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Learning is a continual process by which we gain knowledge and skills in an engaging and creative way within a challenging, yet secure, environment. We encourage these skills to be applied in real contexts at school and at home. Learning at Anson is about creating meaning from experience. Our learning experiences will include those in our local area, those celebrating our British values and those which celebrate and reach a global education audience. 


The National Curriculum will be taught with these learning behaviours at the heart of our lesson planning. We will look to develop every child as a life-long learner and support parents to develop these skills beyond the school day. 


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50 Ways to Learn at Home



Our list of 50 ways to learn at home supports parents in developing the learning behaviours of their children beyond the school day. These are simple tasks that are not about spending money but more about spending time to support your child's development. They are written by parents for parents and are all tried and tested activities. 


You can download a PDF version below.


The curriculum at Anson Primary School gives the children the chance to explore our world in an innovative and creative way. We have developed the Abc (Anson Big Curriculum) creating units of work that are relevant to the children, engaging, interactive, challenging and utilise the skills they need to be 21st century learners, while adhering to national expectations and the new 2014 National Curriculum.


At the heart of each unit of work are opportunities for the children to build on their skills in reading, writing, maths and speaking and listening. Therefore, the children may be learning about natural disasters, with a strong emphasis on the geographical and scientific, but they will be using reading and writing skill to research, explain, inform and describe, while using their mathematics to calculate, predict and experiment.

We are very proud of the way the children approach their learning. Their enthusiasm and desire to learn, along with their focus in sessions, means that we are able to push the boundaries in innovative ways. Work is shared through the learning platform and the radio station. The augmented reality work we have undertaken has had an impact on the whole school community as well as a global audience. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 have been involved in the i,Scientist project at the Science Museum, and we have produced some excellent dramatic works with children across the school. Every pupil in Year One to Year Six is a published author, helping us to raise the profile of writing and share it with the community. 


The curriculum is exciting. We are currently working with Google to give children the chance to create something truly unique in the Anson Web Lab. 


We encourage every pupil to try and achieve the best they possibly can in all curriculum areas.


We also encourage the children to be creative at all times, often publishing their videos, animations or pictures on their own YouTube channel. 


We also used professional software packages to present their work in the best possible way. The Anson Underground Map was created as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations. 


Each of our Year 5&6 classes found landmarks on the map, then renamed the stations. Eight children then worked to place the names and debated the stations that serve more than one line. 


The art, history, research, ICT and speaking and listening skills were a shining example of the depth and quality of learning at Anson.

Where is your child heading?


What does your child learn at school each day? What should they know by the end of each year? You can find out what your child is studying by clicking on their year group plan. You can also download the leaflets for each year group to find out what they need to learn and how you can help at home.

The curriculum maps show how each year group covers the curriculum.