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23rd April



We’re into the final term of another packed year at Anson Primary School and if last week is anything to go by it’s going to be a great end to the school year. 
The children have returned focused, energised, full of ideas and ready to learn.
If this is your first summer at Anson then you have a lot to look forward to as the summer term is packed full of events and opportunities. 
There are the usual class assemblies to come including the hilarious (yet emotionally draining) farewell to Year 6. There is an exciting Sports Week which is followed by a wonderful community Sports Day at a top London athletics venue. There is a celebration of art in our annual Art Festival, which this year you will get to see for yourselves. There are also the Anson Academy Awards, a few little tests and a selection of events for you to attend that celebrate learning, support you and celebrate your children. 
As always, we will also be looking for your highlights of the year, your  opinions and the views of the children. We will also be celebrating the year with the School Council and the Governing Body of the school.
It’s going to be a wonderful term.  



We are very sorry for the cancellation of the online safety event last week. This was unavoidable due to staff illness.  
As you can see, we have a new date for the event and will be sending out a text message this week for you to book your place. 
On the 21st May we’d like to showcase how we keep the children safe in school, how you can keep your children safe at home and offer the latest advice, tips, videos and websites to make it easier for everyone. 
Click on the link in the text message later this week and book your place at our 2018 Online Safety briefing. 



23: St. George’s Day

27: Kensington Assembly



4: Hyde Assembly

7: Bank Holiday (School Closed)

11: Queen’s Assembly

14: Year 6 SATs Week

21: Online Safety Meeting (parents)

24: Roundwood Assembly

25: INSET Day (School Closed)

28: Half Term Holiday



11: Author visit to Anson

15: Hampstead Assembly

18: Sports Week

22: Highbury Assembly

26: Sports Day

28: Governors Day