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Celebrating Science at Anson

Science is a subject that is truly cross curricular at Anson Primary School. Take a look at this video to see the range of science, art, english, maths and geography that occurs when we study the subject at the school.

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Working Scientifically

At Anson Primary School we encourage children to be investigators in science. Using an exciting and innovative approach we look to capture the imaginations of the children and then let them lead the learning through a series of investigations where they decide what marks success and they decide how to share or present their findings. 


Whether we are studying in our individual year groups, in line with the National Curriculum, or working as a whole school on a common theme, the children are inspired to ask questions, make decisions and predict outcomes at Anson.


It’s all part of a national drive to enhance learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We feel that by capturing the interest in these STEM subjects early in education, we give children the foundations to make excellent decisions in the future. 

Science Lab


As part of our school improvement plan we used Slow Motion Science to raise the profile of how we can work scientifically in the school. Take a look at our work in the Science Lab by clicking the link below.  

Alien Arrival


What happens when an alien arrives in the playground? How does that generate scientific thinking throughout the school?