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13th May



This is always a horrible time year for a school like Anson. 

The Anson Family goes through a change as the summer term ends with children and adults leaving use for pastures new. 

This year we say goodbye to members of our amazing team who are all leaving us to pursue training and career opportunities. 

Miss McDowell has been working in Year 1&2 this year. She has been delivering some amazing phonics sessions and genuinely lights up the corridor with her cheeky smile. 

Miss Ely-Taylor has kept the staff well fed with an array of baked goods this year. She has also run her sewing club and will be missed by everyone. 

Ms Lateef, who has been based in Greenwich Class this year has been inspiring the youngest of our learners this year. You cannot underestimate the importance of those first memories at school and we are grateful to Mrs Lateef for making the children of Anson have unforgettable ones. 

Mrs Nikolic leaves us too after incredible dedication to Anson. She has run gymnastics classes for children, performed on stage in A Christmas Carol and kept the staff stocked up with dark chocolate and we wish her much luck in the future.

Finally, a princess is leaving us. Miss Morrison took on the role of the princess in Aladdin last Christmas - mainly because she had charmed us since her arrival last year. She will be missed in the staff room and by the children.

Of course, all of the staff have made a huge effort this year to keep Anson as the best place to learn. Those who are staying will continue this excellent work in September. We know that those who leave us will be a huge success in their next adventures and we would like to thank them all for they effort, smiles, support over their time at Anson.


Year 6

As always, we also say goodbye to our wonderful group of children in Year 6.

The children this year have seen quite a change in the world since they arrived at Anson back at the start of this decade. 

This year they have impressed us with their growing maturity, their incredible talent on the Anson stage, their ambassadorial work in sports teams, the School Council, team London and as Digital Leaders. 

We have also marvelled at their creativity and their business acumen in their long awaited chance to run Loose Change Lunchtime and at their performances on the Anson stage.
Like leaves in the wind they will scatter to different parts of the country and attend a number of different schools. 

We wish them all the luck in the world and hope they come back to visit us in the years ahead. 



Class Assembly Downloads

Have you downloaded your child’s class assembly yet?


The assemblies will be available to download all summer from the link sent by text message. 


The Year 6 archive will disappear on August 31st, 2017. Please make sure you have downloaded the videos by this date. Thank you.  



On Monday, author SF Said will be visiting the children. 

The visit, organised by Mr Hudson, will see this critically acclaimed author talk to the children about the writing process, share where he gets his inspiration and be a chance for the children to own a signed copy of his much loved books. 

As an arabic boy growing up in the 1970s the place he felt most at home was in the books he found where difference was celebrated. One of his favourite books was Watership Down where the legendary hero was called El-Ahrairah. For SF Said, the greatest rabbit to ever lived had an Arabic sounding name, and this struck a deep chord with him. 

He is passionate about young readers and the school visit will be a chance for our children to see that anything is possible, anyone can be a hero and anyone can have an idea to captivate an audience. 



The children in Year 6 would like to thank everyone for their support at Loose Change Lunchtime.

It is a highlight of the year for many children who love the fun it brings to the playground. The event raised just under £978 with the money split between the Year 6 end of year celebrations and British Red Cross: Grenfell Tower Appeal, which will receive £300

Thank you to everyone who donated their loose change particularly local businesses including:

Habaneros, Willesden Green

Flip Out, Staples Corner

Smooth Cuts

Vision Eyes Opticians, 

Pizza Hut, Willesden Green

Edwards Bakery,

Smyths Toys, Staples Corner

Subway, Cricklewood Broadway


We look forward to Loose 

Change Lunchtime 2018!



As soon as the summer holiday begins the school entrance is being transformed to make the building much safer. The changes will restrict the movement of people as they enter the school, protecting the children and staff, stopping anyone accessing the main corridor without a pass. 

It is a long awaited step that the staff & Governors feel will improve the school.




The 2017 Talent Quest took place on Tuesday with a range of skills displayed on the day. 

For the past few years the Talent Quest has been a celebration. There are no trophies, no rewards, no million pound record contract; it’s just a way to share the children and showcase their confidence. This year we saw some brilliant karate to open the show. This was followed by some incredibly bendy children performing gymnastic routines to music. 

We then saw children using their own instruments to make music. Following a little bit of dance we turned to comedy where the jokes came quickly and were rib tickling to say the least. The final acts sang their hearts out and wowed everyone. After each act had performed the all-new Applause-o-Meter was projected onto the wall and the audience went wild trying to give every act an awesome vote. We saw the needle rocket off the chart for every performance. 

It only goes to show that if you have a little bit of confidence, a little bit of talent and a little bit of support - you can do anything!





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