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3rd December


Help@Home: This week Yr1 are learning about 3-D shapes. Go on a shape hunt at home looking for cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders or cones.


Help@Home: This week Yr2 are writing using past tense. At home talk about what you have been doing today while your child is at school using words like walked, jumped, travelled


Help@Home: This week Yr3 are learning about about rhythm and rhyme. Play a rhyming word game making as many rhyming words as possible in a chain. 


Help@Home: This week Yr4 are learning about rationing in WW2. Discuss foods that you could live without and foods you think give you the most energy. What would you do if there were no shops?


Help@Home: This week Yr5 are exploring forces acting on an object in water. Have a discussion about why a huge ship floats while a tiny pebble sinks.     


Help@Home: This week Yr6 are rounding numbers to the nearest 100,000. Use a property website to look at the cost of homes and round them to the nearest 100,000