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14th January 2019



This month sees the start of our annual work with the WE Schools movement. 
2019 is all about putting the fun into FUNdraising. However, there are serious issues that the children will be exploring. That’s because there are approximately 815 million people around the world who do not have enough food. So, our Anson WE School's Group have organised a series of fundraising discos, which will take place on the 16th and 17th of January 2019 (times are at the side of the page).
The purpose of the discos are to raise money and support the movement to tackle the issue of global food poverty.  Any money that the WE schools group raise, will go towards helping WE Charity’s food pillar.  
WE Charity work in partnership with PotashCorp, focusing on innovative farming techniques and water management to ensure developing communities have access to healthy, self-sustaining food sources. This directly impacts on a community’s health, access to education and life outcomes. 
The Anson WE group have chosen the issue of global food poverty as it is something they feel very strongly about.  The group delivered a whole school assembly to raise awareness of the issue, alongside organising the discos to raise money. If you would like to support this important cause, then please send in £2 along with your child's permission slip. Please note that your ticket will include a drink and a snack.



There is a Happiness Revolution at the beginning of 2019. 
Welcome to Anson’s Happy Notes. Every now and again your child might bring one home, written by a member of staff, just to let you know about something they’ve done in school that raises a smile and a sense of pride. You can stick it on the fridge and smile every time you see it!



Do you have an iPad at home and would love to use it more creatively with your family?
Mr Pile is running a workshop for Anson parents to explore the potential of the device and share lots of ways to use it in the home. 
In this hands-on session you’ll explore the power of the camera to capture those family events, work with apps like Pages to create simple stories and play around with GarageBand, Clips and green screen! We’ll even talk about reading and mathematics!
Book your place using the link below and join us on January 31st at 2pm for iPad fun!



The Anson Learning Behaviours are the foundation for learning at the school. 
This term the school is focusing on developing pupil’s thinking skills and every child will be encouraged to make plans, be creative, become more reflective about their learning and learn from their mistakes. 
Today we launched the new focus with an assembly all about small ideas having a big impact. We shared how some of the most beautiful big things come from small beginnings. We also looked at famous brands who have been very creative in their plans to sell more of their product, such as the campaign for Shreddies to become Diamond Shreddies. 
We’d love for you to help promote good thinking at home and this is particular easy in terms of planning, being creative and playing together. 
Don’t forget to embrace all the mistakes, celebrate all the successes and have fun in the most creative ways. You could begin with a creative game of ‘ if I were an astronaut then I Spy something beginning with M’.



The 2018 Nativity is not yet available to view online. There are still 11 children who have not returned consent forms and we are unable to begin the time-consuming process of editing and pixelating the performance. We will update you when the situation changes.