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Help at Home Messages

11th February


Help@Home: This week Reception are reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Ask your children to act out the story with toys. 


Help@Home: This week Yr1 are learning about verbs and nouns. Talk about different ways we move throughout the day. run, walk. turn etc. 


Help@Home: This week Yr2 are learning about healthy eating. Over half term please try to complete the food journal with your child. 


Help@Home: This week Yr3 are writing diary entries. At home try completing Sticky Sheet task two together. 


Help@Home: This week Yr4 are thinking about what we take for granted today that wasn’t around in the Stone Age. Have a chat about this at home. 


Help@Home: This week Yr5 are investigating how volcanoes are formed and the way the Earth changes. Can you find out about volcanoes together?


Help@Home: This week Yr6 are exploring statistics. What is the average age of the people in your home? Explore the numbers together.