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19th June



On Friday 7th July our friends at Illyria Theatre return to Anson for an open-air theatrical delight. 

This year they will be performing The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle. You may well be familiar with the title as it was made famous by Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg. However, storytellers always told stories about travels to strange lands and the monsters they meet there. However, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's version of the story was the first where the adventurers decide to bring the monsters back!

Illyria has an unmatched reputation for innovation in the open-air touring theatre sector, where they are the first company to tackle a show in this genre and of this scope. Prehistoric thrills, monster laughs and life-size dinosaurs abound in the must-see show of the summer!

TICKETS FOR “THE LOST WORLD” COST £5 (children under 5 enter for FREE)



The children in Year 6 have begun planning their end of year business programme at the school. Designed to support their development of 'economic well being' the Loose Change Lunchtime event teaches the children all about dealing with customers, supply and demand as well as profit and loss. During the unit the children look at successful business models, imports and exports and deal with planning, designing, modify and marketing their ideas. The work culminates in a fete style event, run at lunchtimes, for the children. This year the children will also be running the event for one day after school. 

On Thursday 6th July, their stalls will be open for the whole school community from 3pm until 4.30pm. 

Each year the children in Year 6 raise money for their end of term celebrations. It's a great lesson in working hard towards a goal. Any money left over is then donated to charity. This year the children will be donating any extra money to the British Red Cross, Grenfell Tower Appeal.  


Congratulations to the Anson Singers who took part in the Brent Primary School Choir of the Year finals    

last week. 

They were a credit to themselves and to the school and performed superbly.



You will all be aware of the devastating fire that swept through Grenfell Tower in Ladbroke Grove last week. Many of our staff and parents have already visited the area and donated clothes, food and blankets. The support for the community has been incredible and shows how strong the community bonds are in this area of London. We would like you to know that while none of our children were involved in the incident, extended friends and some family members from our staff are involved. While we know some are in hospital and being given the best of care, others are still unaccounted for. Our thoughts and prayers have been with them, as they are with the whole community. 

If you wish to make a donation to the Grenfell Tower Appeal the British Red Cross have set up a fund. You can find out more here:


The Parent Survey is open until Thursday. Please follow the link in your text message and share your thoughts. 

Thank you. 



Every year we asked the children at the school to fill in a pupil survey. This checks how they feel about the school, about the lessons, about the teachers and gives them the chance to make suggestions to improve the school. The results show overwhelmingly how positive the children are about life at Anson. Below is just a snapshot of the results.


94% like being at Anson

94% find lessons interesting or fun

96% think behaviour is good


pupils want 

  • more swimming bigger rooms
  • long playtimes
  • new toilets



Following the success of the Early Years Music workshop with Brent Music Service we are fast approaching the next events in the musical calendar. The Key Stage One Musical extravaganza will take place on 29th June at 1.30pm. The Key Stage Two event will be on the 5th of July at 2pm. Please note this is a change in the timing due to Loose Change Lunchtime. 



The Anson Primary School Sports Day takes place on 28th of June. 

It's a chance for the children to put into practice all of the skills they've learnt in PE lessons over the year in a number of fun events. 

Parents are welcome to come along and join us at Willesden Sports Centre. All the children must come to school at the usual time where registers will be taken. Children should then begin arriving at the Sports Centre between 9:30 and 10 o'clock in the morning. 

You can follow them around and jump between classes too. Children will be allowed to have lunch at the venue with their parents. However, please just make sure that when the afternoon begins your children are back with the class so the teachers can take a register.  

As always there will be a mix of competitive events, awards for sportsmanship and the highly anticipated parents race! 

We'll see you there with your racing shoes on!



We are thrilled that some of the children are currently enjoying a trip to Granada in Spain.

The trip, organised by Mrs Boast will allow the children to immerse themselves in the Spanish lifestyle and put some of their language skills to the test. 

You can follow their adventure on the school website. Just head to the children's gallery page and look for the Spanish flag. 

We are sure it will be a magical experience. 

12th June



Do you want to brush up your maths skills? Do you want to be able to support your child at home? Then read on!

Anson Primary School has always looked to support parents with mathematics.
Back in 2007, when we launched Fronter, we began making videos for parents so they could see how we were teaching children in the classroom. These were recorded by teachers using the tools and resources the children were using. 

During the 10 years since then,   we have held workshops, produced curriculum guides and  we have worked with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) to make Maths at Home. This is a resource for parents aimed to demonstrated every mathematical concept from Year 1 to Year 6. It is the most used video resource on the LGfL.


However we are always looking to keep providing opportunities for parents to feel skilled in mathematics.

This Friday, at 1.30pm, we’re looking for parents to join us for a FREE taster session in mathematics.

The session will be run by former Anson member of staff, Israa Al-Tarifee who is currently working for Brent Start who are experts at supporting parents in maths. 

If the FREE taster session is well attended then we will build a complete course for parents in September so we can begin the year supporting you to support your children. 



This week sees the finals of the Brent Schools, Choir of the Year Competition.

You may recall that the choir at Anson, who meet once a week during their lunch break, made it through to the finals a couple of months ago. 

Since then they have been rehearsing and preparing for what will be a singing competition of very high standards. 

The group met for the final time on Friday where they honed and tweaked their performance following the mantra, practice makes perfect. 

In the lead up to the event, Mrs Williams ran a competition to create a logo for the Anson singers. The winning entry, displayed on this page, was created by Grace in Year 5. She captured the Anson logo as a rising sun perfectly, along with the accompanying songbird.

We wish the choir the best of luck for this week and know you will be keeping your fingers crossed on Wednesday. We’ll let you know how they get on next week. 



Next week the children at Anson will be taking part in our annual Sports Week. 

Throughout the week they will be running, jumping, throwing, catching and climbing their way to new personal bests! 

So, please make sure that next week the children are dressed each morning in clothes that are suited to being physically active. 

It’s also a good idea to send in your child with a bottle of water each day and ensure they have sun cream on if they weather is likely to be hot. 

We are excited to see the children push themselves next week.



The Summer Term at any school is packed with events and exciting opportunities and Anson is no different. 

However, despite everything you see in the calendar we still set the children ambitious targets and goals to achieve by July. 

As you read this newsletter the staff at Anson are finalising the annual reports to parents. During this process they are look back on what your child has achieved this year and what they still need to learn before the end of the school year. 

You may remember the documents (see image) that were given to you in the Autumn Term. These brochures set out clearly what children are expected to achieve by the end of their current year. 

Take a look at them now. See how much your child has achieved and how hard they have worked. We are proud of their effort and know that in this final month they will continue to do their best whilst enjoying all the exciting opportunities the summer term can bring.