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5th February 2018



The children in Year One to Year Six have been taking part in a study all about reading. 

The survey, which looks at where children love to read, asks them about their favourite books and authors and questions them on who they like to read with. The survey has given some fascinating insights into the reading habits of the children.

The results of the survey will help us to make sure that we have the right authors and the most exciting books in the classroom. It will help us to adjust the timetable and the way we teach to continue our aim of helping all children develop a lifelong love of reading. 

It also gives us information to help you support your children at home too.

From the very first question we can all feel positive about the way children view reading. 


The vast majority of children have a positive opinion of reading. Not only that but we also know that the children have a positive image of themselves as readers. This is exciting. We have a school full of children who enjoy reading and think they can do it. 

So what do they like to read? Who are there favourite authors? Where do they like to read and who do they like to read with?

We used the children who they talked to about what they were reading. The results of this question were interesting. 


Lots of the children talk to each other about their favourite books or authors.

In fact most new authors in the school come through this kind of sharing. At home it is more likely that the children will talk to mum than dad about what they are reading. 


One of the interesting findings was about other types of reading. For many children technology plays a growing part in the reading culture. At home children talk about reading on book apps or using websites and online games. 


At school we really want our children to experience books together. The feel and ‘smell’ of books is part of the experience. However, it remains to be seen how this may change in the coming years. 


Over the next few months we’ll be looking at how we can make reading an even better experience, give children more access to the books they love and ensure they have opportunities to share their books. 


What is clear is that children at Anson are reading exciting books, sharing them with friends and developing a love of reading.


Top Ten Authors chosen by the children

Julia Donaldson

Anthony Horowitz

J K Rowling

Francesca Simon

Jeff Kinney

Rache Renée Russell

Dr Seuss

David Walliams

Roald Dahl

Liz Pichon

29th January



We are delighted to introduce you to a wonderful little fish called Fin. 

Also known as the Finball Wizard this little fish goes to school every day and finds out all about the tunaverse from his teacher Miss Gingerbubbles.  

The school of fish in the classroom love to go out and play in the ocean but one day a game of ‘tide and seek’ goes wrong when Fin makes a lot of noise and uncovers his hiding place. 

As a result of this he is subjected to some bullying from another fish. 

As the week progresses he talks to Miss Gingerbubbles and gets the support he needs. 

By the end of the week he is excited to go and play on the net, where he loves to play Finball. 

Unfortunately, while he is playing the game he receives some nasty messages on his screen. After three days of the messages he calls his mother and gets some help to fix the issue. 

This film has been created by our Digital Leaders to support young people around the world who may be experiencing bullying in the real world of online. 

It is a powerful film in which they created all the characters, voiceovers, script ideas and music themselves.

Take some time to watch the film and listen to their advice so you know what to do if this ever happens to you.



It has been a very busy week at Anson Primary School as we celebrated London Education Week and welcomed over 500 people through the doors of the school.

The groups of educators, education business groups and influential politicians came to London, from Norway and Sweden to see our little school in action. 

We have been hosting groups for well over a decade and sharing our vision for education in the United Kingdom and the impact of our choices on the children at Anson. 

The focus of their visits was to see creativity in action, the innovative use of learning spaces, the use of technology to support learning and the development of children regardless of their needs. After a presentation about how we teach in the school and the fundamental values we want to embed in the children the delegates took a tour of the school to see the classrooms in action. 

The feedback was astounding. One of the delegates told us he had been working for the same company in the education sector for 28 years, coming to London for 9 years on school visits and that Anson was the best school he had ever seen. 

This was replicated by delegate after delegate who were impressed by the focus of the children, their confidence, their questioning and their joy at being at the school. The teachers impressed them with their creativity and their relationship with the pupils. 

It is always a pleasure to share what we do at Anson and why we are here doing what we do. 

Once again our children and teachers have shown what a wonderful little school we have in this corner of North London. 



Devontae (RG), Hafsa (RR), Zaina (1R), Adam (1Q), Santi (2H), Rawan (2R), Paris (3A), Stella (3M), Eyobed (4B), Alice (4V), Yazan (5H), Maryan (5K), Grace (6H), Muzainah (6P) Luiz (6H) and Jamal (4B) and Shiloh who received a special recognition from Ms. Lansiquot. The Digital Leaders were also presented with their Childnet Digital Leader certificates of completion. 

15th January



This week the children in Year One went on their first big trip into London to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

The cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks of the London skyline with the iconic dome being one of the largest in the world at almost 112 meters high.

To our Year One explorers it must have looked even higher as it towered over them. 

We were very proud of the children on the visit, not just for their exemplary behaviour but also for their very insightful questions and constant thirst for knowledge. They came out with lots of facts. 

For example, did you know that the current cathedral is actually the 4th  church to stand on the site?

Did you also know the church is a place that celebrates art? Yoko Ono, Anthony Gormley and even Swarovski crystals have all had exhibitions in the church. 

It’s even a movie location and was used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! 

We are sure the children in Year One could tell you even more information, but we wanted to celebrate their big adventure this week and say how proud we are of all of them. Thank you to those parents who were able to help out on the day.



We would like to pass on our congratulations to the Anson Digital Leaders who have all completed the Childnet training programme.

Each of the Digital Leaders completed a number of online units and are now the proud owners of a qualification in online safety. Over the next few months they will be using their knowledge to make two films to support children with cyberbullying and dealing with social media. They will also be presenting to guests from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands during BETT Week. As the year continues you’ll hear from them in the Newsletter and they’ll be helping to support the children in the classroom and at lunchtime with their digital needs.


Your Digital Leaders are Anas, Basit, Beth, Dennis, Frankie, Iris,  Muji Jessica & Na’Imah 



This week all the children in Year 1 to 6 will be taking a survey about reading. 

Mrs Mendoza has organised the survey to try and find out what books and authors the children love the most and when and where they like to read. 

We’ll be sharing the result once the survey is complete. 



This week the teachers in Year 2 and Year 6 will be hosting parents for a special meeting all about SATs.

The parents in Year 2 will find out about the SATs build a picture of how the children are getting on in Year 2. The SATs are designed to support the teacher assessments of all the pupils. 

The Year 6 parents will find out about the process of assessing the children at the end of their primary school journey.

The events both begin at 2.30pm and you will be able to take your children home as soon as they are complete. If you cannot make it, resources will go onto the website following the meeting. 



By the end of the week all the Spring Term clubs will have begun at Anson. 

This is a cutout and keep guide to what is on and when. All clubs begin at 3.30pm and finish at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated.



Gymnastics (KS1&2)



Coding, Girls’ Football (KS2)

Art until 4.45pm (KS2)

Karate (KS1&2)



Basketball (KS2)

Athletics (KS1)

Zumba (KS1&2)



Sewing & Craft (KS2)

Football (KS1)



Film Club until 5.30pm (KS2)

Football (KS2)


You can also find this timetable on the Anson Primary School website.

8th January 2018


Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 

2017 was a wonderful year at Anson with so many memories created for the children in and out of the classroom.

Traditionally this is a time of year when we look to set ourselves goals and targets for the year ahead. This year we wanted the children to think about what they could change in themselves. 

So, we used the best family films of 2017 to share the top ten new year resolutions according to the movie world! Ask your child about the film clips we shared and how they relate to the resolutions:


10. Despicable Me 3

Dru shows Gru the Despicamobile, which is a hybrid vehicle.

I will look after the environment 

9. Boss Baby

Tim’s parents tell him that everyone is special.

I will think about what makes me special


8. A Dog’s Purpose

This dog and their owner orders crisps, pizza and ice cream 

I will eat healthily


7. Lego Batman

Commissioner Gordon encourages Batman to work with the Police.

I will work as a team


6. Captain Underpants

The hero helps out a mime artist.

I will help other people


5. The Star

The Christmas donkey cannot tell Mary she is in danger. 

I will communicate clearly

4. The Emoji Movie

Meh makes a mistake and vows to fix it.

I will learn from my mistakes


3. My Little Pony

A suspicious cat tries to befriend the ponies. 

I will make strong friendships


2. Rock Dog

This dog does not want to guard sheep, he wants to be a rock star 

I will follow my dreams


1. Cars 3

Smokey tells Lightning to make us proud. 

I will make myself proud


It’s a great way to engage children in thinking about making changes and we know that 2018 will be a fantastic year at Anson. 


Mrs Tarbyat has asked us to say a special thank you to everyone who helped to make her send off a memorable one. She received so many kind words, cards and gifts and was overwhelmed with the response. She hopes everyone has a great 2018 and will be back visiting soon. 



Going for Gold

On Friday we celebrated the behaviour of the children in a special Going for Gold assembly.

The assembly is a termly prize giving for all those children who have been following the school rules and helping their class achieve rewards. 

During the assembly we gave away over 300 prizes to children from Reception all the way to Year 6. 

We are very proud of all the children in the school who are making such a great contribution to the ethos of the classrooms, corridors and playground. 

If you’d like to find out more visit our Going for Gold page on the website:



Can you help the Digital Leaders?


The Digital Leaders at Anson Primary School are part of an exciting new fundraising scheme from the people at Rocket Fund. 

Rocket Fund is an organisation that provides a platform for schools to innovate in education. Schools are encouraged to come up with an idea and fundraise towards their target.  

The Anson Digital Leaders are hoping to raise some money to purchase two Samsung 360 degree cameras. They will use these to film areas of London in the hope of providing virtual reality resources for children in the countryside or other countries so they can find out more about the city we live in. 

The Digital Leaders are hoping to raise £500 to make the project happen.  If they are successful, Rocket Fund purchase all the equipment and the filmmaking can begin.  If you would be happy to make a donation to the project please visit the link below. They have one week left to raise the funds.




The Spring Term Clubs are beginning soon and there are a huge number of children participating this term. 

Letters were sent out on Friday for the second round of club selection. Please be aware that all the clubs this term are now on SIMS Agora  and payment can only be made online. All payment must be received by Friday, 12th January. 

As we have now moved on to the online system we will not be able to add people to the clubs once they begin. 

If you are unable to pay by Friday your child’s place will be withdrawn. Almost all the clubs begin on the week beginning Monday, 15th January. However, Film Club and Football Club begin on the Friday 12th January to ensure 10 full weeks.