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17th May



This week saw the children in Year 6 take their end of Key Stage tests. 
The tests covered grammar, spelling, punctuation, reading and mathematics, 6 papers in 4 days. We were all amazed at their focus, effort and calmness throughout the week. At the beginning of the week we reminded them all that they needed to do was try their best and they certainly did that and more. They were a credit to themselves, to you and to the school and we were impressed by every single one of them. Their results will be back at school early in July. However, they aren’t the only year group working hard, and so on Friday we recognised lots of children from across the school in a special Achievement Assembly.

This week the winners were: 

RR: Riley RG: Kumaree 1Q: Razane 1R: Ellie 2H: Drew 2R: Adam 3A: Rayyan 3M: Adam 4B: 4V: Inaaya   5H: Laila 5K: Hamza  6H: Everyone 6P: The whole class



The Watoto Children’s Choirs have travelled extensively since 1994, sharing a message of hope for Africa’s most vulnerable children and women.
On almost every day of the year, the choir is performing somewhere in the world and next Tuesday the group will be at Anson performing for our children. The choir has many purposes. It raises awareness about the work of Watoto on a global platform, but it is also about developing leadership skills in the children who take part. We will be recording the event and will share it on Anson TV as soon as possible. You can also see them on Sunday at St. Gabriel’s Church. 



On Tuesday, 14th  May at 2.30 p.m. the votes were counted for the Parent Election that closed on Monday, 13th May.  I am pleased to be able to inform you that the successful candidate to fill the vacancy is Sarah Green.

Putting your name forward for a vote is always a daunting thing to do but it reflects the community spirit of our school.  The Governors would like to thank all the candidates for their willingness to get involved, for the good of our school.

The Governors also thank all of you who took the time to vote for the candidates.  This also reflects the value that you put on the school and the important role that parents play. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Saadia Lansiquot (Headteacher)



The next Brent Parent Carer Forum is on Thursday 23rd May at CVS Brent Training/Meeting room, 7 Rutherford Way, Wembley, HA9 0BP. It’s a chance to meet with other parents who have children and young people with SEND aged 0-25. It is an opportunity to share ideas on how the forum could develop to provide more information and improve their feedback to you.

You can join them from 10am to 12pm. 



The 2019 residential trip for Year 5&6 begins on Monday and we’ll be following their adventures on the Anson website. 
Please visit the gallery pages of the children’s section of the website to see what they are getting up to next week. 



Don’t forget that our Mental Health workshops with Claire Charles start on Monday 4th June. 
You can book a place for these FREE sessions by contacting Claire by email using or by telephone on 07949179090  
The sessions begin at 9am and last for around an hour.   


13th May 



Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. They can include things like depression or anxiety and are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. 
At Anson, the emotional wellbeing of children is just as important as their physical health. By promoting good mental health we allow children to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded adults. 
Following a number of requests from parents, we will be working with Claire Charles to offer a four-week programme of workshops simply entitled, How can I best support my child’s mental health and wellbeing?
Each session will take place in the school hall on Tuesday mornings, straight after the children have started school. 
In week one (4th June), we’ll begin with a session called, Let’s Talk Mental Health. The session will focus on how to know when something is wrong. What are the signs we look for? Plus we’ll discuss the positive conversations you can have and help you find what to say. We’ll explore your own mental health and how this can play an important part. As always, they’ll be lots of practical tips and strategies. 
Week two (11th June) focuses on the role of parents and the family. We’ll look at circumstances, stereotypes and culture thinking about the impact each of these can have on mental health and well-being.
In week three (18th June) we will look at Mental Health and Social Media. A report this week from the University of Oxford concluded that social media actually plays a very tiny part on teenage life satisfaction. We’ll discuss self image, cyberbullying and how to keep your child safe online. We’ll also talk about boundaries and rules at home. 
The final week (25th June) will recap the three previous sessions and think about where we can get more help. We’ll also try and build on the work we’ve done together to form our own network of support. The workshops are free to attend and places will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Please use the information at the side of this page for details of how to contact Claire Charles to book your place. All courses take place at Anson. 



How can U support my child’s mental health and well-being?


Week One - 4th June
Let’s Talk Mental Health

How to know when something is wrong? What do I say? Practical tips and strategies


Week 2 - 11th June 2019

The Role of Parents and Family
What part do I play in my child’s Mental Health?


Week 3 - 18th June 2019

Mental Health and Social Media, Self Image. Cyber Bullying, How to keep your child safe on the Internet.


Week 4 - 25th June 2019

Let’s Talk Mental Health - What have we learnt? Where can I go for further help? Building support networks.


Each session begins at 9am 

To book your place
 please contact Claire Charles, 

Telephone: 07949179090     




The children have begun training for their Race for Life 1K run during their PE lessons with Mr Mackenzie. 
Please show your support by helping us reach our £2000 target.


Queen’s took to the stage last Friday to share their version of the royally approved Queen’s Knickers. 
It brought to an end a year of fabulous assemblies on the Anson stage. We’ve had some incredibly funny moments, some journeys into history, some brilliant books coming to life and some very powerful messages. 
You can watch most of the action again on Anson TV. We are still working on gaining permissions to release a number of other performances. Attention now turns to the Annies in July, our OSCAR style ceremony which will celebrate all the work of the children and reward some standout performances, with virtually every award voted for by the children of Anson. It will be a celebration of the increased confidence, superb performances skills and the teamwork, musicality and creativity of our school. 



The 2019 residential trips for Year 3&4 and Year 5&6 are coming up. 
You will be able to follow all the adventures the children have on the school website. We’ll be uploading diaries, timetables, pictures and videos whenever possible so you can feel like you are part of the action. Both trips are certain to be absolutely brilliant. 


7th May 



The beginning of May sees the start of the assessment season in primary schools across England. 
During the next 50 days children in Year 6 will sit their end of key stage tests, and children in Year 2 will take part in a number of tasks to check their understanding of what they have been taught. Year 1 children will take part in a phonics check and Reception children will be graded on their progress. 
As a school with high expectations, we work to ensure that every child has the ability to do their best, make outstanding progress and achieve the highest results possible. 
Ofsted highlighted in their recent report, our “rich and well-balanced” curriculum was something which is carefully matched to the pupils’ needs so that they develop new interests and skills. The skills we give the children allow them to develop their passions, improve life skills and prepare for the next stages of their education. It is what makes Anson special. We are a school that wants the best, in everything, for everyone. 



To all those that are observing the holy month of Ramadan, we wish you a happy and peaceful month.



This year the children at Anson Primary School are taking part in the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Please sponsor your child by visiting:



The Summer Term clubs are now fully underway with lots of opportunities for children to get involved in exciting experiences. 
This term we have developed the school website to try and give every parent a glimpse into the club experience. 
We will be sharing photographs, videos, weblink and downloads as part of the club. 
We hope this will give you a chance to see what your children are experiencing, learning and enjoying over the ten weeks. 
You can find the updated club pages, complete with dates, on the Parent Page of the school website.  


You may remember that our target for whole school attendance is 97%. This is an ambitious target and would make our attendance figures one of the best in the UK. 
We are delighted with attendance this year, which currently stands at 96.4%. 
If everyone attends school this term, every day, then we could find ourselves ending the year as one of the top schools in the country. What an incredible achievement that would be, so let’s go for 100% attendance this summer!


The results of the recent inspection at Anson Primary School have been received from Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Service and Skills. 
Following the visit by Ofsted Inspector Martin Roberts, “This school continues to be good.”
The report, which can be found on the school website using the link below, comes in the form of a letter, addressed to Ms. Lansiquot and copied to the Chair of the Governing Body, the regional schools commissioner and the director of children’s services for Brent. 
During the inspection, Mr Roberts held meetings with the headteacher, deputy headteacher, assistant headteacher and middle leaders. He found that “the leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection”. He recognised that good provision and practice was in place to support pupils’ learning and that there is a good capacity to continue moving forwards. Along with the Governing Body, he was clear that there are plans in place for improvement based on clear evidence and that the key priorities from the last inspection have been addressed. 
Our “rich and well-balanced” curriculum was highlighted as something which  is carefully matched to the pupils’ needs so that they develop new interests and skills. He considered the 222 responses to the pupil survey and found that there were lots of “examples of the typically thoughtful, generous and positive attitudes which pupils have”. He also saw how pupils behaves very well in lessons and around the school. 
Importantly the safeguarding procedures at the school are effective with vigilance being a key word.
There are points to consider moving forwards, including the strengthening  of writing in Key Stage Two and a raising of expectations in Key Stage One mathematics as well as Early Years. 
We want to ensure that all parents have the opportunity to read the reports. You can click on the link below or find paper copies of the report available for you to take away from the school office.


This year the children at Anson Primary School are taking part in the Race for Life. 
Traditionally an event that began as short 5K runs for women, the Race for Life has evolved over recent years with the school’s event one of the biggest opportunities for children across the country to raise money for Cancer Research UK. 
With many of our school community affected by cancer, we wanted to make this an annual attempt to raise as much money for the fight against cancer as possible. 
As the children arrive at Sports Day this year, they will immediately take part in a 1K run around the track (2 and a half laps), which will serve as a warm up for the day. All the children will receive a medal for taking part, as they leave Sports Day.
We are hoping that the whole school community will get behind the children and sponsor them to take part. You can make a donation on our Race For Life fundraising page:

Let’s get behind the children and raise money for this fabulous cause.