. For parents it may help to explain why your child are demanding so much food when they get home from school on certain days!



Indoor PE

Outdoor PE










Year 1




Year 2




Year 3




Year 4




Year 5




Year 6





As well as our Anson teachers delivering excellent sessions in PE, we are also partnering with Non-Stop Action, Young Sporters (Mr McKenzie) and Hampstead Secondary School to deliver our physical education curriculum during this academic year. 




One of the many strengths of Anson Primary School is the confidence our children show on the Anson stage. 
Throughout the year every child in the school gets the opportunity to be part of at least one class assembly.  The idea is that the assemblies allow the classes to focus on a curriculum area, a calendar event or a well-love story and share it with the whole school community.
At the end of the year we celebrate this in a private event affectionally known as The Annies. Think of it as the OSCARS but better! 
As a team the children always collaborate to produce some memorable moments, improve their confidence and develop their speaking and listening skills. 
We record every assembly, edit it and then release the footage on Anson TV (which is hosted on our website). Due to recent changes in regulations parents are not allowed to film the assemblies. So,  you can come along and enjoy the show with your own eyes and relive it again afterwards. 
As your child’s class assembly draws nearer we will be updating our filming register. Any child without permission to be filmed will be pixelated out of the final edit. This way every child can still part of the show and any parent who can’t make it along will still be able to watch the fun. 


28th September: Highbury

5th October: Primrose

12th October: Hyde

19th October: Kensington

2nd November: Mapesbury

9th November: Alexandra

16th November: Battersea

30th November: Hampstead

11th January: Victoria

18th January: Regent's 

25th January: Roundwood

1st February: Queen's 

8th February: Highbury

15th February: Primrose

15th March: Kensington

22nd March: Finding the Will

29th March: Hyde

3rd May: Roundwood

10th May: Queen's 

14th June: Hampstead

21st June: Regent's 

19th July: Year 6 Leavers



Congratulations to our first award winners of the year, announced in assembly last week:

Yaqub (RG), Freddie (RR), Denise (2H), Maryam (2R), Riyam (3A), Hossein (3M), Eva (4B), Rae (4V), Mohaned (5H), Awais (5K), Asma (6H), Sienna (6P)






17th September



This week sees the beginning of our annual meet the teacher events. 
Over the next two weeks you’ll get the chance to come into school to hear from the teachers about what your child will be learning this year. They’ll be covering topics such as what we teach, the aims for the end of the year, the school rules, dates for assemblies, and much much more. 
The doors open at 2.30pm and the meetings will begin shortly after this time. If you can make it, we’d love to see you there. If not, we’ll release a video for each parent evening after the event so that if you miss it, you don’t miss out. 



The Eco-Council were delighted to finally hand out Anson water bottles to every child in the school. 
The Eco-Council decided that one of the ways we can reduce our use of single-use plastic bottles in the school is to give every child  a bottle they can use to drink water. Every child should bring water to school each day. 
We have had a number of children asking if they must use the bottle. The answer is no. The Eco-Council wanted to make sure everyone had a reusable bottle, but if your child already uses a larger bottle, has a favourite bottle or simply wants to use their own - that’s fine. However, single use plastic bottles (Evian, Volvic etc) are now not to be used on the school site - because everyone has an eco alternative. 



Letters came home last week asking you to sign up for the Autumn Term clubs. 
Please make sure these are sent back on time to avoid disappointment. Only slips handed in on time will be guaranteed a place at a club. Remember, once the deadline passes the next opportunity to join a club will not be until January.



As you will be aware the staff and children at Anson focus on 6 key areas of learning during the school year.
The wheel of learning reminds us of these six areas and allows us to focus on one area during each half term. This year we are asking the children to choose which area is our focus each half term and Sana, in Year 4, chose Collaboration as our first area during an assembly last week. 

We are also keen to take learning beyond the classroom and get very excited when we hear about all the amazing activities you are doing at home with your child. We hear from the children every day about how much they love their parents reading stories each evening, how exciting trips to the park can be, how much they love beating you at board games and how they get to lick the spoon and the bowl when making cookies. 
Our 50 ways to learn document - available at: - has lots of these ideas, and more, to support the embedding of our learning behaviours beyond the school day.
As the children have chosen Collaboration as the focus for this half term, we’ve added the 9 activities to enhance collaboration outside the classroom on the left hand side of the page. You can probably tick most of these off already, but if not, see how many you can do before the half term holiday. 



Is it too early to talk about Christmas? We hope not because if you’ve made it to the bottom of the newsletter this week then you’re about to get an exclusive announcement about a new version of The Mummers’ Play to be performed by the staff at Anson. 
On Friday, 7th December, the staff will be ‘in the round’ performing our traditional opening to the festive season. With the children and staff already involved in a production of The Tempest, at the Shaw Theatre, there was a danger that The Mummers’ Play would not take place for the first time in 10 years. 
However, the staff will come together to perform this traditional play and this will be followed by a celebration and some fun activities for all the audience. So, save the date and be ready to book your tickets in November. 






10th September





On Friday we took a look at the school rules with all the children during our whole school assembly. For the last 10 years we have had 6 very simple school rules. Our seventh rule, and the focus for this year is “We look after our health”. On Friday we explored what this means and shared the following with the children. Hopefully you’ll be able to support these at home too. 


Sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep. Go to bed early so you can rest your mind and your body. This will mean you are fresh and ready for the day ahead. 


Exercise: Try to exercise at break times, in PE sessions and outside school. Exercise will give you a very healthy heart. 


Diet: Have a balanced diet. Reduce the amount of sugar and fat you are consuming and eat more fruit and vegetables.


Teeth: Try to brush your teeth for two minutes each morning and evening to keep your mouth and gums healthy as well as cleaning the rest of your body. 


Mental health: Talk to someone if you have worries, and to try and find ways to laugh and giggle. This will support good mental health.  


Care: Always make sure you look after your hats, coats, sunglasses, and apply sun cream, on those days when the weather is at its hottest or coldest. 




The children have begun the year with such a focus in their learning and are already showing their confidence, effort and attitude to learning. However, at Anson, we are not just teaching them ‘what’ they need to know, but also how to be a good learner. The staff at Anson have worked together to develop the Learning Wheel. It is a graphic that shows Anson’s 6 key learning behaviours.


This is our focus for the first half term of the year. We’ll be looking to get the children sharing their ideas, taking an active role in group work and respecting other people’s point of view.


This is important. We need to challenge ourselves as learners and try new things. By taking risks we will make mistakes, but that’s fine. It shows we believe in our ability and are willing to make a change to move forwards.


Resilience has been a focus for a number of years. This is all about knowing your goals and trying, with support to achieve them. It usually comes with the phrase, “never give up”.


Of course we want children to work together but we want them to be independent too. They should say ‘I can’ and be motivated to learn, know how to get help.


Aspiration is about dreaming big and having goals. We want children to think that nothing is impossible.


Finally we want to develop thinkers. Children who can be creative, make plans and reflect on their learning.


As a learner, if you can master all six areas, and keep the learning wheel spinning, you’ll go far on your learning journey. Of course learning doesn’t just happen at school; it can happen everywhere. 

So, next week we’ll be celebrating how these 6 learning behaviours can happen at home, in the park and while you are at the shops. We call it our 50 was to learn and last year it had a huge impact for many of our children.  

As for our learning behaviours, we will be celebrating our learners throughout the year in special assemblies and rewarding the children for their successes. 








5th September



It’s September and school has begun after a long, hot summer in the UK.
Wherever you spent the summer we hope you had a fantastic time. During the first few days of the term we have heard from lots of children about some exciting trips that have taken place, lots of fun activities and some wonderful achievements and new arrivals. 
At school the summer holidays saw lots of important jobs taking place that cannot happen while the children are on site. We now have new boilers ready for the winter months, which should make the school a lot warmer, we’ve changed the front entrance to make it more welcoming and the whole school has undergone an electrical inspection.
We’ve also welcomed some new members of staff. Miss Manandhar has joined our Early Years team and will be teaching class Greenwich. 
Everyone is looking forward to making more memories this year and we have an exciting calendar of events to share with you. 



As part of our approach to tackling the problem of plastic pollution in London, we are giving every child a new Anson water bottle next Monday.
Water is not only a healthy choice for children but the regular intake of water can improve concentration throughout the day. The new bottles will also help us to protect the environment as we stop the use of single use plastic bottles in the school. 
We would ask that the children bring their water bottle to school each day, full to the brim of fresh water. They will be able to top it up during the day and then bring it home each evening for a refill and for you to check their name is still on the bottle. 



As you may be aware the Nursery will only be running in the morning during this academic year. 
This gives us a little more space and makes it easier to run events, workshops and meetings during the school day. 
We’ll be sharing our full calendar of events soon but we wanted to let you know about one regular feature. 
On the last Friday of each month we’ll be running an informal coffee afternoon from 2.30pm. It’s a chance for parents to come along, meet each other, have informal chats and meet some of the staff. 
We are hoping that it will strengthen our community of parents, provide a way to get to know some of the staff and is a great way to explore the different biscuits on offer in Cricklewood. We hope you’ll join us on the 28th of September.



We’ve teamed up with Primary Site to bring you a new way of staying up to date with the events at Anson. 
TheSchoolApp, available on iTunes and Android, can be downloaded today and placed on your phone. 
Once installed you simple search for Anson Primary School and select it. At first, this will give you access to a mobile version of our website. However, in the next few weeks you’ll be able to choose groups to join. For example, you may wish to join a  club list, select your child’s class or join a coffee morning group.
Once selected you’ll receive updates on just those things you’ve selected. It should mean that you get the information you need in a more efficient way. 



Every year we make little  adjustments to the Anson Weekly in response to some of the feedback we receive. 
This year the front page will have a permanent section for the calendar. 
It will be updated every week with the latest events and will include the times that events will be taking place. Hopefully this will make it much easier for you to stay on top of what is happening and when. 
You’ll see that the first events of the year are the Parent Meetings. These events are held to let you all know what your child will be learning this year, what resources are available and how you can help at home. 
We hope you will be able to join us for the meetings.



If you were part of the school community last year, you’ll notice that there aren’t many changes this year in the positions of the teachers.

However, we would ask that you make a note of your child’s teacher, year group and the class name in case you need to contact us this year. If your child is sick, needs to be picked up early or if you are dropping off a bag for them, it is important you know these details. 
Kew: Ms Galea & Mrs Ranyard


Richmond: Miss McCracken
Greenwich: Miss Manandhar


Year 1
Queen’s: Mrs Zaman 
Roundwood: Miss Dixon


Year 2
Hampstead: Mrs Williams
Regent’s: Mr Bradfield


Year 3
Alexandra: Mr Clargo
Mapesbury: Mrs Mendoza


Year 4
Battersea: Mr Waters
Victoria: Mrs Bond


Year 5
Hyde: Miss Morrison
Kensington: Miss Daly


Year 6
Highbury: Mr Hudson
Primrose: Miss Batool




19th: Yr 1 Parent Meeting at 2.30pm

20th: Yr 5 Parent Meeting at 2.30pm

21st: Yr 6 Parent Meeting at 2.30pm

26th: Yr 3&4 Parent Meeting at 2.30pm

27th: Yr 2 Parent Meeting at 2.30pm

28th: Primrose Assembly at 9.10am

28th:Coffee afternoon in Nursery from 2.30pm



1st: Black History Month

2nd: Team Brochures published on the website